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Ghana + 6 others
Cholera outbreak in the West and Central Africa: Regional Update, 2014 (Week 35) [EN/FR]

Tchad (Français)

Le 24 août 2014, une femme de 37 ans a été conduite d’urgence dans le centre de santé de Bipare dans le district de Léré suite à des diarrhées et vomissements. Ses enfants ont été admis par la suite avec les mêmes symptômes. Les tests rapides cholera sur 13 parents se sont révélés positifs. Le 01 septembre 2014, le laboratoire de référence nationale a isolé le choléra dans 10 échantillons.

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Mauritania + 16 others
The 2014 Rainfall Season: West and East Africa



• The Sahel region has undergone significant and widespread rainfall deficits, leading to significantly below average vegetation levels.

• Worst affected areas are Senegal, southern Mauritania, eastern Niger, NE Nigeria and central Chad • There was some recovery from late July, in particular in Niger and Chad. However, Senegal and Mauritania remained affected by persistent rainfall deficits.

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Liberia + 3 others
Ghana Air Force airlifts relief assistance to three Ebola affected countries

The Ghana Air Force has begun the airlifting of about one hundred tons of humanitarian food relief items to three Ebola affected countries, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The relief items include three thousand (3,000) bags of rice grown and packaged in Ghana, three hundred (300) cartons of Ghanaian produced cooking oil, three hundred (300) cartons of Milk manufactured in Ghana and three hundred (300) cartons of Made in Ghana cocoa drinking products.

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Liberia + 10 others
UNICEF appeals for $200 million for Ebola response in West Africa

About 8.5 million children and youth live in areas affected by Ebola in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia

GENEVA/DAKAR/NEW YORK, 16 September 2014 – UNICEF said today it needs over $200 million to respond to the Ebola outbreak that has claimed over 2,400 lives and ravaged communities across West Africa. This is part of a broader, six-month appeal for $987.8 million that governments and humanitarian agencies require to fight the disease.

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Building coastal resilience through an integrated approach: Lessons from Ghana

On Ghana’s coast, climate change is affecting ecosystem goods and services and leading to the loss of livelihoods. Unusually high ocean waves are destroying fishing equipment, as well as commercial and public infrastructure. Saline intrusion into freshwater systems is having a negative effect on fish breeding grounds. Despite negative impacts such as these, Ghana does not have a comprehensive development framework or policy to manage climate-related risks in coastal areas. As such, these issues are divorced from coastal zone protection.

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How radio programmes can support agriculture and market development

In Ghana, P4P collaborates with Farm Radio International (FRI) to provide small-scale farmers with the information they need to improve their agricultural production. Through participatory radio programmes, FRI provides farmers with voice and education, which helps them market quality crops to WFP and other formal markets. In this blog, Ben Fiafor, FRI Regional Field Manager, West Africa, explains why radio communication efforts are essential to market development programmes like P4P.

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In Ghana, an effort to abolish violent discipline in schools

By Glenna Gordon

Violence against children occurs all over the world, and it takes many forms – bullying, corporal punishment, sexual abuse and even homicide. Whether this violence takes place in secret, behind closed doors, or out in the open, much of it is never reported. Its survivors often suffer in silence – and pass on this brutal legacy to another generation.

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Ethiopia + 14 others
Climate Prediction Center’s Africa Hazards Outlook September 4 – September 10, 2014

  • Suppressed seasonal rains were received across the western Sahel during late August.
  • Enhanced rains continued over western Ethiopia, eastern Sudan and eastern South Sudan.

1) Below-average rains during the Belg season and a late onset of the Kiremt rains have led to persistent moisture deficits, which have delayed planting and negatively affected the development of already-planted crops over the Arsi and West Arsi zones in central Oromia of central Ethiopia.

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Mali + 15 others
Afrique de l’Ouest Bulletin Mensuel des Prix - août 2014

L'Afrique de l’Ouest peut être divisée en trois zones agro-écologiques ou en trois bassins commerciaux (bassins de l’ouest, bassin du centre, bassin de l’est). Les deux sont importants pour l'interprétation du comportement et de la dynamique du marché.

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World + 12 others
Weekly Epidemiological Record (WER), 29 August 2014, vol. 89, 35 (pp. 377-388) [EN/FR]

Contents of this issue:

29 August 2014, vol. 89, 35 (pp. 377-388)

  • 377 Assessing and mitigating the risks of outbreaks due to wild poliovirus in polio-free African countries, 2013-2014
  • 387 Monthly report on dracunculiasis cases, January- July 2014

29 août 2014, vol. 89, 35 (pp. 377-388)

  • 377 Evaluation et atténuation du risque de flambée due à un poliovirus sauvage dans les pays africains exempts de poliomyélite, 2013-2014
  • 387 Rapport mensuel des cas de dracunculose, janvier-juillet 2014
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Ghana pledges its support to ending the AIDS epidemic


The President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, pledged the support of the government to ending the AIDS epidemic not only in Ghana but in Africa as a whole during a meeting with UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé on 22 August.

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World + 15 others
WHO Organizes Workshop to Strengthen Preparedness and Response for Countries against Ebola

Brazzaville, 27 August 2014 - The first in a series of preparedness and response workshops aimed at strengthening Africa’s defences against the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak occurring in parts of West Africa began on Tuesday in Brazzaville, Congo.

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Nigeria + 6 others
Cholera outbreak in the West and Central Africa: Regional Update, 2014 (Week 31)

Cholera alert Ghana

The cholera outbreak in Accra, Ghana has led to more than 1,000 cases in three weeks. As of 31st of July 2014, at least 1 119 cases of cholera and 17 deaths were recorded in the Great Accra. Nine (9) districts out of sixteen (16) recorded cases. Accra metro and Dadekotpon are the most affected district and account for 87% of cases.

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Project Expands to Offer More Opportunities for Ghana’s Poorest Women

World Bank


  • The World Bank Group will provide more support for the Ghana Social Opportunities Project to build on its successes of reaching poor households and women

  • The project includes a public works program which pays people for their afforestation work in climate change mitigation programs, rehabilitation of rural roads and small earth dams and dugouts geared towards improving the country’s infrastructure

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Ghana: Cholera Outbreak (as of 24 Aug 2014)

24 Aug 2014 - The cholera outbreak in Ghana, which was declared in June 2014, continues to seriously affect people in the south of the country. As of 18 August 2014, over 6,000 cases have been reported in five regions. To date, 47 deaths have been registered in the affected regions, including 45 in Greater Accra.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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Ghana: Cholera - Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF Operation n° MDRGH010


Nine districts out of 16 have recorded cholera cases to date. Accra metro and Dadekotpon are the most affected districts, accounting for 87 per cent of cases.

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Senegal + 15 others
West Africa Seasonal Monitor - August 22, 2014

Generally good cropping conditions for much of the Sahel, except over Senegal and Mauritania

Key Messages

  • There is a low level of skill in forecasting the remainder of the season over Senegal and Mauritania, though available information suggests average rainfall levels for the remainder of the season. Persistent dryness over northern Senegal and southwestern Mauritania earlier in the season, though, has the potential to significantly reduce rainfed crop harvests.

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Cholera outbreak in Ghana kills at least 67 since June - health authorities

By Kwasi Kpodo

ACCRA, Aug 22 (Reuters) - Cholera has killed at least 67 people in Ghana since June and infected more than 5,000 others in an outbreak that highlights the health and sanitation challenges facing one of Africa's fastest-growing economies.

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Reuters - AlertNet:

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