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09 Feb 2016 description
report Médecins du Monde

Médecins du Monde et le Secours Catholique - Caritas France contraints de recourir à nouveau à la justice.

Dans les camps de Calais ou Grande-Synthe, plusieurs centaines de mineurs isolés étrangers (MIE) vivent dans une très grande précarité. Particulièrement vulnérables et exposés à de très nombreuses violences, ces jeunes, qui pour certains ont de la famille au Royaume-Uni, ont besoin d’urgence de mesures de protection particulières.

09 Feb 2016 description
report Solidar

On Saturday 6th January, **SOLIDAR** member Solidarité Laïque has inaugurated its _’Ecole Laïque du Chemin des Dunes’_ providing education to minors and adults living in the encampment in Calais, also wrongly called “the jungle”.

06 Feb 2016 description

Lille, France | AFP | Saturday 2/6/2016 - 20:32 GMT

Four Iranian migrants making a rare attempt to reach Britain by boat from France on Saturday were rescued in the nick of time after their vessel took on water and was close to capsizing, officials said.

Rescuers were only alerted after one of the migrants made it back to the beach at Sangatte in northern France before dawn.

He was in a dangerously cold state and asking for help for his four compatriots.

05 Feb 2016 description
report UN News Service

5 February 2016 – The world is facing a political, economic, moral and social crisis as governments and communities struggle to provide effective solutions for the unprecedented numbers of people fleeing war, instability or persecution, the top United Nations migration official said today, calling for deceive multilateral action to tackle “the global issues lurking behind today’s vast movement of people.”

05 Feb 2016 description

GENEVE, 5 février (HCR) – Le HCR exprime son inquiétude au sujet d'environ 4000 réfugiés et migrants dans la « jungle » de Calais et de près de 2500 autres à Grande-Synthe, dans la banlieue de Dunkerque, vivant dans des circonstances difficiles et aggravées par la saison hivernale.

Le HCR est particulièrement préoccupé par les conditions de vie des enfants, notamment les enfants non accompagnés et séparés qui arrivent dans le nord de la France dans des installations spontanées. Ils ont besoin d'un hébergement et de protection.

05 Feb 2016 description

GENEVA, Feb 5 (UNHCR) – The UN Refugee Agency is concerned about some 4,000 refugees and migrants currently reported to be living in the Calais "jungle" and almost 2,500 in Grande-Synthe, on the edges of Dunkerque, often in dire circumstances, aggravated by the winter conditions.

Of particular concern are hundreds of children, many of them traveling by themselves, who arrive at the informal camps in northern France in need of both shelter and adequate protection.

04 Feb 2016 description

Cofinancée par la France, la reconstruction du plus grand établissement hospitalier public de Port-au-Prince progresse. Visite du chantier.

01 Feb 2016 description
report Human Rights Watch

In a year marked by horrific attacks by armed extremists in Paris in January and November, and a deepening refugee crisis, the European Union and its member states struggled to develop an effective and principled response to the hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers and migrants who reached Europe. Narrow government interests too often displaced sound policy responses, delaying protection and shelter for vulnerable people and raising questions about the union’s purpose and limits.

28 Jan 2016 description
report European Commission
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Press Release
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Member States' financial pledges since 23 September 2015, € million
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Member States' Support to Emergency Relocation Mechanism
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State of Play of Hotspot capacity
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Returns since September
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Accepted Member States' Support to Civil Protection Mechanism for Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Greece

European Commission - Press release

Brussels, 25 January 2016

28 Jan 2016 description


  • Italy witnessed a 43% rise of sea arrivals over the last month, compared to December 2014, bucking the seasonal decrease of refugees and migrants arriving by sea and the downward trend registered in the second half of 2015. Arrival trends for December include the steady decrease of Syrians arriving by sea and the continuing proportional increase of Nigerians.

  • At the end of December 2015, the total number of arrivals stands at 153,842 persons, compared to 170,100 in 2014 at the same time, corresponding to a 10% decrease.

27 Jan 2016 description

Genetic diversity of livestock can help feed a hotter, harsher world

Despite growing interest in safeguarding biodiversity of livestock and poultry,genetic erosion continues

26 Jan 2016 description


This dashboard presents the preliminary findings of a survey conducted by IOM/DTM Iraq during the months of November and December 2015 in the framework of the DFID-funded project “Understanding complex migration flows from Iraq to Europe through movement tracking and awareness campaigns”.

25 Jan 2016 description

Lille, France | AFP | lundi 25/01/2016 - 17:08 GMT

Tous les migrants occupant une zone de la "Jungle" à Calais, appelée pour des raisons de sécurité à devenir une zone déboisée le long de la rocade portuaire, ont quitté les lieux, ont indiqué lundi les autorités locales dans le nord de la France.

"A ce jour, tous les migrants ont quitté dans le calme cette bande d'une largeur de 100 mètres", a affirmé un porte-parole de la préfecture, qui représente l'Etat français.

24 Jan 2016 description

Calais, France | AFP | Sunday 1/24/2016 - 20:35 GMT

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Sunday vowed to maintain "order" in northern Calais, a day after dozens of migrants boarded a ferry triggering the temporary closure of the key port.

"The government is completely determined to ensure public order is maintained in Calais," Cazeneuve said.

A day earlier, some 30 to 40 migrants briefly boarded the moored "Spirit of Britain" ferry in the French port in an attempt to reach Britain, before police removed them from the ship.

22 Jan 2016 description

By Iain Overton on 22 Jan 2016

In 2015, 21 countries were witness to suicide bomb attacks – the most countries ever impacted by this form of violence.

This finding by Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) comes from their Global Explosive Violence Monitor. This monitor charts media reports of explosive harm suffered by civilians around the world.

AOAV’s data on suicide bombings for 2015 shows that:

20 Jan 2016 description
report Refugee Council

A British court has ordered that three children and one adult in Calais should be immediately brought to Britain to join their relatives.

In a ground breaking order the court ruled that the three unaccompanied children and dependant adult should, under European rules, be allowed to live with their loved ones who are already in Britain while their asylum claims are examined.

20 Jan 2016 description

Calais, France | AFP | Wednesday 1/20/2016 - 03:09 GMT


Smuggling yourself from France to Britain can be hugely expensive for refugees, but there is a cheaper "pot-luck" option -- the only snag being you might end up in a French military base.

Some who have used the 500-euro ($550) smuggling service at a motorway rest stop near the northern French port of Calais, have found themselves heading in completely the wrong direction, winding up in lorries to Germany or Belgium rather than their dream destination of Britain.

19 Jan 2016 description

During 2015 MSF teams provided just under 100,000 medical consultations on three search and rescue vessels in the Mediterranean, in Greece, Italy, throughout the Balkans and we are now working in northern France. Many of these consultations were for illnesses and injuries sustained on the life threatening journeys that people were forced to take for want of a safe, legal alternative. In Serbia, for example, 80% of the consultations performed by our medics were related to the tough conditions on the journey.

18 Jan 2016 description

Ten months after the camp opened in Calais, the French government is providing 1,500 people with accommodation in container-dormitories installed in a secure area within the camp. Nothing had been done to prepare the flood-prone site in La Lande when it was made available to refugees in March 2015, and it took a long, drawn out process for this temporary accommodation facility to finally see the light of day on 11 January.

15 Jan 2016 description

By Ahmed Salah Hashim

Attacks on major cities or capitals are becoming more frequent and range from the use of primitive tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to the increasingly more sophisticated TTPs, which involve multiple personnel attacking either one or several targets simultaneously such as the rolling attack in Jakarta on 14 January 2016. Why are cities targets and how are terrorists targetting cities?