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19 Jan 2017 description

Persons arriving by sea in December 2016.
Persons arriving by sea in 2016.
Unaccompanied and Separated Children (UASC) arrived by sea in 2016.
Dead and missing at sea in 2016.
Asylum applications in 2016, including from sea and other arrivals.
Average EU protection rate of top nationalities arriving by sea in Italy.

19 Jan 2017 description

Longtemps considérées comme problématiques, les eaux usées municipales font maintenant partie des alternatives visant à lutter contre les pénuries d’eau

19 janvier 2017, Berlin/Rome- Face à une demande alimentaire croissante et des pénuries d'eau de plus en plus fréquentes, il est temps d'arrêter de considérer les eaux usées comme des déchets pour plutôt les voir comme des ressources pouvant être utilisées pour cultiver ou encore pour lutter contre les pénuries d'eau dans le secteur agricole.

19 Jan 2017 description


  • WFP Egypt actively participated in the 16 Days of Activism to end gender based violence through briefs, talks and presentations by keynote speakers in addition to social media campaigns.

  • WFP started the establishment of solar power driven water pumps in five governorates in Upper Egypt.
    These environment-friendly pump stations allow for more sustainability in managing water resources in the context of climate change induced food insecurity.

19 Jan 2017 description

Once seen as a problem to be disposed of, municipal liquid waste is now being eyed as an option for addressing water scarcity

19 January 2017, Berlin/Rome - With food demand and water scarcity on the uptick, it's time to stop treating wastewater like garbage and instead manage it as a resource that can be used to grow crops and help address water scarcity in agriculture.

17 Jan 2017 description


“La Résolution 46/182 des Nations Unies reste aussi pertinente et fondamentale aujourd’hui qu’en décembre 1991 et les principes d’humanité, de neutralité, indépendance et d’impartialité qu’elle contient continuent de guider une assistance humanitaire stratégique, coordonnée et efficace aux personnes qui en ont besoin”

17 Jan 2017 description

4 859 908 registered Syrian refugees (including 29 000 registered in North African countries).
Estimated 110 000 Palestine refugees from Syria in neighbouring countries, Egypt and Europe.

6.3 million
280 000 internally displaced Palestine refugees

16 Jan 2017 description

On 29 December, 152 migrants received return assistance home to Mali and on 20 December, IOM assisted 140 Nigerian migrants return home.

IOM has provided desks, chairs and mobile classrooms to 14 schools in Sabha and 9 in Al Qatrun serving a total of 12,994 students.

IOM has completed three first aid training courses for actors involved in life saving operations for migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.

IOM Libya’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) has released its fourth Flow Monitoring Statistical report

Situation Overview

15 Jan 2017 description
report Human Rights Watch

Rapport mondial 2017 : Les démagogues menacent les droits humains

Donald Trump ainsi que des démagogues européens favorisent l’intolérance et les discriminations

15 Jan 2017 description

Key messages

  • The Syria conflict has triggered the world's largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. Humanitarian needs are huge, population displacement persists and fighting continues in many parts of the country. In Aleppo and in other areas of the country the scale of destruction is massive; needs for basic services, protection, shelter and infrastructures are widespread in both urban and rural areas.

14 Jan 2017 description
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Syria- version 3
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Technical Annex - version 3

The full implementation of this version of the HIP is subject to the adoption of the decision amending Decision C(2015) 8936 final and conditional upon the necessary appropriations being made available from the 2016 general budget of the European Union.

AMOUNT: EUR 379 400 000

14 Jan 2017 description

by Reuters

Wednesday, 11 January 2017 17:27 GMT

Migrants have tried to cross to Italy from the African coast, particularly from Libya, where people traffickers operate with relative impunity

CAIRO, Jan 11 (Reuters) - Egyptian border patrol and coast guard forces stopped more than 12,000 people of various nationalities from illegally entering or leaving the country in 2016, the military said on Wednesday.

Read more on the Thomson Reuters Foundation

12 Jan 2017 description

The requirements presented in this funding snapshot refer to the 2016 Regional Refugee & Resilience Plan covering the period January to December 2016

Funding level

  • 3RP Requirements: $4,539,342,336
  • Funding received: $2,673,092,389
  • % funded: 59%
11 Jan 2017 description


In 2016, between January and November, 351,619 people crossed the Mediterranean Sea, risking their lives to reach Europe. These new arrivals are in addition to more than one million refugees and migrants who made the journey across the Mediterranean Sea on unseaworthy boats in 2015.

In 2016, the number of those arriving decreased substantially after March. Of those reaching European shores so far this year, 58% came from the ten countries currently producing the most refugees globally.


11 Jan 2017 description

172.2 M required for 2016
79.5 M contributions received, representing 44% of requirements
92.7 M funding gap for the Yemen Situation

10 Jan 2017 description
report UN Security Council


The following Security Council press statement was issued today by Council President Olof Skoog (Sweden):

The members of the Security Council condemned in the strongest terms the heinous and cowardly terrorist attack that took place in the northern Sinai city of Al-Arish, Egypt, today, 9 January 2017, during which 9 policemen were killed and over 13 injured.

They expressed their deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims and to the Government of Egypt and they wished a speedy and full recovery to those who were injured.

07 Jan 2017 description

With the humanitarian situation drastically deteriorating in a number of countries and regions, the EU is releasing urgent assistance. A total of €28.7 million have been allocated to respond to the most pressing humanitarian needs in Somalia, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Egypt and Libya.

06 Jan 2017 description


Persons arriving by sea in November 2016.

Persons arriving by sea in 2016.

Unaccompanied and Separated Children (UASC) arrived by sea in 2016.

Dead and missing at sea in 2016.

Average EU protection rate of top nationalities arriving by sea in Italy.

Persons accommodated in reception centres.