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10 Mar 2015 description

Prague, Aleppo, Idlib (March 10th, 2015) – As the conflict in Syria enters its fifth year, the conditions that make it the gravest humanitarian crisis in the world are growing more dire by the day. “More than 12.2 million Syrians are in acute need of humanitarian aid – that is more than the entire population of the Czech Republic. Of this number, more than 4.8 million live in remote regions, where any aid deliveries are difficult or impossible,” says Jitka Skovrankova, People in Need’s program coordinator in Syria. Half of the afflicted people are children.

12 Dec 2014 description
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A new batch of urgently needed medical and relief supplies is leaving to the Ebola-affected region in West Africa today on board of the Dutch ship "Karel Doorman".

For the second time, as part of the coordinated European response to the Ebola outbreak, the Netherlands has offered to transport vital supplies free of charge. The vessel is carrying 1,500 tons of food for the World Food Programme (WFP) in addition to more than 50 vehicles, medical supplies and protective clothing for health personnel offered by Belgium, France, Germany and the UK.

19 Nov 2014 description

November 5. Kharkiv. Kharkiv region has received humanitarian aid from the Government of the Czech Republic that donated one million Czech crowns to address the needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Ukraine. The UN Refugee Agency organized the first dispatch of warm blankets and basic relief items the region, which is now hosting more than 100,000 of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

06 Nov 2014 description

Today the first Ebola aid supplies will be loaded onto the naval ship Karel Doorman, leaving for West Africa tomorrow. Goods will start to come aboard at around midday, including 11 million rubber gloves, a significant number of lorries, ambulances and other vehicles, 1,000 rubber boots, disinfectant, thermometers, generators, mobile laboratories, protective clothing for medical staff and more than 300,000 medical masks for relief workers.

03 Oct 2014 description

On September 26, UNHCR Regional Representative for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine Oldrich Andrysek and Ambassador of Czech Republic to Ukraine Ivan Počuch have signed the Memorandum of Understanding. According to the Memorandum, Czech Government will donate to UNHCR 1 mln Czech crowns (600,000 UAH) to address the urgent needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Ukraine. This financing will allow UNHCR to purchase warm blankets and personal hygiene products for further distribution in the East of Ukraine.

26 Sep 2014 description
report UN News Service

25 September 2014 – Less than two years after its adoption by the United Nations General Assembly, the Arms Trade Treaty has now received the 50 ratifications needed to trigger its entry into force, the world body announced today.

The threshold of 50 ratifications was reached earlier today at a joint ceremony held as part of the 2014 Treaty Event – an annual undertaking on the margins of the Assembly’s high-level debate that seeks to promote wider participation in the multilateral treaty framework.

08 Sep 2014 description

In the evening of 5 September 2014, Kyiv received a one-tonne consignment of urgently needed medical supplies for the Ukrainian Red Cross, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. Further aid from the Czech Republic will follow.

04 Sep 2014 description
report UN General Assembly


Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States
5th & 6th Plenary Meetings (AM & PM)

APIA, 3 September — Proper management of the world’s vast oceans — the lifeline of the planet — and its rich marine life was vital to end degradation of ecosystems, stem biodiversity loss and ensure the world’s food supply, delegates warned as the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States continued today.

03 Jul 2014 description

Further degradation of law and order and localised military operations in the east of Ukraine,
Donbas region, since March has caused a deterioration in the situation. UNHCR is aware of more than 59,600* internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Crimea and Donbas, as of 1 July; with additional unconfirmed reports of several thousand IDPs still within the eastern region itself.

28 Jun 2014 description

Humanitarian needs

Most IDPs from the eastern region have reported leaving with limited belongings, and are in need of shelter, food and nonfood items such as clothing. In the eastern region primary health care services have been jeopardized, with shortages reported in emergency medical services, essential medications and medical supplies. Water and energy supplies are heavily distorted in Sloviansk, Kramatorsk and neighboring areas. Cash shortages in some areas of the east are reducing purchasing power and affecting commercial supplies.

18 May 2014 description

17/05/2014 - The European Union is providing coordinated assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism which has been activated upon the request of Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina due to the severe flooding in the two countries. In less than a day and a half following the request, a total of 14 EU Member States offered assistance.

Bulgaria, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are deploying rescue boats, high capacity pumps and operational teams to Serbia.

30 Jan 2014 description


In the last few days severe weather conditions (heavy snowfalls, low temperatures, rainfall) have hit parts of central and eastern Europe, in particular Romania and Bulgaria, causing power outages and transportation problems.

28 Jan 2014 description

Natural disasters, including drought, earthquakes, floods, and wildfires, as well as ongoing complex emergencies and limited government capacity in the region, present significant challenges to vulnerable populations in Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia (EMCA). Between FY 2004 and FY 2013, USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) and USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (USAID/FFP) provided assistance in response to a range of disasters, including floods, wildfires, winter emergencies, and complex crises.

17 Jan 2014 description

Summary: CHF 165,608 was allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 19 June 2013 to support the Czech Red Cross (CzRC) Society in delivering assistance to people affected by floods in the central parts, also called Bohemia, of the Czech Republic.

17 Nov 2013 description

Key messages

• The European Commission has provided €20 million to help those affected by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda): €10 million in humanitarian aid to support emergency relief operations and €10 million to assist with recovery and rehabilitation.

12 Nov 2013 description

On November 12, the Minister for Foreign Affairs has approved emergency humanitarian assistance worth CZK 4 million. for the Philippines in the aftermath of the typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

The assistance will be provided through the Philippine Red Cross which is able to operate across the affected areas of the country. The Czech Republic will follow closely the needs of the affected population and will consider offering further assistance during the subsequent recovery and reconstruction.

01 Nov 2013 description

Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Jan Kohout approved on 1st November, 2013 humanitarian assistance worth 2.5 mio. CZK for Palestinian refugees in the Middle East.

The Czech contribution will be used to support the Social Safety Net Programme of UNRWA (UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Rrefugees in the Near East), in particular its food aid component, which secures basic food needs (rise, wheat flour, sugar, sunflower oil and milk powder) for 300 000 vulnerable beneficiares.

01 Oct 2013 description

The world has a unique chance to eradicate polio. With billions of dollars of support and coordinated efforts by governments and international health organizations, it could be the biggest public health victory since the eradication of smallpox. Also in this issue: Fundamental Principles, humanity first; Conflict in northern Mali, shifting sands; Refugees, unexpected guests.

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