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01 Jul 2016 description

This preliminary final report conveys an update on the closure of activities for each project under the international appeal for cholera in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Given that projects have all ended at different times, it was appropriate that a preliminary report be issued as of 30 June, with the Appeal’s final report anticipated at the end of July 2016.

A. Situation Analysis

Summary of response

14 Jun 2016 description

The Haiti Red Cross Society’s Health Department reached 20,304 people (81 per cent of the overall target) in sensitization, prevention and vector control activities in order to reduce the widespread cases of chikungunya.

In order to complete actions, the DREF operation was extended for one additional month, which pushed the operation end date back to 1 November 2014.

18 May 2016 description

The Director’s Letter

Col. Joseph Martin, USAF

Just over a year ago a devastating earthquake struck the country of Nepal, with major aftershocks in the ensuing weeks. The international community responded across a wide range of capabilities and in many cases remains engaged today in recovery and reconstruction. This edition of the Liaison Journal is specifically set aside to capture a range of lessons learned, with each providing the unique perspective of the supporting organization and author.

09 May 2016 description

by Eric James and Laura James

08 Apr 2016 description


Haiti is facing its third consecutive year of drought, exacerbated by the global El Nino weather phenomenon. The ongoing drought has contributed to the worst food insecurity situation since data collection began in 2001. This crisis occurs at a time of political instability with a provisional Government in charge of organizing elections within months.

22 Mar 2016 description

Snapshot 16 – 22 March

Somalia: On 15 March Al Shabaab moved into Puntland and seized control of Garad, a port town. In the following days Al Shabaab captured another coastal town in Nugaal region and attacked a security checkpoint near Bosaso. Most of the residents are reported to have fled the area. Al Shabaab has previously been active in Puntland, but generally around its base of the Galgala Mountains, west of Bosaso, and it has not attempted to take territory.

18 Mar 2016 description

This Operations Update conveys a revised budget of 3,205,088 Swiss francs. These funds have enabled the IFRC to support the Dominican Red Cross (DRC) and the Haitian Red Cross Society’s (HRCS) efforts to reduce cholera from Hispaniola Island, and to deliver assistance to 499,637 people. The revision is the result of attempts to better align actual expenses made by projects as the emergency appeal approaches completion at the end of March 2016. Based on the budget revision, the total coverage is approximately 117 per cent.

18 Mar 2016 description


The current 2015-2016 El Niño cycle has been one of the strongest on record and has had significant impacts on agricultural production and food security across the globe.

At present, the agriculture, food security and nutritional status of 60 million people is affected by El Niño-related droughts, floods and extreme hot and cold weather.

15 Mar 2016 description

Snapshot 9 – 15 March

Yemen: Insecurity in Aden is increasing, with attacks carried out on civilian targets. At least 150 people have been reported killed in the past three months, including at least 50 in March. Humanitarian actors have increasing difficulty to carry out operations. In Taizz, the west of the city has been taken by pro-Hadi forces after heavy fighting: fighting for the east continues.

08 Mar 2016 description

Snapshot 2–8 March 2016

Malawi and Mozambique: Flooding and drought have led to the most severe food crisis Malawi has faced in a decade: 2.8 million people face acute food insecurity, including 900,000 facing Crisis (IPC Phase 3) food security outcomes. In Mozambique, an estimated 600,000 people are in Crisis due to drought. In addition, 9,300 Mozambicans in Malawi who fled armed conflict need WASH, health and shelter assistance.

13 Feb 2016 description
report UN Radio

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Dans les jours qui ont suivi le passage du séisme qui a ravagé la ville de Port-au-Prince en janvier 2010, MINUSTAH FM, la radio de la mission de l'ONU dans le pays, a radicalement changé sa grille de programmes pour répondre aux mieux aux besoins d'information de la population.

28 Jan 2016 description


  • As the impact of El Nino translates into increased food assistance needs across most areas of WFP’s operations, WFP could be stretched operationally and financially during 2016.

  • Urgent action is needed to enable WFP to sustain its food and nutrition assistance to affected populations and to help reduce their vulnerability to further shocks.

27 Jan 2016 description

This Operations Update conveys a revised budget of 2,970,316 Swiss francs. These funds have enabled the IFRC to support the Dominican Red Cross (DRC) and the Haiti Red Cross Society’s (HRCS) efforts to reduce cholera on the Island of Hispaniola and to deliver assistance to 499,637 people. The revised budget is a result of a re-prioritization of actions in Haiti and on the decision to close the emergency appeal as of March 2016. Activities in the Dominican Republic were finalized within the original timeframe in December of 2015.

12 Jan 2016 description

Il y a 6 ans, le 12 janvier 2010, Haïti était frappé par un tremblement de terre d’une ampleur sans précédente, ravageant la capitale Port-au-Prince. Plus de 200 000 personnes sont mortes et près d’un quart de la population du pays a été déplacée.

12 Jan 2016 description

By Lorene Didier — 12 January 2016

On 12 January 2010, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake of unprecedented magnitude that ravaged the capital city Port-au-Prince. Over 200,000 people died, and almost a quarter of the country’s population was displaced.

While the disaster six years ago was one of the country's worst in memory, Haiti has had an unfortunate history of such events. Earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, and droughts: fate has often dealt Haiti a cruel hand.

01 Dec 2015 description

BALTIMORE, Dec. 1, 2015—Lutheran World Relief, an international NGO working in 35 countries to develop sustainable solutions to poverty and food insecurity, marked #GivingTuesday by releasing its 2016 Early Warning Forecast of regions it is monitoring for potential humanitarian crises over the coming year.

19 Nov 2015 description

Programme summary: Since the January 2010 earthquake, when 1.5 million Haitians were displaced from their homes, there has been a 94 percent decrease in the number of internally displaced persons and a 93 per cent reduction in the number of sites or camps still housing displaced populations.

17 Nov 2015 description


"We are raising as much, or more, as we’ve ever raised. Our traditional donors are as generous as ever.
It’s that the number of crises is outpacing the generosity. We need those who have given to us to give more. And we need more donors to support the gap.” WFP Executive Director Ertharin Cousin, speaking in August 2015 to Philanthropy Age magazine.