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18 Nov 2015 description

Millions of vulnerable households globally could face increased hunger and poverty due to droughts and floods as a result of a climatic occurrence: El Niño. This phenomenon is not an individual weather event but a climate pattern which occurs every two to seven years and lasts 9 to 12 months. Typically, this climatic condition develops during April-June and reaches maximum strength during December-February; this event could be the most powerful on record (Earth Institute 2015).

29 Oct 2015 description
  • As of 28 October, the funding gap of the UN-coordinated inter-agency appeals is US$10.8 billion which means that 54 per cent of the required funds remain unmet.

  • Globally, humanitarian organizations aim to reach 82 million people across 38 countries in 2015.

13 Oct 2015 description

Although incidence has decreased since March 2015, the number of reported cases in 2015 is higher than the same period in 2014, with reported deaths following the same trend. From January to August 2015, more than 21,000 cases and 192 deaths were reported. The humanitarian response has continued to improve through surveillance and rapid response undertaken in areas where new cases appeared. Various neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince's metropolitan area continue to be affected due to favorable conditions to cholera transmission such as poor access to safe water and sanitation.

12 Oct 2015 description

As of 25 September, nearly 24,000 people have returned from the Dominican Republic since June 2015. Nearly 3,000 people were officially deported by the Dominican authorities. Informal settlements in Anse-à-Pitres, South-East Department are where the majority of returnees/deportees are currently staying. 2,833 people, 582 households are settled in 6 spontaneous camps, Tête à l’eau, Fond Jeannette, Parc Cadeau 1 & 2, Savane Galata and Maletchpe. The situation of returnees/deported people in Anse-à-Pitres remains precarious with needs for health, education, shelter and food.

07 Oct 2015 description

• Tropical Cyclone JOAQUIN formed over the Atlantic Ocean on 28 September and moved towards the Bahamas significantly strengthening. It moved across the islands of the Bahamas on 2-4 October as a Major Hurricane, causing floods and damage in several areas and a ship with 33 people on board was missing in sea, off Crooked island. Moreover one person died in Haiti.
After it moved north-east over the Atlantic Ocean, weakening and it passed off the coast of Bermuda on 5 October, still as a Hurricane.

06 Oct 2015 description

The Bahamas, Bermuda - Tropical Cyclone JOAQUIN
• Hurricane JOAQUIN is moving off the coast of Bermuda, as a Category 1 Hurricane. Previously it affected several Caribbean islands with heavy rains and winds, causing floods in the Bahamas and killing one person in Haiti.
• Over the next 24 h it is forecast to move north-east over the Atlantic Ocean, away from Bermuda, weakening.

03 Oct 2015 description

"Le fonds ERRF est un fonds commun stratégique géré par OCHA, assurant une réponse rapide et efficace à n’importe quelle urgence imprévue en Haïti. Le Fonds - sous la supervision du Coordonnateur humanitaire - a répondu aux besoins les plus critiques du pays, dans un contexte de réduction des capacités opérationnelles et financières sur le terrain.

01 Sep 2015 description

1) CARIBBEAN – Tropical Cyclone ERIKA

Tropical Storm ERIKA move through Lesser Antilles on 27 August, causing heavy rains and floods especially in Dominica. As of 31 August, in Dominica, there were 20 dead, several others missing, 300 people evacuated in 267 shelters, 48 houses destroyed and 84 damaged, nine areas categorized as special disaster areas, 50 % of the island was still without water provision on 30 August. Need assessments are still ongoing.

30 Aug 2015 description


• Tropical Storm ERIKA moved through Lesser Antilles on 27 August, causing heavy rainfall. Dominica was especially affected by floods and landslides. As of 28 August, there were five dead, 21 missing and several homes destroyed. Afterwards it started moving over the Caribbean Sea towards the Dominican Republic, as a Tropical Storm. On 28 August afternoon (UTC), it is approaching the south-eastern coast. At 12.00 UTC its center was located approx. 50 km southeast of Saona Island and it had max. sustained winds of 85 km/h.

28 Aug 2015 description
  • Tropical Storm Erika is moving west-northwest over the Atlantic Ocean towards the Leeward Islands. On 26 August at 3.00 UTC it had maximum sustained winds of 65 km/h and its centre was located approximately 800 km east of Antigua.

  • Over the next 24 hrs it is forecast to continue moving west-northwest, strengthening, and moving through the Leeward Islands on 27-28 August. Its centre is forecast to pass very close or over Antigua and Barbuda islands in the morning of 27 August (UTC) and pass off the north-eastern coast of Puerto Rico early on 28 August.

21 Aug 2015 description

Cuba – Drought
• Lack of rain from May to June has affected 68% of the country (11 provinces).
• Authorities refer to the current drought as the worst in the last 115 years. In Guantanamo, water usually used for agriculture is now used for human consumption.

19 Aug 2015 description

L’épidémie de choléra suit une tendance positive depuis son début en octobre 2010. Cependant, le taux d’incidence hebdomadaire en juillet 2015 est le double qu’en 2014 et au cours de la première moitié de l’année, on a enregistré le triple des cas vus et de décès à la même période en 2014. Actuellement, la majorité des cas sont enregistrés dans les départements à haut risques particulièrement dans l’Ouest, le Centre, l'Artibonite et le Nord, mais la vigilance doit être maintenue dans tout le pays, car les flambées locales peuvent émerger n'importe où.