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Angola + 42 others
Sub-Sahara Africa: Conflict Risk Assessment Report Sep 2002

Prepared by: Caroline Delany and Sonja Varga*
With the generous support of the Canadian International Development Agency.

This report provides an indicators-based assessment of conflict risk in Sub-Saharan Africa. The analysis crosses nine interrelated issue areas identified as underlying potential for conflict development: History of Armed Conflict; Governance and Political Instability; Militarization; Population Heterogeneity; Demographic Stress; Economic Performance; Human Development; Environmental Stress; and International Linkages.

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Gambia + 7 others
West Africa Appeal No. 01.01/2002 Programme Update No. 2

Appeal Target: CHF 7,342,916;
this budget is currently being revised (decreased) the detailed revision will be communicated shortly.

Period covered: April -June, 2002

"At a Glance"

Appeal coverage: 33.4%
Related Appeals: N/A
Outstanding needs: CHF 5,008,302

Summary Update: The coverage of the 2002-2003 Appeal remains unacceptably low. As a result several programmes have been closed or put on hold pending future support, and it is probable that other programmes will have to be closed before the end of the year due to the lack of funding.