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29 Jan 2015 description
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Khartoum, 29 January 2015. The UK remains the largest donor to the Sudan CHF and has been a strong supporter since its inception in 2006, contributing over £300 million (US $525 million). UK funding to the CHF in 2014 ensured that over 35,000 children were treated for malnutrition and 91,500 internally displaced people were provided with agricultural supplies. The UK is the first donor to support the CHF in 2015; its valuable contribution comes at a critical time when humanitarian needs are set to increase as lean season approaches.

29 Jan 2015 description

Results from a trial of a new Ebola vaccine confirm it can progress to larger scale testing.

The results from the first clinical trials of the proposed new vaccine in the UK show it does produce a response from the immune system. Trials in affected countries are now needed to see whether it is sufficient to protect against the disease. The research will also help determine the appropriate dosage for patients.

International Development Secretary Justine Greening said:

28 Jan 2015 description


  • The response to the EVD epidemic has now moved to a second phase, as the focus shifts from slowing transmission to ending the epidemic. To achieve this goal as quickly as possible, efforts have moved from rapidly building infrastructure to ensuring that capacity for case finding, case management, safe burials, and community engagement is used as effectively as possible.

28 Jan 2015 description
report GAVI Alliance
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Key Outcomes Resources Assured for 2016-2020

Support puts Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance on the path to immunise a further 300 million children and save up to 6 million more lives

Berlin, 27 January 2015 – Hundreds of millions of children living in the world’s poorest countries will receive life-saving vaccines as a result of record-breaking financial commitments made today at the Gavi Pledging Conference, hosted in Berlin by German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel.

28 Jan 2015 description

Muslim, Jewish and Christian faith leaders have called on David Cameron to urgently increase the number of Syrian refugees resettled in the UK in response to ‘one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes of our time’.

27 Jan 2015 description

The UK will provide further life-saving food, water and support for families forced from their homes by recent fighting in Sudan.

Britain will contribute a further £7 million to the UN’s Common Humanitarian Fund appeal for Sudan, International Development Minster Baroness Northover announced today during a visit to Khartoum.

The ongoing conflict has forced more people from their homes than at any time since 2003 and seven million people are now expected to need emergency assistance this year.

23 Jan 2015 description
report Mail and Guardian


The government of impoverished Malawi has said it will need more than $65-million (R750-million) to reach out to more than 121,000 people made homeless and cut off by flooding, the worst in 24 years.

Malawi is the worst affected of the three southeast African countries hit by heavy rainstorms, which started two weeks ago. Mozambique and Madagascar have also reported damage and deaths from floods.

23 Jan 2015 description

In pictures: How humanitarian aid from the UK is helping Iraqi and Syrian people cope with freezing conditions in northern Iraq.

The Department for International Development (DFID) is leading the UK’s humanitarian response to the crisis created by ISIL in Iraq. There are over 5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in Iraq, and over 2 million people were displaced by ISIL in 2014.

23 Jan 2015 description

As conflict continues in Syria, millions of people are in desperate need of assistance. The UK has committed £700 million of support in response to the humanitarian crisis, including food, medical care and relief items for over a million people in Syria and the region.

22 Jan 2015 description


The UK has allocated £332 million to help people affected by the conflict in Syria, including in opposition held and contested areas. £154 million of this has been allocated to partners delivering aid across international borders (cross-border aid). Up to 50% of all UK assistance inside Syria this year will be delivered as cross border aid, targeted towards the 4.8 million people in hard to reach areas (UNOCHA 01.11.2014) which the UN estimate could be reached across borders.


21 Jan 2015 description

Britain will continue to provide the leadership and resources Sierra Leone needs to contain and control Ebola

Britain’s strategy in Sierra Leone has centred on making burials safe, increasing the number of available treatment beds and changing behaviour so people suspected of having Ebola seek treatment early. The UK will continue to ensure sufficient resources are available to tackle the outbreak.

The UK’s updated support will provide:

1.Treatment centres

21 Jan 2015 description


July 2014

At the Girl Summit in London, Somali Government officials and civil society organizations joined world leaders in committing to end child, early and forced marriage and all forms of FGM within a generation.

August 2014 The UK became the joint lead donor on the New Deal Framework. 

September 2014 The UK will support Somalia in improving its justice systems. This will cover South Central Somalia where mobile courts will operate for the first time. 

21 Jan 2015 description


• In Sierra Leone WFP is supporting 102 EVD health facilities including treatment centers, holding centers, and Community Care Centers (CCC). So far, WFP has already distributed assorted food commodities to meet the needs of more than 7,400 patients in these facilities, representing a bed capacity of over 1,100.

21 Jan 2015 description


  • Case incidence continues to fall in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, with a halving time of 1.4 weeks in Guinea, 2.0 weeks Liberia, and 2.7 weeks in Sierra Leone. A combined total of 145 confirmed cases were reported from the 3 countries in the week to 18 January: 20 in Guinea, 8 in Liberia, and 117 in Sierra Leone.

  • Mali has been declared free of Ebola virus disease (EVD) after completing 42 days since the last case tested negative for EVD.

16 Jan 2015 description

A DFID spokeswoman said:

“The close links between Scotland and Malawi mean that many people in Scotland will be particularly saddened to learn of the devastation being caused by the floods there.

“The UK’s Department for International Development, working with the UN, has provided emergency assistance to those in need. Support from DFID’s £3.8 million fund for disasters in Malawi is providing food and shelter to those affected by the floods. We are continuing to monitor the situation for potential further UK support.

15 Jan 2015 description

In 2013-14, DFID’s programme was £253 million


400,000 girls have received stipends to help them go to school since 2009.

36,000 classrooms will be constructed in Punjab and Khyber Paktunkhwa and 90,000 teachers trained.


10,000 community midwives have been trained and over 70 midwife schools constructed or renovated since 2009.

15 Jan 2015 description

In 2013-14, DFID’s programme in Nigeria was £266 million


1.4 million pregnant women and children received help with nutrition in 2013-14.

4.7 million more pregnant women and children will have improved nutrition by the end of 2015.


In the last year we’ve helped 470,000 people increase their incomes by more than 15% and since 2011 we’ve helped over 7 million people gain access formal financial services.


15 Jan 2015 description

In 2013-14, DFID spent £85 million reducing poverty in Malawi


23,000 women have gained access to financial services by September 2014.

13,000 girls were supported with secondary school bursaries by September 2014.

406,000 women will be supported to have improved access to security and justice by the end of 2015.

196,000 women had sustainable access to clean drinking water sources through DFID support by September 2014.