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Egypt: RRP6 Monthly Update - August 2014: Food Security

US$2.8 million injected into the local economy through food vouchers in August


• Food voucher distribution commenced on 17 August and finished on 23 August. WFP reached over 63,000 beneficiaries in Greater Cairo, 22,900 in Alexandria, 11,100 in Damietta, 2,700 in Mansoura, 600 in Marsa Matrouh and 500 in Tanta. Over US$2.8 million was injected into the local economy through food vouchers.

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Lebanon + 5 others
Regional: RRP6 Monthly Update - August 2014: Social Cohesion and Livelihoods


In Lebanon, armed clashes in Arsal in early August have had an important impact on social cohesion, particularly in the Bekaa. The armed incidents and heightened security situation have further raised tensions and defiance between communities. In addition to a rise in evictions, incidents and restrictive measures imposed on refugees, local NGOs and partners are reporting increasing defiance from local institutions and communities against the international response and assistance.

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Lebanon + 5 others
Regional: RRP6 Monthly Update - August 2014 (Health)


Polio vaccination continues to be provided to children across the region. In Jordan, a sub-national polio immunization campaign for hard-to-reach areas was successfully conducted in August, with the total number of vaccinated Syrian children inside and outside the camps being 68,274. In Iraq, a subnational mass polio vaccination was conducted in 13 high risk governorates over five days in August, reaching a total of 3.73 million children under 5 years, representing 94 per cent of the targeted children.

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Security forces use excessive force to crush student protests


Testimonies gathered by Amnesty International indicate that Egyptian security forces used excessive force to crack down on student demonstrations at Alexandria University this week, injuring at least 35 students and leaving three other students in a critical condition. Two security officers were injured during the clashes according to official figures.

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Lebanon + 4 others
Monitoring and Measuring Gender Equality for 3RP

Developing gender equality indicators

  1. Collect data disaggregated by sex and age.

  2. Identify gender-based gaps.

  3. Analyze to determine the causes for the gaps.

  4. Design interventions across sectors to close the gaps.

  5. Further analyze to determine underlying factors leading to the gaps.

  6. Design interventions across sectors to address those factors.

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Two bombs wound 11 in Egypt

10/16/2014 - 19:56 GMT


Two bombs exploded near a mosque Thursday in Egypt's Nile delta city of Tanta, wounding at least 11 people, the health ministry said, cited by the official MENA news agency.

Initial reports said eight people had been wounded by the bombs, which were placed at the rear end of the mosque at a time when residents in the area were taking part in a ceremony.

A third bomb was found and defused by police in the vicinity of the mosque in Tanta, located about 100 kilometres (60 miles) north of Cairo, the reports said.

Agence France-Presse:

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3RP Update Issue 1, 2 October 2014 [EN/AR]

3RP planning underway in earnest

The 3RP is a country-driven, regionally coherent process which recognizes the centrality of national resilience and stabilization plans and seeks to strengthen national and sub-national capacities.

In Lebanon, strong progress is being made on the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (LCRP), of which the draft chapters of 10 sectors have been produced.

In Jordan, planning is well underway towards the Jordan Response Plan (JRP) under the leadership of the Government of Jordan, including the completion of the 2015 Needs Assessment.

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Bomb wounds 12 in central Cairo

10/14/2014 - 23:29 GMT


A bomb exploded in the centre of the Egyptian capital Cairo late Tuesday wounding 12 people, security and medical officials said.

A police officer on the scene told AFP the explosive device was placed near the entrance of a metro station close to the court house, apparently targeting policemen standing guard.

"The bomb was placed on the road near the entrance of the metro station. The target was some policemen in the area," he said.

Agence France-Presse:

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Release Arrested University Students

Raids Aim to Suppress Campus Dissent

(Beirut) – Egyptian authorities should release more than 110 university students arrested since the start of the school year on October 11, 2014. The arrests were apparently aimed at preventing a revival of campus protests that have erupted repeatedly since the overthrow of the former president, Mohamed Morsy, in July 2013. The arrests and subsequent activities appear to be solely directed at the students’ peaceful exercise of the right to free assembly.

Human Rights Watch:

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Global Food Security Update - Issue 15, October 2014


The Global Food Security Update provides a quarterly overview of key food security trends in vulnerable countries. Information is provided by WFP VAM field teams and partners.

In focus

• In conflict-affected south sudan, the food security situation is much worse than at harvest time in a typical year. Around 1.5 million people are expected to remain in Phase 3 (Crisis) and Phase 4 (Emergency) through December 2014.

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Regional Analysis for Syria Q3 2014 | 13 October 2014

*This Regional Analysis of the Syria conflict (RAS) is now produced quarterly, replacing the monthly RAS of 2013. It seeks to bring together information from all sources in the region and provide holistic analysis of the overall Syria crisis. While Part I focuses on the situation within Syria, Part II covers the impact of the crisis on neighbouring countries. More information on how to use this document can be found on page 2.

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UNHCR Egypt Inter-Agency Operational Update Syria 9 - 30 September 2014


  • During September, 1,226 individuals registered in the Zamalek Registration Centre

  • On 18 September, UNHCR and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina signed an agreement to facilitate the exchange and access to information on refugees, mixed migration and displacement.

  • UNHCR and WFP are jointly conducting a socio-economic assessment for all Syrian refugees. On 21 September, Save the Children started the survey in Greater Cairo.