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28 Apr 2016 description

Since 2007, Generations For Peace has trained 8,920 volunteers from 50 countries, and with our support, volunteer-led programmes have reached 229,020 children, youth, and adults in communities facing different forms of violence. Our cascading model, in which volunteers we have trained directly (1st generation) go on to train other 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and even up to 6th generation volunteers in their communities, increases our reach and reinforces the sustainability of our efforts.

28 Apr 2016 description

FAO and OIE map campaign to stamp out a virus that kills millions of sheep and goats each year

28 April 2015, Rome - A devastating livestock disease is continuing to extend its global reach and is now present in 76 countries.

Georgia recently reported its first-ever case of Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR), a viral disease which is capable of severely impacting goat and sheep populations, while a new outbreak has occurred in the Maldives, showing that even island states are vulnerable to the plague.

21 Apr 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

Low public spending, ineffective social protection policies and programmes are hampering progress for children in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia

GENEVA, 20 April 2016 — Children who are falling furthest behind in society benefit the most when countries invest in more effective social protection, according to a new UNICEF Report launched today.

19 Apr 2016 description
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Technical Annex - Version 2

The activities proposed hereafter are still subject to the adoption of the financing decision ECHO/WWD/BUD/2016/01000

AMOUNT: EUR 7 300 000

19 Apr 2016 description


  • Total cereal production in 2016 anticipated to decline from 2015 level
  • Imports of cereals in 2015/16 forecast close to previous year’s level
  • Prices of wheat products stable in March

Cereal production in 2016 anticipated to decline from 2015 record level

05 Apr 2016 description
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Communiqué de presse
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Fiche d’information sur l’éducation dans les situations d’urgence

La Commission européenne a annoncé aujourd’hui un train de mesures d’aide humanitaire d’un montant de 52 millions d’euros, visant spécifiquement la réalisation, en 2016, de projets éducatifs en faveur d’enfants en situation d’urgence.

05 Apr 2016 description
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Press Release
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Q&A - EU supports education for children in emergencies
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Factsheet on Education in Emergencies

European Commission - Press release

Brussels, 5 April 2016

EU quadruples its humanitarian financing to education in emergencies worldwide.

02 Apr 2016 description

The month saw violent extremist movements, including the Islamic State (IS) and al-Qaeda-linked groups, carry out major deadly attacks in Turkey, Pakistan, Côte d’Ivoire, Tunisia and Belgium. In Libya, the arrival of Prime Minister Serraj in Tripoli despite warnings from multiple factions could lead to further destabilisation. Meanwhile in Central Africa, political violence rose in Burundi and could break out in Chad around the 10 April presidential election.

01 Apr 2016 description

The groundwork done during the last few months has been worthwhile: within the framework of the Geneva International Discussions on the conflicts in Georgia, the participants decided on 23 March, after a four-year period of deadlock, to re-instate the prevention mechanisms for incidents in Abkhazia. Ahead of the meeting, Ambassador Günther Bächler, the Special Representative of the German OSCE Chairmanship, conducted in-depth preparatory talks in the southern Caucasus.

24 Mar 2016 description


The Building Communities of Practice for Urban Refugees Workshop in Hungary, Budapest

17 Mar 2016 description

European Court of Auditors

EU migration spending in neighbourhood countries “struggling to demonstrate effectiveness”, say EU Auditors

04 Mar 2016 description

Greece - IOM estimates that 134,905 migrants already have crossed the Mediterranean this year. Of these, 125,819 have reached the Greek islands. The remainder landed in Italy. Media reports indicate that arrivals to Spain in 2016 are fewer than 100.

02 Mar 2016 description

The month saw conflict continue to rage in Turkey’s south east between Ankara and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), looking likely to further escalate in March. Afghanistan and Somalia both saw armed insurgencies capture new territories. In Africa, political tensions rose in Chad, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, while in Venezuela, deadlock between the opposition-held parliament and government has brought the country closer to political and economic implosion.

01 Mar 2016 description
report Georgia Red Cross

Through February 9-12 and February 23-25, 2016 simulation exercises were conducted in Lentekhi, Ambrolauri, Oni, Tsageri, Sachkhere, Tkibuli and Chiatura Municipalities with the participation of Community Volunteer Teams (CVG). The teams (20 people in each) according to the scenario had to deal with different tasks and compete to each other in search and rescue, as well as in providing of the First Aid and Psychosocial Support to the affected people by the flood using all special equipment.

29 Feb 2016 description

Executive summary

Does disaster risk reduction actually pay off? If so, what are the benefits and underlying mechanisms? This costbenefit analysis (CBA) finds that the USD 2.4 million of external support to the disaster risk management programme of Georgia Red Cross Society (GRCS), launched in 2010, has paid off extremely well: In the three surveyed areas, identified benefit-cost ratios range between 12.51 and 54.54.

29 Feb 2016 description

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is extending two loans to Georgia to finance urban reconstruction and the improvement of critical infrastructure.

A EUR 100 million loan, split into two 50 million components, will be used to address the needs resulting from the damage inflicted by the 2015 floods in Tbilisi, and to rebuild and upgrade infrastructure in selected municipalities across the country.

A separate EUR 49.45 million loan will fund upgrades to the E-60 East West Highway, a vital link between western and eastern Georgia.

25 Feb 2016 description

Brussels, Belgium | AFP | Thursday 2/25/2016 - 14:50 GMT

European nations have adopted a raft of restrictive measures since the beginning of the year as they seek to stem an influx of asylum seekers.

Since the beginning of the year more than 110,000 migrants and refugees have arrived in Europe after crossing the Mediterranean, adding to the more than one million people that landed on the continent in 2015, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Blocked in Balkans

18 Feb 2016 description
infographic UN Development Programme

Infographic: Flood Prevention in the Rioni River Basin. 2016

Facts and numbers about the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Adaptation Fund assistance to reducing flood and flash-flood risks in Georgia and protecting 200 thousand people in six municipalities of the Rioni River basin, one of the most flood-prone areas in the country.

03 Feb 2016 description
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It is predicted that by 2030 over 55 percent of the population in Asia will live in cities. Associated urban risk has also increased. An extreme and changing climate, earthquakes, and emergencies triggered by man-made hazards are putting pressure on people and threatening the prosperity of cities.