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27 Jan 2015 description

The UK will provide further life-saving food, water and support for families forced from their homes by recent fighting in Sudan.

Britain will contribute a further £7 million to the UN’s Common Humanitarian Fund appeal for Sudan, International Development Minster Baroness Northover announced today during a visit to Khartoum.

The ongoing conflict has forced more people from their homes than at any time since 2003 and seven million people are now expected to need emergency assistance this year.

23 Jan 2015 description
report Mail and Guardian


The government of impoverished Malawi has said it will need more than $65-million (R750-million) to reach out to more than 121,000 people made homeless and cut off by flooding, the worst in 24 years.

Malawi is the worst affected of the three southeast African countries hit by heavy rainstorms, which started two weeks ago. Mozambique and Madagascar have also reported damage and deaths from floods.

23 Jan 2015 description

As conflict continues in Syria, millions of people are in desperate need of assistance. The UK has committed £700 million of support in response to the humanitarian crisis, including food, medical care and relief items for over a million people in Syria and the region.

22 Jan 2015 description


The UK has allocated £332 million to help people affected by the conflict in Syria, including in opposition held and contested areas. £154 million of this has been allocated to partners delivering aid across international borders (cross-border aid). Up to 50% of all UK assistance inside Syria this year will be delivered as cross border aid, targeted towards the 4.8 million people in hard to reach areas (UNOCHA 01.11.2014) which the UN estimate could be reached across borders.


21 Jan 2015 description


• In Sierra Leone WFP is supporting 102 EVD health facilities including treatment centers, holding centers, and Community Care Centers (CCC). So far, WFP has already distributed assorted food commodities to meet the needs of more than 7,400 patients in these facilities, representing a bed capacity of over 1,100.

16 Jan 2015 description

A DFID spokeswoman said:

“The close links between Scotland and Malawi mean that many people in Scotland will be particularly saddened to learn of the devastation being caused by the floods there.

“The UK’s Department for International Development, working with the UN, has provided emergency assistance to those in need. Support from DFID’s £3.8 million fund for disasters in Malawi is providing food and shelter to those affected by the floods. We are continuing to monitor the situation for potential further UK support.

15 Jan 2015 description

In 2013-14, DFID’s programme was £253 million


400,000 girls have received stipends to help them go to school since 2009.

36,000 classrooms will be constructed in Punjab and Khyber Paktunkhwa and 90,000 teachers trained.


10,000 community midwives have been trained and over 70 midwife schools constructed or renovated since 2009.

15 Jan 2015 description

In 2013-14, DFID spent £85 million reducing poverty in Malawi


23,000 women have gained access to financial services by September 2014.

13,000 girls were supported with secondary school bursaries by September 2014.

406,000 women will be supported to have improved access to security and justice by the end of 2015.

196,000 women had sustainable access to clean drinking water sources through DFID support by September 2014.

14 Jan 2015 description


As of 11 January, the cumulative number of confirmed, probable and suspected cases of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in Sierra Leone is estimated to have reached 10,124 with a total of 2,696 confirmed deaths.

• Pujehun district in Sierra Leone has been declared Ebola-free, the first to be given the all-clear after 42 days with zero recorded cases of the virus, according to the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL). Pujehun, in the south-east of the country, was hit by Ebola in August and suffered 24 deaths from 31 cases.

07 Jan 2015 description


• As of 4 January, the cumulative number of confirmed, probable and suspected cases of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in Sierra Leone is estimated to have reached 9,780 with a total of 2,557 confirmed deaths; while 1,808 have been discharged from treatment. The number of people infected by Ebola in Sierra Leone,
Guinea and Liberia has now passed 20,000.

31 Dec 2014 description

The UK will provide emergency food, shelter and sanitation to half a million refugees that have fled the ongoing fighting in South Sudan

With almost a quarter of refugees reaching camps in Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya suffering from acute malnutrition, the new £16.4 million package will provide:

28 Dec 2014 description

Conakry, Guinée | AFP | lundi 08/12/2014 - 09:31 GMT

Un navire néerlandais a livré samedi en Guinée une partie de l'aide de l'Union européenne (UE) contre Ebola qu'il convoie pour les trois pays d'Afrique de l'Ouest les plus touchés par l'épidémie, a-t-on appris dimanche de source européenne à Conakry.

22 Dec 2014 description

KHARTOUM – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today welcomed a contribution of GBP 11.2 million (US$17.7 million) from the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development.

22 Dec 2014 description


Human Development Department purpose The vision for HDD is for a world where everyone fulfils their potential. We aim to deliver policy and programmes that link clearly to this aim, by giving centre stage to poor people, girls and women and those left behind.

22 Dec 2014 description


Despite reasonable growth rates, the Asia Pacific region is home to 743 milliion people living on less than $1.25 per day, and 1.6 billion on less than $2 per day (40% of the population) (UNESCAP 2013). The core countries of the Asia Regional Programme are among those with the worst poverty rates in Asia (e.g. 76%, 60% 53% on less than $2 per day in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal respectively). The development challenges are complex and multidimensional – with significant economic, political, social and environmental drivers.

22 Dec 2014 description


By 2020 Rwanda aims to complete its transformation from a poor, post-conflict nation to a thriving, middle income, regional trade and investment hub. But Rwanda’s progress will stall without transformative changes that: create wealth and investment and invigorate the private sector, improve basic services, increase the accountability of the state to its people, and address potential causes of conflict and fragility, including regional instability.