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Chad + 7 others
JRS Dispatches No. 154



Some weeks ago, various families from Puerto Lleras, a village situated by the Colombian river Arauca, sought refuge in Las Palmas hacienda, an area near to El Nula, in Páez municipality in Alto Apure region in western Venezuela. The total number of people was 97, mostly made up of women and children, including unaccompanied children.

This movement is a clear indication of the humanitarian crisis at the Venezuelan-Colombian border. In the last

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Afghanistan + 27 others
WFP Emergency Report No. 31 of 2004

(A) Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe: (1) Afghanistan
(B) East and Central Africa: (1) Burundi, (2) DR Congo, (3) Eritrea, (4) Ethiopia, (5) Rwanda, (6) Somalia, (7) Sudan

(C) West Africa: (1) Chad, (2) Cote d'Ivoire, (3) Guinea. (4) Liberia

(D) Southern Africa: (1) Regional, (2) Angola, (3) Lesotho, (4) Madagascar, (5) Malawi, (6) Mozambique, (7) Namibia, (8) Swaziland, (9) Zambia, (10) Zimbabwe

(E) Asia: (1) Bangladesh, (2) DPR Korea, (3) India, (4) Nepal

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UN envoy to Haiti says peacekeeping mission must revive economy

UN News Service
New York, Jul 29 2004 6:00PM - The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) is not only in the Caribbean country to improve security but also to stimulate the economy and restore the political and electoral systems, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General said there on Wednesday.
"The mission of MINUSTAH is security, as the UN Security Council has underscored," Juan Gabriel Valdés told a news conference in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, after five days of traversing the country. "It is also a mission which, through the
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World community pledges over $1 billion for Haiti recovery

Governments and international organizations pledged US$1.085 billion at a donors' conference in Washington last week to help Haiti recover over the next two years. From health and nutrition to security and disarmament, the Government of Haiti has developed, in cooperation with the international community, a two-year strategy called the Interim Cooperation Framework to meet priority needs. UNDP played a key role supporting the UN in facilitating the ICF process, along with the Government, European Commission, Inter-American Development Bank and World Bank.
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Work Plan Proposal for the period between Jul 2004 and Jun 2005 of the OAS Special Mission for Strengthening Democracy in Haiti

CP/doc. 3918/04 corr. 1

This document is being distributed to the permanent missions and will be presented to the Permanent Council of the Organization.


This document is presented by the General Secretariat to assist members of the Permanent Council in reviewing the mandates of the OAS Special Mission for Strengthening Democracy in Haiti, as called for in operative paragraph 9 of AG/RES. 2058 (XXXIV-O/04). In keeping with paragraph 8 of said resolution, this Work Plan Proposal was

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Haiti + 1 other
Haiti/Dominican Republic: UNJLC bulletin 02/2004

1. Overview
The May 2004 Mapou - Fonds Verrette floods, which resulted in over 1,000 deaths and 1,800 missing, was the result of 27mm of intensive rainfall. On 21 July 2004 the NOAA NWS Weather Service (, reported:

"Evaluation of the satellite imagery and model prognosis shows a trajectory a couple of degrees south of the Hispaniola for the bulk of heavy convection. But positive interaction with the upper level trough north of the island is to likely favour organized

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Refugee Voices: Haiti asylum seekers

Between February and April of this year, over 2,000 Haitians have attempted to flee political violence in Haiti. They did not get very far. The majority were interdicted off the Haitian shoreline, and summarily repatriated to Haiti. Only six were granted preliminary asylum screenings and sent to the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay for further processing. The remainder received no support from the U.S. or Haitian government and were dropped off on the quayside near Port-au-Prince, in a country which continues to experience political turmoil.
The U.S. justifies its stringent asylum
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Haiti: Point de presse de la MINUSTAH, 28 juillet 2004

Point de presse de Juan Gabriel VALDES, Représentant Spécial du Secrétaire Général des Nations Unies et Chef de la MINUSTAH, assisté de Toussaint KONGO-DOUDOU, Chef du Bureau de l'Information et de la Communication
Port-au-Prince, 28 juillet 2004

[Le texte suivant est une transcription éditée du point de presse]

Toussaint KONGO-DOUDOU : Chers collègues et confrères des médias, bonjour et merci d'être venus si nombreux à ce point de presse. L'invité de ce jour est Monsieur Juan Gabriel VALDES, le Représentant Spécial du Secrétaire Général des Nations Unies en Haiti

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ECOSOC to provide advice, support for Haiti's long-term reconstruction, development

ECOSOC/6137, PI/1599
NEW YORK, 27 July - Responding to a request from the Haitian transition government, the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) has approved the reactivation of its Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Haiti.

"Through the activities of this Group, the Economic and Social Council will advise Haiti on a long-term vision for its future development, and help to ensure international support", ECOSOC President Marjatta Rasi (Finland) said in response to the approval on 23 July, the closing day of the Council's annual session. "This

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UN envoy: security, a central issue in Haiti

SANTIAGO, Jul 27, 2004 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- The priority in Haiti is guaranteeing the security of its inhabitants, and always paying attention to humanitarian relief and strengthening of democracy, a United Nations official said Tuesday.

"The Security Council has established that the first task is security, and this is absolutely true, for peace and tranquillity must be provided to the Haitian people," UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's Envoy to Haiti, Juan G. Valdes, said in Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti.

