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Sierra Leone + 3 others
Britain to provide new assistance to combat Ebola in West Africa

The UK will provide medical support and supplies to contain the spread of Ebola in West Africa, International Development Secretary Justine Greening announced on Friday 25 July.

A new £2 million package of assistance will be made available immediately to partners including the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) and Médecins Sans Frontières that are operating in Sierra Leone and Liberia to tackle the outbreak.

This funding will:

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UK assistance to Gaza this week reaches £7 million

Britain to provide extra £2 million for the Gaza Flash Appeal

The UK will provide an additional £2 million in emergency assistance for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency’s (UNRWA) Gaza Flash Appeal, International Development Secretary Justine Greening announced today, bringing to £7 million the amount released this week to help Gaza.

International Development Secretary Justine Greening said:

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World + 4 others
New funding to protect millions of girls from child marriage

The UK is driving a major new global push to end child and forced marriage across the world, International Development Secretary Justine Greening announced today at the UK’s first Girl Summit. placeholder With the goal of ending child marriage in 12 of the most highly affected countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Britain is working with the UN to deliver a scheme to help 6 million girls worldwide escape child marriage.

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New UK support for civilians caught up in Gaza violence

In response to continuing violence in Gaza, the UK is providing emergency support to help tens of thousands of Palestinians

The UK will provide more than £5 million in emergency support to help tens of thousands of people affected by the violence in Gaza.

This includes £2 million in new funding announced by Prime Minister David Cameron today for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency’s (UNRWA) Flash Appeal. This will provide emergency assistance to more than 84,000 people who have been driven out of their homes.

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Kenya + 1 other
Envoy pledges Sh6bn growth plan for county

In Summary

  • British High Commissioner Christian Turner said the money would be disbursed over the next five years to boost food supply.

  • Britain would support 10,000 children in low-cost boarding schools to improve literacy.

The British Government will spend Sh6 billion on development projects in Turkana County.

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Kenya + 1 other
UK tech companies deliver e-learning to Kenya’s marginalised girls

Avanti, sQuid, Whizz Education & Camara Education in UK aid partnership to improve education for over 25,000 girls and track impact of early, child and forced marriage.

The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) has announced a ground-breaking strategic partnership with the private sector to deliver e-learning programmes in Kenya to thousands of marginalised girls.

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Ethiopia + 1 other
Ethiopia: UK Aid Should Respect Rights

(London) – A UK High Court ruling allowing judicial review of the UK aid agency’s compliance with its own human rights policies in Ethiopia is an important step toward greater accountability in development assistance.

In its decision of July 14, 2014, the High Court ruled that allegations that the UK Department for International Development (DFID) did not adequately assess evidence of human rights violations in Ethiopia deserve a full judicial review.

Human Rights Watch:

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UK Aid: Syria response (8 July 2014)

As conflict continues in Syria, millions of people are in desperate need of assistance. The UK has committed £600 million to provide support including food, medical care and relief items for over a million people in Syria and the region.


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World + 26 others
2013 Annual Statistical Report on United Nations Procurement

United Nations increases health spending in 2013

COPENHAGEN, 10 July 2014 – The value of procurement of goods and services by the United Nations was $16.1 billion in 2013, with the largest sums spent on pharmaceuticals, healthcare services, medical equipment, transportation, construction and food.
These highlights are part of the latest Annual Statistical Report on UN Procurement, which provides data and analysis on the goods and services procured by the UN system in support of its operations.

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Colombia + 1 other
UK investment treaty with Colombia 'threatens fragile peace process'


Human rights groups say agreement to protect British investors empowers multinational firms and endangers land reform

British companies will be able to sue the Colombian government in the international courts for the first time under a controversial investment treaty that critics say will make it harder for the Latin American country to carry out land reform – a key component of its ongoing peace process.

Read the story on the Guardian

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South Sudan + 1 other
The Ministry of Education has launched a cash transfer scheme to encourage girls to go to school

Miraya FM

The Ministry has allocated 60 million pounds in addition to a donation of 60 million British pounds to facilitate girl child education.

The cash-transfer scheme covers girls between the classes of Primary Five and Senior Four.

The Undersecretary in the Education Ministry, Michael Lopuke, says each child will receive a specified amount of money against their name to cover tuition fees.

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Ethiopia + 1 other
UK Pledges to Continue Supporting Ethiopia

Addis Ababa July 07/2014 Great Britain will continue extending the 300- million Pound Sterling assistance it provides annually to Ethiopia, the International Development Cooperation Minister said.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn held talks on Monday, July 7, 2014 with a delegation led by UK International Development Cooperation Minister, Lynne Featherstone.

During the occasion, the premier said Britain should strengthen the financial support to help Ethiopia realize its poverty reduction program.

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Mozambique + 1 other
Evaluation of the Mozambique Community Land Use Fund: Final Report 2013

The evaluation’s purposes were:

  • to elucidate lessons learned (including differences between Community Land Use Fund, Iniciativa para Terras Comuntárias/Donors financing iTC from the start: UK-­DFID (lead donor), the Embassies of the Netherlands andDenmark, Irish Aid, Swedish SIDA and the Swiss Agency for Development (iTC/G6 and iTC/Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) approaches)

  • to understand iTC’s influences on investments in participating communities at different levels

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Greening pledges new UK help from Syrian border

UK pledged more than £46 million to ensure food, medical supplies and shelter reach areas where people are cut off and receiving little or no help in the country.

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DFID should continue to prioritise humanitarian spending in the Middle East and press other EU nations to do the same warn MPs

European countries to increase their contributions to the humanitarian relief for the Syrian refugee crisis and those nations affected by say MPs on the International Development Committee.

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World + 1 other
Disability is finally being included in debates about aid. About time too


DfID has promised to focus on disability, and it's not a moment too soon for the 800m disabled people in the developing world

Posted by James Thornberry

Today's response from the Department for International Development (DfID) to the international development select committee's inquiry into disability and development marks the first time that the issue has come close to entering the aid debate. And not before time.

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World + 1 other
New UK investment to improve education for millions

The UK today announces support for plans to help up to 29 million girls and boys in developing countries receive a decent education.

The UK will pledge to support the Global Partnership for Education’s plan to help up to 29 million girls and boys in developing countries receive a decent education, International Development Minister Lynne Featherstone has announced.

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World + 14 others
Peacebuilding Fund Receives Commitment of $73 Million for this Year


The United Nations Peacebuilding Fund expects to receive $73 million in contributions this year, after more than 20 donors earlier reaffirmed multi-year commitments and made new pledges at the fourth annual High-level Stakeholders Meeting of the Fund, held in New York today.

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UK Aid: Syria response (24 June 2014)

The UK has committed over £600 million to help those affected by the conflict. This is the UK’s largest ever response to a humanitarian crisis. It will provide support including food, medical care and relief items for over a million people including those affected by the fighting in Syria and to refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq.


10.8 million People in need of humanitarian assistance in Syria (OCHA), of which

6.5 million Are Internally Displaced Persons inside Syria (OCHA)