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21 Jan 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

Backlogs and brutal weather compound hardships facing stranded children

NEW YORK, 20 January 2017 – With no sign of a let-up in the extreme cold weather and storms sweeping Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, refugee and migrant children are threatened by respiratory and other serious illnesses -- and even death from hypothermia, UNICEF said today.

21 Jan 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • The past year was a turning point in the Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe, marked by changing migration trends, more dangerous journeys and shift in the profiles of refugees and migrants arriving in Europe, including women and children. Moreover, in 2016 the number of unaccompanied and separated children crossing the Central Mediterranean doubled compared to the previous year.

20 Jan 2017 description

Key Figures

arrivals by sea in 2017
dead/missing in 2017

Trends of Sea Arrivals

20 Jan 2017 description
report Oxfam

As winter unfolds, migrants and refugees across Europe and the Middle East are encountering freezing temperatures. Many are surviving in tents or makeshift shelters with little infrastructure to support them. In Greece, Serbia, Jordan and Iraq, we are distributing essential items to help people brave this harsh winter.


According to the Greek Government about 63,000 migrants, including refugees, remain in Greece with over 15,500 stuck on the islands, where designated sites are unable to accommodate more than 8,000.

20 Jan 2017 description

Report summary

This Operations Update no. 5 is to inform the extension of the operation’s timeframe until December 2017 and adjust the budget amount to reflect the latest changes in the implementation model as well as the changes in the operation to address the needs of the migrants and adapt to the changing situation.

20 Jan 2017 description

Switzerland - IOM reports that 3,156 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2017, through 18 January. Over three quarters arrived in Italy and the rest in Greece. This compares with 32,317 through the first 18 days of January, 2016.

20 Jan 2017 description

3,156 arrivals by sea in 2017
234 dead/missing
published 09:00 CET 20 January
387,487 arrivals in 2016

19 Jan 2017 description
report Cruz Roja Española
  • Las nacionalidades más comunes de los solicitantes de asilo son sirias, ucranianas y venezolanas.

  • En Grecia, Cruz Roja Española apoya la atención en salud, apoyo psicosocial y promoción de higiene en 2 campamentos en la región próxima a Atenas, además de gestionar la información de servicios y actividades de la Cruz Roja Helénica en 11 campos en distintos puntos del país.

19 Jan 2017 description

Lucy Carrigan, Regional Coordinator, Communications, Europe Refugee Crisis, IRC

As dangerously cold weather gripped Greece, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), with the support of the European Commission, ensured that people staying in the refugee sites where IRC operates were warm and safe, with a particular concern about children and the elderly, who are most at risk of hypothermia and worse if they don't have sufficient heat.

19 Jan 2017 description

Total Mainland
33,236 people (Official & informal sites, other state run facilities, self-settled, NGOs)
64,643 capacity (Official & informal sites, other state run facilities, UNHCR)

Total Islands
14,336 people (Official & informal sites, other state run facilities)
8,375 capacity (Official & informal sites, other state run facilities, UNHCR)

UNHCR accommodation scheme
14,756 people

19 Jan 2017 description

Total arrivals in Greece (Jan - Dec 2016): 173,450

Total arrivals in Greece during Jan 2017: 770

Average daily arrivals during Jan 2017: 43

Average daily arrivals during Dec 2016: 54

Daily estimated departures from islands to Mainland: 46

Estimated departures from islands to Mainland during Jan 2016: 854

19 Jan 2017 description

Key Facts

2,300 Estimated number of UAC currently in Greece
based on referrals to EKKA (as of 13 January 2017)

1,312 Total number of places available in UAC shelters
(filled, pending assigned cases as of 13 Jan., including 154 vacant places in the process to be filled)

1,301 Total number of UAC on waiting list for shelter
(as of 13 January) including:
277 in closed reception facilities
18 in protective custody

18 Jan 2017 description

Snow and freezing temperatures have made it impossible for refugees in Greece to continue living in tents. NORCAP experts are alarmed and urge the EU to accelerate the relocation process. "It is extremely sad and worrying that refugees have to stay in these conditions and that the EU is not doing more to help relocate and speed up the asylum process," says our expert Patric Mansour, deployed to UNHCR on Lesvos.

He has worked on the island since the start of the refugee influx in August 2015, where he coordinated large parts of the humanitarian response on the island.

18 Jan 2017 description

Refugees and migrants in Greece age 15 to 24 have an overwhelming interest in continuing their education, a desire to work and willingness to learn new skills, according to a new report by the global organisations Mercy Corps and Norwegian Refugee Council. The study “Don’t forget us” explores for the first time in Greece the needs and vulnerabilities of the estimated 18,000 young women and men stranded there.

The two organisations conducted 17 focus group discussions with 120 adolescents and youth from 11 different countries residing on Greek islands and mainland sites.

18 Jan 2017 description
report Human Rights Watch

Identify People with Disabilities; Ensure Access to Services

18 Jan 2017 description

2,876 arrivals by sea in 2017

219 dead/missing

published 09:00 CET 17 January

387,487 arrivals in 2016

18 Jan 2017 description

Refugees are suffering terribly in the bitter cold gripping the Greek islands, and the Dutch government does not intend to abandon them to their fate. The Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Lilianne Ploumen, said, ‘Consultation between Dutch diplomatic staff in Athens, representatives of the Greek government and aid organisations has revealed that the bulk of relief supplies have already arrived in the country. That’s good news, because it cuts down transport time. Now we need to get the supplies to the refugees as fast as possible.’

17 Jan 2017 description


Total number of places: 19,089

17 Jan 2017 description

Switzerland - IOM reports that 2,876 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2017, through 15 January, arriving mostly in Greece and Italy, compared with 23,664 through the first 14 days of January, 2016.

There have been 219 estimated deaths, compared with 91 during the first two weeks of 2015. This fatalities figure is considered low by IOM’s Missing Migrants Project, which is investigating reports that surfaced over the weekend that would add at least 200 deaths to the total.

17 Jan 2017 description

The situation

Severe winter weather and extreme temperatures as low as – 30 degrees Celsius in some areas affected much of Central, Southern and Eastern Europe, including Turkey and Greece in the first two weeks of January 2017.