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29 Sep 2016 description

Outbreak Overview

On March 15, 2016 Kosrae State was notified of its first confirmed case of Zika. Since Feb 2016 there have been 11 confirmed cases and 4 probable cases of Zika disease in Kosrae.

-Onset dates of first 3 confirmed (PCR+) cases: 02/23/2016, 03/17/2016, 3/19/2016. Ages (and sex): 49 (F), 8 (F), 37 (F). None with a travel history.

-117 other suspect cases identified since enhanced Zika surveillance began on 02/10/2016 when Marshall Islands reported a confirmed case.

Case Definition (updated)

21 Sep 2016 description

27SM Niue News: 2015 SPREP Annual Report is now launched

The SPREP Annual Report for 2015 is now available online having been presented at the 27th SPREP Meeting in Niue on Day one. The Report, available in both English and French outlines the activities and project implemented with members and partners in 2015 as the region strives to achieve the SPREP vision - a Pacific environment that sustains our livelihoods and natural heritage in harmony with our cultures.

06 Sep 2016 description
report Oxfam

Executive Summary

Pacific island countries are working hard to address the escalating realities of climate change, including the impact on land, livelihoods, and on the food and water security of their most vulnerable communities. The need for accessible, predictable, adequate and appropriate financial support to meet the climate crisis is urgent and growing.

29 Aug 2016 description

Outbreak Overview

On March 15, 2016 FSM was notified of Kosrae State's first confirmed case of Zika. Since Feb 2016 there have been 12 confirmed cases in Kosrae (out of the 12 cases in FSM). FSM has had 16 probable cases, including 12 in Kosrae, 3 in Yap, and 1 imported case in Pohnpei (from Kosrae).

18 Aug 2016 description

Affected Populations

  • 21,000 people affected by severe drought conditions.
  • 1,257 households on the outer islands and 5,195 households in urban areas affected.

Areas of Cooperation

Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), supplemental food assistance, education, training and capacity building

The Marshallese are no strangers to drought. In fact the last time they experienced severe drought was three years ago in 2013.

17 Aug 2016 description

Pacific syndromic surveillance report

Week 31, ending 7 August 2016

The following syndromes have been flagged:

17 Aug 2016 description

A joint Environment Summit and Disaster Risk Management Platform is being held this week (15-19 August) in Weno, Chuuk, to address challenges related to the impacts of disasters throughout the Federated States of Micronesia.

The Office of Environment and Emergency Management (OEEM) is leading the event, joining these critical topics together to ensure a common focus and agreement is made on a way forward to address the vulnerabilities communities face in terms of disaster.