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Somalia + 13 others
Horn of Africa Drought: CERF Support in 2011 (as of 28 Jul 2011)

Drought in the Horn of Africa has left 12.4 million people in need of help. While international attention to the emergency has peaked in recent weeks, CERF funds have been addressing the crisis since rainfalls failed at the end of 2010. More than $94 million dollars has been allocated to drought-affected countries this year.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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Ethiopia + 1 other
Fair exchange: How UK aid is helping Ethiopian farmers to get the right price for their produce

A better life

Business is good for Feleke Dukamo, a coffee farmer in Awassa, southern Ethiopia. “My coffee sells for nine times more than it used to”, he says, “and now I can aspire to a better life. I’ve been able to buy some cattle, and as my farm grows, I can employ people to help bring in the harvest.”

So life for Feleke and his family has been transformed, and he is providing jobs for people in his local community. How has all this been achieved? Through a simple piece of information – Feleke now knows the price of coffee.

Bean counting

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Sudan + 1 other
DFID Sudan Operational Plan 2011-2015


The UK Government is determined to help reduce the inequalities of opportunity we see around the world today. We believe that promoting global prosperity is both a moral duty and in the UK’s national interest. Aid is only ever a means to an end, never an end in itself. It is wealth creation and sustainable growth that will help people to lift themselves out of poverty.

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Somalia + 1 other
Health: Addressing mental illness stigma in Somali diaspora


LONDON, 25 July 2011 (IRIN) - Post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problems experienced by Somalis who fled their country to settle in the UK, according to Abdi Gure, a community development worker for Mind, a mental health organization based in Harrow, north London.

Uncertainty over immigration status, housing and language barriers can compound mental illness but fear of being stigmatized may prevent sufferers from seeking support from their community as well as from the mental health services.


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World + 10 others
Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2011


Humanitarian aid is being stretched. Millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa are living with conflict and its legacy; natural disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti and the floods in Pakistan have the power to disrupt and sometimes even paralyse economic and social infrastructure; recovery and reconstruction remain uneven following large-scale conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan; and political turmoil is escalating in parts of the Middle East and North Africa.

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Building Stability Overseas Strategy

The Government has today published a new strategy outlining how the UK will help to stop serious conflict from taking hold in unstable countries.

When violent conflict breaks out, the costs to the country and the international community are enormous. Lives are lost, people are displaced and trade links are cut. Schools shut down, hospitals are destroyed and businesses cannot operate. For these reasons, war is often termed 'development in reverse'.

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Somalia + 3 others
Somalia cries for help as world boosts drought response

By Ali Musa Abdi (AFP)

MOGADISHU — Somalis stranded in war-ravaged Mogadishu pleaded for drought relief on Monday, as the UN called an emergency meeting to tackle what Britain's premier described as the region's worst catastrophe in a generation.

The severe drought parching east Africa has left 10 million facing hunger and the scope of one of the world's worst unfolding humanitarian disasters conjured up memories of Ethiopia's devastating 1984 famine.

Agence France-Presse:

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Somalia + 3 others
Mitchell to announce help for 1 million drought victims on camp visit with charity heads

The International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell will announce today a new package of support for drought victims on a visit to Kenya with the Head of the Disasters Emergency Committee, Brendan Gormley, and the Chief Executive of Save the Children, Justin Forsyth.

The British Government will provide emergency assistance for more than 1 million people in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia as the humanitarian situation in the Horn of Africa worsens.

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Ethiopia + 3 others
Challenge for UK’s pledge to reform humanitarian action

The famine in East Africa is the perfect testing ground for the UK government’s recent commitment to reform its humanitarian response by anticipating and preparing more strategically for new and more frequent types of future hazards of greater dimensions and dynamics.

The challenge comes from the Director of the Humanitarian Futures Programme (HFP) at King’s College, London.

He says the tragedy unfolding in the Horn of Africa today must be the impetus for a new approach to dealing with humanitarian crises.

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South Sudan + 1 other
South Sudan: The birth of a nation

Foreign Secretary William Hague has spoken from Juba as the Republic of South Sudan formally secedes from Sudan and becomes an independent sovereign state.

Representing the UK at the independence ceremony the Foreign Secretary said that the UK Government stands with the people of South Sudan "as they seek a future of stability and prosperity".

"The people of the Republic of South Sudan and the Republic of Sudan now have a chance to coexist peacefully as neighbours and to settle their remaining differences.

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Britain sets out four year plan to tackle poverty in OPTs

Britain has set out how it plans to tackle poverty in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs) over the next four years, International Development Minister Alan Duncan announced today.

Of the approximately four million people living in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, a quarter currently live below the poverty line, and 4.8 million Palestinian refugees regionally rely on the UN for basic services like health services and education.

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Ethiopia + 1 other
British aid battles starvation in Ethiopia

Britain will provide emergency food relief for 1.3 million people in Ethiopia as the region faces its worst drought in a decade, Andrew Mitchell said today.

The International Development Secretary warned that the rest of the international community will need to pull its weight if a full-scale disaster is to be avoided.

Britain will fund the World Food Programme to provide emergency food for drought-stricken Ethiopians for the next three months to help them through the driest months of the year.