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09 Oct 2015 description

As civil war ravages Syria, the country’s men, women, and children have been seeking refuge in nearby countries as a means of escaping their harsh reality in their own home. With the record-breaking influx of refugees arriving in Germany in 2015, Tzu Chi Foundation has taken the initiative to assist the refugees and their families, mainly those living in Soest. Under the supervision of the German Government, governmental and non-governmental organizations like Tzu Chi set up service locations to take care of refugees, providing counseling and consultation services to the refugees.

09 Oct 2015 description

Language is one of the biggest obstacles for refugees to overcome. With only escape on their minds, refugees flee from their homes with little time to prepare for a new life in another country, and learning a new language was a low priority. As a result, refugees struggle to become accustomed to their new life in a new country. In a meeting on July 21, 2015, the Soest government requested that Tzu Chi provides a German language class for refugees. After discussing with volunteer Shu Wei, Tzu Chi volunteers visited the refugees for assessing the needs in the refugee camps.

09 Oct 2015 description

Rome, Italy | AFP | Friday 10/9/2015 - 09:04 GMT

by Ljubomir MILASIN / Ella IDE

Greece was hit by a huge new surge in migrants as the United Nations Friday approved a European seize-and-destroy military operation against people smugglers in the Mediterranean.

The backing for EU navies to take action against traffickers in international waters came as the first asylum seekers were flown from Italy to Sweden under a hotly disputed relocation scheme to share the burden of Europe's migrant crisis.

09 Oct 2015 description
report UN General Assembly


Ad Hoc Committee for Voluntary Contributions to UNRWA, 1st Meeting (AM)

General Assembly President Urges Continuing Support in Absence of Solution to Palestinian Question, amid Broader Refugee Crisis

A total of 21 donors today announced contributions, or their intention to contribute, to the 2016 budget of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), as officials urged stable financing for the Agency against a backdrop of expanding crises in the Middle East.

08 Oct 2015 description

KINSHASA, République Démocratique du Congo, 6 octobre 2015 – L’escalade rapide de la violence en République Centrafricaine (RCA) a provoqué la fuite de plus de 2.000 personnes, pour la plupart des femmes et des enfants, vers la République Démocratique du Congo (RDC) voisine en l’espace d’une semaine.

08 Oct 2015 description
report Islamic Relief

Refugees in Germany have received food, clothing, hygiene items and children’s toys, thanks to Islamic Relief and our big hearted supporters.

Protracted conflict and instability in the Middle East and North Africa is fuelling the worst refugee crisis of our time. As humanitarian funding falls short, refugees are undertaking gruelling and dangerous journeys to reach safety in Europe.

As part of our Mediterranean Refugee Crisis response, Islamic Relief is providing much needed aid to refugees in Germany.

08 Oct 2015 description
report Deutsche Welle

Author Thomas Kohlmann

If Germany is to integrate large numbers of low-skilled Middle Eastern, African and Asian refugees into its domestic job market it is going to need new concepts. Many fundamental changes are essential.

07 Oct 2015 description

Latest asylum trends and main countries of origin........................2
Five Years of EASO: Results and Perspectives................................4
EASO call for experts to assist in Italy and Greece.........................4
Kick-off meeting of the COI Specialist Network on the Ukraine....5
EASO publishes COI report on Pakistan.........................................5
Conference on Home Affairs Funds...............................................6
EASO reports to the European Parliament on the hotspots..........6

07 Oct 2015 description
report The New York Times

LESBOS, Greece — When the conflict in Syria began more than four years ago, Mustafa Alabi was a 17-year-old soccer whiz who had quit high school to sew clothes in his father’s workshop.

But the war soon consumed his life. The shop burned, and rebels occupied his home in Aleppo. Sheltering with relatives, Mr. Alabi rarely went outside, fearing the army would draft him and send him to the front line.

Then, like many before him, Mr. Alabi fled to Europe, where he landed last month: 22 years old, with a backpack, a ninth-grade education and little idea what to do next.

07 Oct 2015 description

Few issues arouse such strong passions as immigration, where concrete economic and social challenges overlap with the fundamental concept of national identity. It is thus not surprising that Europe is having difficulty in coming to grips with the current refugee crisis.

