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23 Jan 2017 description


1,562 undocumented Afghans returned from Pakistan

7,729 undocumented Afghans returned from Iran

252,973 total returns from Pakistan since 1 January 2016

468,841 total returns from Iran since 1 January 2016

85% of returnees from Pakistan (1,332 individuals) assisted

4% of returnees from Iran (305 individuals) assisted

Returns from Pakistan

23 Jan 2017 description

Talks are first time opposition and representatives of Syrian President Assad have come together since U.N.-brokered negotiations were suspended last year

By Olzhas Auyezov and Denis Dyomkin

ASTANA, Jan 23 (Reuters) - Syria's warring sides meet in Kazakhstan's capital on Monday with Russia, Turkey and Iran, sponsors of the talks, trying to make progress towards a goal others have repeatedly failed to reach: an end to the six-year-old conflict.

22 Jan 2017 description

Creating a more inclusive and equitable world for persons with disabilities The International Day of Persons with Disabilities was commemorated worldwide on 3rd December 2016. In Mashhad in northeast Iran, the occasion was marked through the launch of the newly created ‘Afghan Committee for People with Disabilities’ in close cooperation with local charities, the State Welfare Organization, UNHCR Iran, and its government counterpart the Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants’ Affairs (BAFIA).

20 Jan 2017 description

3,156 arrivals by sea in 2017
234 dead/missing
published 09:00 CET 20 January
387,487 arrivals in 2016

19 Jan 2017 description

Key Facts

2,300 Estimated number of UAC currently in Greece
based on referrals to EKKA (as of 13 January 2017)

1,312 Total number of places available in UAC shelters
(filled, pending assigned cases as of 13 Jan., including 154 vacant places in the process to be filled)

1,301 Total number of UAC on waiting list for shelter
(as of 13 January) including:
277 in closed reception facilities
18 in protective custody

18 Jan 2017 description

Two Iranian men who were bashed by police in Papua New Guinea return to court after being arrested for a second time.

Two Iranian men who were bashed by police in Papua New Guinea have returned to court after being arrested for a second time.

Police arrested Mehdi Bohlouli and Mohammad Rabani — who are housed at Australia's offshore detention centre on Manus Island — for failing to appear in court on January 11 on charges of being drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest.

18 Jan 2017 description

2,876 arrivals by sea in 2017

219 dead/missing

published 09:00 CET 17 January

387,487 arrivals in 2016

17 Jan 2017 description

Switzerland - IOM reports that 2,876 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2017, through 15 January, arriving mostly in Greece and Italy, compared with 23,664 through the first 14 days of January, 2016.

There have been 219 estimated deaths, compared with 91 during the first two weeks of 2015. This fatalities figure is considered low by IOM’s Missing Migrants Project, which is investigating reports that surfaced over the weekend that would add at least 200 deaths to the total.

17 Jan 2017 description

Turkey - In 2016 IOM Turkey’s refugee resettlement program moved 21,120 refugees from Turkey to new homes abroad. This was double the previous year’s total and the largest number of refugees ever resettled by IOM Turkey in a single year.

The top three destination countries were the United States (nearly 8,500), Canada (over 7,000) and European countries (approximately 4,800). Women and children accounted for 73 percent of the refugees resettled.

17 Jan 2017 description


  • Around 7,300 refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants seeking were counted in Serbia, of which 5,942 (i.e. 82%) were accommodated in 16 government shelters, many exceeding capacities (see below chart). Some 49% are from Afghanistan, 19% from Iraq, 10% each from Syria and Pakistan, 5% from Iran and 7% from other countries. 46% are children, 39% adult men and 15% adult women.

15 Jan 2017 description
report Human Rights Watch

Rapport mondial 2017 : Les démagogues menacent les droits humains

Donald Trump ainsi que des démagogues européens favorisent l’intolérance et les discriminations

14 Jan 2017 description

Key messages

· The number of refugees in Turkey has reached over 3 million people, making Turkey the host country with the largest refugee population in the world.

· About 90% of Syrian refugees in Turkey remain outside of camp settings with limited access to basic services. The European Commission is providing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable refugees, particularly to those living outside of camps.

13 Jan 2017 description
  • 1,159 arrivals by sea in 2017
  • 13 dead/missing
  • published 09:00 CET 13 January
  • 387,487 arrivals in 2016
11 Jan 2017 description


In 2016, between January and November, 351,619 people crossed the Mediterranean Sea, risking their lives to reach Europe. These new arrivals are in addition to more than one million refugees and migrants who made the journey across the Mediterranean Sea on unseaworthy boats in 2015.

In 2016, the number of those arriving decreased substantially after March. Of those reaching European shores so far this year, 58% came from the ten countries currently producing the most refugees globally.


11 Jan 2017 description


  • 1,643 undocumented Afghans spontaneously returned or were deported from Pakistan between 1-7 January 2017, a 2% decrease from the previous week.

  • 7,776 undocumented Afghans spontaneously returned or were deported from Iran between 1-7 January 2017, a minor increase from the previous week.

  • Since 1 January 2016, a total of 701,556 undocumented Afghans spontaneously returned or were deported from Pakistan (249,832) and Iran (451,734).

Returns from Pakistan

11 Jan 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

The South Asia region is prone to flooding, landslides, droughts and earthquakes, and faces a number of protracted conflicts and related internal and cross-border population displacement. By the end of March 2017, the refugee return crisis from Pakistan and Iran to Afghanistan – brought about by the obligatory or forced repatriation of Afghan refugees from both Pakistan and Iran to their country of origin – will affect an estimated 1.5 million people, 60 per cent of whom are children under 18.

09 Jan 2017 description
  • An earthquake of magnitude 5.3 Mw at a depth of 10 km occurred in southern Iran, on 6 January at 2.33 UTC. The epicentre was located approx. 53 km south-west of Jahrom city (Fars province). USGS PAGER estimated a shaking up to "Very Strong" for 1 000 people.

  • According to media, as of 7 January (UTC), four people have been killed, four others have been injured and several buildings have been damaged in the village of Saifabad (Fars province).