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25 Aug 2016 description

UK works with Sierra Leone to provide education for girls forced to leave school during Ebola crisis.

25 Aug 2016 description
report Refugee Council

Today new statistics have been published showing how many asylum claims the UK has received in the first half of 2016.

The figures also show how many asylum seekers have been granted refugee protection and which countries people have fled.

18 Aug 2016 description
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Baseline Report - Detention situation as of end 2013
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Progress Report mid-2016

UNHCR report notes fall in refugee child detention in focus countries

Two reports issued today show that 12 countries taking part in a UNHCR strategy to end detention of asylum seekers and refugees have made important progress towards ending detention of children over the past two years.

17 Aug 2016 description

The first six months of 2016 in Sudan witnessed a varie-ty of interconnected, intricate, and parallel population movements, influenced by numerous factors; highlight-ing the complexity of the drivers of migration in, through and out of Sudan. Migrants in Sudan (internal and external) are experiencing vulnerabilities and are in need of critical life-saving services.

17 Aug 2016 description

The Operations and Movement Management Unit was established for effective implementation of refugee resettlement and migrants’ assisted voluntary return and reintegration in line with IOM’s global principle of providing dignified, orderly and cost effective services to:
• Refugees hosted in Sudan and selected for resettlement in third countries
• Migration health processing for travel abroad
• Vulnerable migrants willing to voluntarily return to Sudan
• Humanitarian evacuation

16 Aug 2016 description

An estimated at US$43 million in contributions and deposits are committed to the CHF-Afghanistan pooled fund in 2016, representing 70% of the Fund’s target set at US$59 million by the Humanitarian Coordinator or 15% of the 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP).

16 Aug 2016 description

A prestigious independent school in Scotland is offering Syrian refugees a chance to learn and progress towards a brighter future.

EDINBURGH, Scotland – In a second-floor apartment not far from Edinburgh’s city centre, five-year-old Jinan al-Ejrf was enjoying the attention.

“Old McDonald had a farm,” she sang with a faint but unmistakeable Scottish lilt. Around her, her father and four friends joined in: “Ee-eye, ee-eye Oh!”

12 Aug 2016 description
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English version
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Syria Crisis Response Summary Data Sources and Methods1 - English version

As the brutal conflict continues in Syria, millions of people continue to be in need. Hundreds of thousands have been killed in the conflict between the Assad regime, extremist groups and moderate opposition groups. In response to the crisis, the UK has committed £2.3 billion since 2012. This includes allocations to over 30 implementing partners (including United Nations agencies, international non-governmental organisations and the Red Cross) and is helping to meet the immediate needs of vulnerable people in Syria and of refugees in the region.

12 Aug 2016 description
report Government of Japan

Given that the signing ceremony of the contract between the UK and an NGO called “Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) regarding assistance to clear landmines was conducted in Angola on August 11, by combining it with Japan’s assistance for NPA, Japan-UK collaboration to clear landmines in Angola has been realized.

02 Aug 2016 description
report Refugee Council

The Government has won an appeal against a ruling which allowed four Syrian young people to travel to the UK to join their relatives.

Under EU law, adult and child asylum seekers who have been separated from their loved ones have the right to re-join them while they are having their asylum claims examined.

Normally, this means that the person first claims asylum in the country they are in before requesting that their claim be transferred to the country where their relatives live.

01 Aug 2016 description
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English version
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Arabic version

The Humanitarian Pooled Fund (HPF) mobilises and channels resources to humanitarian partners to respond to the critical needs of millions of people affected by the devastating humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The Fund operates within the parameters of the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), with the objective to expand the delivery of humanitarian assistance in partnership with national and international NGOs and UN agencies.

26 Jul 2016 description


The current refugee crisis is the greatest humanitarian challenge to have faced the European Union since its foundation. Although the outcome of the referendum on 23 June 2016 was that the UK should leave the EU, the UK remains a full member of the EU, with all the responsibilities that entails, until the final withdrawal agreement is ratified. It is vital, both on moral grounds and in order to help maintain good relations with the other 27 Member States, that the UK Government should participate fully in EU action to resolve this humanitarian crisis.

25 Jul 2016 description
report Refugee Council

The Government has scrapped the role of Minister for Syrian Refugees in the reshuffle following Theresa May’s appointment as Prime Minister.

Government sources told the Huffington Post that the responsibilities which the role was previously responsible for will now be split across Government departments, signalling a ‘more holistic’ approach to protecting refugees.

20 Jul 2016 description

£50 million of humanitarian support will provide life-saving aid to the most vulnerable Iraqis including women, children, the elderly and sick.

Tens of thousands of Iraqis suffering in the face of Daesh brutality are set to receive food, medicine and shelter, after a new package of UK aid was announced today by International Development Secretary Priti Patel.

Speaking ahead of an Iraq pledging conference in Washington, Ms Patel confirmed that £50 million will provide life-saving aid to the most vulnerable Iraqis including women, children, the elderly and sick.

19 Jul 2016 description

Home Secretary and Archbishop of Canterbury launch new scheme to encourage community groups to sponsor a refugee family.

The full community sponsorship scheme will enable community groups including charities, faith groups, churches and businesses to take on the role of supporting resettled refugees in the UK.

18 Jul 2016 description
report Oxfam

Six richest countries host less than 9% of refugees – Oxfam

The six wealthiest countries – which make up more than half the global economy - host less than nine percent of the world’s refugees while poorer countries are shouldering most of the responsibility, Oxfam said today.

While Germany has recently welcomed far more refugees than the other richest nations, there remains a major gap with poorer countries hosting the vast majority of refugees.

14 Jul 2016 description

Second Special Report

On 4 May 2016, the International Development Committee published its Fourth Report of Session 2015–16, Crisis in Yemen, HC 532. On 8 July 2016 the Committee received a memorandum from the Secretary of State for International Development which contains a response to the Report. The memorandum is published as an appendix to the Report.

Appendix: Government response


13 Jul 2016 description

UNESCO joined governments, donors and key members of the education community to sign an Action Plan to ensure disadvantaged girls and women are not left behind in fulfilling their education potential.

The plan, launched at the Girls’ Education Forum 2016 in London on July 7, 2016, was backed by £100 million funding from the UK government and USD 17 million from the Children Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE).

13 Jul 2016 description

12 JUILLET 2016 | NEW YORK - L’Organisation mondiale de la Santé (OMS) et ses partenaires lancent aujourd’hui 7 stratégies liées les unes aux autres pour réduire la violence à l’encontre des enfants. Toutes ces approches ont été testées et ont donné des résultats concrets. En les réunissant, l’OMS espère une baisse spectaculaire des cas de violence à l’encontre des enfants.

12 Jul 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

New PSA with UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Liam Neeson premiers to raise awareness and drive action to #ENDviolence