07 Oct 2015 description

Berlin, Germany | AFP | Wednesday 10/7/2015 - 15:16 GMT

German authorities said Wednesday they had registered around 577,000 asylum seekers in the first nine months of this year, a third of whom claim to be from Syria.

The Interior Ministry said however that the figure could be subject to errors, given that some migrants would not follow through with their applications while others may have given incorrect information.

07 Oct 2015 description
report Cruz Roja Española

Nota de Prensa 71/15

La Institución sigue ampliando además sus capacidades de acogida de solicitantes de asilo en España.

En total, más de 275.000 personas han recibido algún tipo de apoyo de la Cruz Roja en Italia, Grecia, Macedonia, Serbia, Croacia, Hungría, Austria, España y Alemania.

07 Oct 2015 description


  • As of October 2, the number of sea arrivals since the beginning of 2015 has exceed 400,000. Over 40 % of refugees who arrived to Greece by sea in 2015, arrived in September. The average daily sea arrivals during the reporting period was 5,500 persons a day, compare to 4,900 persons a day during the first two weeks of September.

07 Oct 2015 description
report Oxfam

Es necesario actuar para ofrecer ayuda y refugio y poner fin al derramamiento de sangre

Para la comunidad internacional, la llegada de decenas de miles de sirios a las fronteras europeas y las estremecedoras muertes de hombres, mujeres, niños y niñas durante el peligroso viaje para llegar hasta ellas se han convertido en un brutal recordatorio de la tragedia en la que está sumido el pueblo sirio. La desesperación en la que se ve sumida la población siria lleva a que muchas personas tengan que asumir riesgos inmensos para ellas y sus familias.

07 Oct 2015 description
report Oxfam

Il faut agir pour offrir assistance et refuge et mettre fin au bain de sang

L’arrivée ces dernières semaines de dizaines de milliers de Syriens aux frontières de l’Europe et la mort choquante de femmes, d’enfants et d’hommes lors de leur périple périlleux, secouent la communauté internationale et l’interpellent devant la tragédie qui engloutit le peuple syrien. Leur désespoir est tel que les Syriens en sont venus à prendre d’immenses risques pour eux-mêmes et leurs familles.

07 Oct 2015 description
report Oxfam

Action needed on aid, refuge, and to end the bloodshed

Author: Caroline Baudot, Oxfam Humanitarian Policy Adviser; Daniel Gorevan, Oxfam Campaigns and Policy Manager, Syria crisis

The arrival of tens of thousands of Syrians to Europe’s borders and the shocking deaths of women, children and men on their perilous journey has been a sharp reminder to the international community of the tragedy engulfing the people of Syria. Syrians put themselves and their families at so much risk only out of sheer desperation.

06 Oct 2015 description

KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of Congo, 6 October 2015 – The escalation of violence in the Central African Republic (CAR) caused over 2,000 people, most of them women and children, to flee into neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) within one week.

New arrivals from the CAR capital, Bangui, are currently being registered by DRC authorities in the nearby Congolese city of Zongo. The majority will move to the refugee camp of Mole close-by. Refugees said they had difficulties to flee Bangui because of barricades erected in the city.

06 Oct 2015 description
report Save the Children

Save the Children response to reports of UK downsizing search and rescue capacity of refugees at sea.

Monday, 5 October 2015 - 5:31pm

Justin Forsyth, CEO Save the Children, said:

“Last month, 159 people, including 35 children, drowned crossing the Aegean Sea, making September the deadliest month yet for refugees and migrants crossing from Turkey to Greece.

06 Oct 2015 description

Berlin, Germany | AFP | Monday 10/5/2015 - 20:28 GMT

Firefighters in Germany found the body of an Eritrean man after a fire broke out in a shelter for asylum-seekers in the country's east, media reports said Monday.

The cause of the blaze and the cause of death were not yet known, public broadcaster MDR quoted the police as saying.

The shelter is located in Saalfeld in the state of Thuringia, formerly part of communist East Germany.

05 Oct 2015 description

Berlin, Germany | AFP | Monday 10/5/2015 - 10:41 GMT

Germany could receive up to 1.5 million asylum-seekers this year, according to the Bild newspaper, quoting a confidential document containing estimates that are far higher than publicly released official figures.

Authorities have so far predicted that Europe's top economy would record between 800,000 and one million new arrivals in 2015.