The former Chilean foreign minister defined

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Haiti: Visiting Gonaives, UN envoy pledges to improve living conditions

UN News Service
The newly arrived senior United Nations envoy to Haiti has visited Gonaives - the scene of unrest which sparked a political crisis earlier this year - pledging to alleviate the conditions now facing the population in the country's fourth largest city.
Citing the importance of improving living standards, Juan Gabriel Valdés said on Sunday that he would work with UN agencies to tackle the issue as a first priority.

Mr. Valdés, who heads the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), also reviewed troop deployments during his visit, which included a stop in Cap Haitien.

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The SRSG of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti met the Haitian President

Port-au-Prince, 26 July - Mr. Juan Gabriel Valdes, the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations and the Head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), met the Interim President of Haiti, Mr. Boniface Alexandre, this Monday 26 July in Port-au-Prince.

Before the meeting, Mr. Valdes visited the Prime Minister Gérard Latortue, as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Yvon Siméon.

Several issues were discussed, notably those related to security, humanitarian, development, electoral process,

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New UN envoy to Haiti arrives in Port-au-Prince

UN News Service
Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Special Representative to Haiti arrived today in the country's capital to take up his work as chief of the UN peacekeeping operation there.
"This is an important day for cooperation between Haiti and the international community," Juan Gabriel Valdes told reporters in Port-au-Prince after meeting with Haitian Prime Minister Gérard Latortue.

Responding to press questions, the envoy said the UN mission, known by the French acronym MINUSTAH, will support the Government's efforts to restore stability.

For his part, the Prime Minister welcomed

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Special Representative and Head of MINUSTAH arrives in Haïti

PIO/PR/17/2004- E
Port-au-Prince, 24 July - Mr. Juan Gabriel Valdes, the Special Representative of the Secretary General and Head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haïti (MINUSTAH) arrived today in Port-au-Prince (Haïti).

Mr. Valdes was welcomed at the International Airport Toussaint Louverture by Gerard Latortue, the Prime Minister of Haïti, Adama Guindo, the officer in charge of MINUSTAH and resident coordinator of the United Nations System in Haïti, LtGen Augusto Heleno Ribeiro Pereira, the force commander of MINUSTAH, and other senior staff of MINUSTAH.

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Political parties and civil society in Haiti meet in Norway in August

No.: 92/04

Norway is facilitating a new meeting in the process of national dialogue on peaceful development and democratic governance in Haiti. The meeting is to be held in Norway on 23-30 August, and will be attended by key representatives of the Haitian political parties and civil society.

The meeting will focus on the preparations for the elections planned for 2005, with an emphasis on the role of the political parties. Among the topics for discussion will be parliamentarianism, political co-operation across party lines, developing party programmes,

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Afghanistan + 33 others
WFP Emergency Report No. 30 of 2004

(A) Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe: (1) Afghanistan, (2) Russian Federation
(B) East and Central Africa: : (1) Regional, (2) Burundi, (3) DR Congo, (4) Djibouti, (5) Eritrea, (6) Ethiopia, (7) Kenya, (8) Republic of Congo, (9) Rwanda, (10) Somalia, (11) Sudan, (12) Tanzania, (13) Uganda

(C) West Africa: (1) Burkina Faso, (2) Chad, (3) Cote d'Ivoire, (4) Liberia

(D) Southern Africa: (1) Regional, (2) Angola, (3) Lesotho, (4) Madagascar, (5) Malawi, (6) Mozambique, (7) Swaziland, (8) Zambia, (9) Zimbabwe

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Haiti: Health clinic struggles with medical supply shortage

World Vision
by Carla Swanson-Gawthrop, WV US Marketing Writer
The World Vision Men Nan Men ADP clinic has a dozen people waiting in a line of folding chairs under the shade of its long front porch. It's a blazing hot Wednesday afternoon in May.

The little, white, three-room cinderblock building is open 8am to 4pm daily to provide vaccinations, preventative care, check-ups, and consultations for sponsored children and others in the community. As a nurse at the clinic, Alicia is proud of the new white building because they moved into the renovated building just six months

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UN envoy to Haiti hopeful following successful donor meeting in Washington

UN News Service
New York, Jul 21 2004 6:00PM - The senior United Nations envoy to Haiti today hailed a recent fundraising meeting for the Western Hemisphere's poorest country as evidence of growing international support for its future development.
Speaking to journalists at UN Headquarters in New York one day after donors wrapped up a conference in Washington, DC, Juan Gabriel Valdés said that event marked "a new window of opportunity, a new climate, a new hope for Haiti."

In the last two months, the UN and other international actors prepared a plan for rehabilitating Haiti, which has

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Stability a prerequisite for progress in Haiti, Powell says

Secretary outlines challenges at Haiti donors' conference
Stability is the first and foremost prerequisite for democratic and economic progress in Haiti, according to Secretary of State Colin Powell.

In July 20 remarks at the Haiti Donors' Conference sponsored by the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the United Nations and the European Commission, Powell said that beyond stability, Haiti's democratic and economic progress will also require "honest, inclusive government and sound economic policies and procedures."

At the two-day conference in Washington,

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Haiti close to securing aid sought for next two years

WASHINGTON, July 20 (AFP) - Haiti's government on Tuesday came close to securing at a donors' conference the 1.3 billion dollars in international aid, including 900 million in new funds, needed in the next two years to help support the economy and political rebuilding of the Americas' poorest country.

Some 865 million dollars were pledged, in addition to about 400 million previously promised, for a total of 1.265 billion dollars.

Interim President Gerard Latortue won firm support from US Secretary of State Colin Powell, whose country played

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