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UK pledges new focus on disaster preparation

Justine Greening to announce new programme which will help improve how developing countries prepare for humanitarian disasters, at the World Bank Spring meetings.

The UK will lead a major improvement in the way developing countries prepare for humanitarian disasters to avert future crises, International Development Secretary Justine Greening will announce at the World Bank’s Spring Meeting in Washington.

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Disability and development: Eleventh Report of Session 2013–14

Prioritise disability in development work, warn MPs

MPs say development goals will remain out of reach unless DFID urgently steps up its work on disability.

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Greening: act now for Syrian children

Justine Greening urges international donors to deliver on their promises to help thousands of children affected by conflict in Syria.

International donors must deliver on their promises and not forget the millions of children traumatised by the Syrian conflict who continue to need support, International Development Secretary Justine Greening has warned.

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Myanmar + 1 other
UK Activities in Burma

Publication of summary of the Government’s activities in Burma

FCO Minister of State & Minister of State for International Development are publishing today a summary of UK's activities in Burma.

Foreign Office Minister Hugo Swire:

I am making a joint statement with my right hon. Friend the Minister of State for International Development. Together we wish to inform the House that the Government is today publishing a summary of the UK’s activities in Burma.

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Solomon Islands + 1 other
UK support for the Solomon Islands following flash flooding

Aid to provide at least 3,500 people with temporary shelters, blankets, clean water, kitchen sets and hygiene kits to help stave off disease.

The UK government has announced it will help thousands of people whose homes and livelihoods have been washed away by floods in the Solomon Islands.

Flash floods last week have affected over 50,000 people living on the Pacific island chain and left 10,000 people in evacuation centres. Thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed in the capital Honaira and Guadalcanal province and at least 23 people have died.

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UNHCR welcomes arrival of first Syrian refugees under UK government’s scheme

London, 25 March 2014

Following the landing of the first group of Syrian refugees arriving to the United Kingdom under the government’s Vulnerable Persons Relocation (VPR) scheme, the UNHCR Representative to the UK, Roland Schilling, said:

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How DFID Learns

ICAI publishes report on How DFID Learns.

The Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) has published a report on ‘How the Department for International Development (DFID) Learns’. Building on learning and applying what works in practice is essential if UK aid is to achieve maximum impact and value for money. In producing this report ICAI has been able to draw on the body of its 31 reports to date.

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Lebanon + 2 others
As Syrian Refugees in Lebanon reach the one million mark, UNDP and the UK Department for International Development boost cooperation in support of host communities

New York –Today according to UNHCR estimates the number of refugees who have fled Syria and registered in Lebanon has surpassed the milestone of one million, leaving the country to Syria’s west with the highest population of refugees-per-capita worldwide.

Since the outbreak of violence in Syria over three years ago, more than 2.5 million people have fled the country, not only to Lebanon but also to Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq and other countries.

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Britain hits international development aid target


Author: Astrid Zweynert

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Britain became the first of the world’s richest large nations to hit an internationally agreed target -- spending 0.7 percent of national income on development aid.

Read the full story on Alertnet


For more humanitarian news and analysis, please visit

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UK makes £3m contribution to Syrian Recovery Fund

William Hague and Justine Greening announce a £3million boost to the Syria Recovery Trust Fund.

The Foreign Secretary and Secretary of State for Development have announced a £3million boost to the Syria Recovery Trust Fund focusing on improving local communities’ access to healthcare, water, energy and food.

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South Sudan + 1 other
UK to provide seeds and fishing kits to avoid starvation in South Sudan

Vital support to help farmers affected by conflict before the rainy season begins.

Britain will provide seeds and fishing kits to families in South Sudan to avert a possible hunger crisis, International Development Secretary Justine Greening announced today.

This vital support will reach farmers before the rainy season begins at the end of April, after which they will be unable to sow their crops.

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South Sudan + 1 other
New support to tackle dire food security situation in South Sudan

United Kingdom gives $13.7 million to FAO's emergency operations to help food producers in conflict-affected country

31 March, Juba/Rome - The Government of the United Kingdom has released $13.7 million in emergency funding to FAO to help conflict-affected families in South Sudan restore their agriculture-based livelihoods and stave off an increasingly alarming food security situation.

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Factsheet: The UK's humanitarian aid response to the Syria crisis

As conflict continues in Syria, millions of people are in desperate need of assistance. The UK has committed £600 million to provide support including food, medical care and relief items for over a million people in Syria and the region.

The results below for ‘Support Inside Syria’ and for ‘Support to the Region’ describe £541 million of UK humanitarian aid already allocated to partners responding to the crisis.

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UNHCR hails 10 years of UK’s refugee resettlement programme, warns of growing global needs

London, 19 March 2014 (UNHCR) - Welcoming important and life-saving results of the United Kingdom’s decade-old Gateway refugee resettlement programme, UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, also warned today of a rapidly growing gap between the needs of the global refugee population and existing durable solutions for their plight.

More than 5,500 refugees have been resettled to the UK under the auspices of the Gateway programme over the past ten years. From several hundred in its beginnings, Gateway has grown to benefit an annual quota of 750 resettled refugees in recent years.

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World Vision welcomes UK government's commitment to humanitarian aid affirmed in the budget

World Vision

The Chancellor today reaffirmed the UK government's promise to spend 0.7 per cent of Gross National Income (GNI) on overseas aid and development.

World Vision is delighted that the UK now looks set to be the first G8 country to honour this commitment that was first made 44 years ago in 1970.

This money will save more lives, give more people access to clean water and sanitation and get more children into school.

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Afghanistan + 3 others
Donors Pledge Additional $286 Million to ADB Infrastructure Fund for Afghanistan

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – The governments of Japan, United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US) will continue their support for improving and maintaining Afghanistan’s key roads, power plants, and other infrastructure by providing an additional $286 million to the Afghanistan Infrastructure Trust Fund (AITF).

Asian Development Bank:

© Asian Development Bank

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Philippines + 1 other
Rapid Review of DFID’s Humanitarian Response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

In January 2014, ICAI sent a small team, led by Commissioner Mark Foster, to assess and provide prompt and timely feedback on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the UK Government’s response to Haiyan.

The team found that the UK’s response to Haiyan was successful: DFID was well prepared to act swiftly and decisively. It mobilised quickly and provided a multi-sector response which met the real and urgent needs of affected communities. The UK was widely praised for its speed, flexibility and expertise.

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Rwanda + 1 other
DFID Rwanda one-year update on agreed and partially agreed recommendations from 2013 IDC Report

Recommendation 2

Rwanda is making significant progress towards the Millennium Development Goal targets and is lifting people out of poverty. We have seen for ourselves the tremendous improvements that Rwanda has made since 1994 and consider that general budget support has proved effective in reducing poverty in Rwanda. For this reason, we think that UK aid should continue to benefit the people of Rwanda. However questions arise about the best method to deliver it. (Paragraph 26)

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Kenya + 1 other
DFID’s Contribution to the Reduction of Child Mortality in Kenya

DFID’s Contribution to the Reduction of Child Mortality in Kenya

DFID’s Contribution to the Reduction of Child Mortality in Kenya Reducing under-five child mortality is a global priority and has seen remarkable progress. Under-five mortality has fallen by 24% in Kenya since 1990 but this is less than global and regional averages and the level in Kenya remains high.

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New UK support for Syria

UK allocates over £36 million to organisations working inside Syria and across the region

The UK has today allocated over £36 million in funding to organisations working inside Syria and across the region. This includes:

Support for girls and women (£5.95 million).