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19 Nov 2015 description

Nicosia, Cyprus | AFP | Thursday 11/19/2015 - 20:28 GMT

Nearly half of the 115 Middle Eastern migrants held at a British military base on Cyprus were transferred Thursday to a government transit centre outside Nicosia, a British official said.

"This afternoon 53 migrants who had previously claimed asylum were transferred in to the care of the Cypriot authorities," said a British Forces Cyprus spokesperson.

18 Nov 2015 description

Nicosia, Cyprus | AFP | Wednesday 11/18/2015 - 18:03 GMT

Over half of the 115 Middle East migrants who came ashore at a British military base on Cyprus have asked for asylum on the island but the rest will be deported, British officials said Wednesday.

"We continue to work with the Republic of Cyprus and over half of the migrants have claimed asylum," a British Forces Cyprus spokesperson told AFP.

04 Nov 2015 description

Nicosia, Cyprus | AFP | Wednesday 11/4/2015 - 15:05 GMT

The Cyprus coastguard rescued 26 people overnight, mostly women and children believed to be Syrian migrants, from a boat sinking in the Mediterranean, officials said Wednesday.

Passengers said the eight-metre (26-foot) pleasure craft had set off for Greece Friday from Tripoli, Lebanon, and ran out of fuel the following day.

They then drifted until the vessel ran into heavy seas off the island's southeast coast, officials said.

03 Nov 2015 description

Nicosia, Cyprus | AFP | Tuesday 11/3/2015 - 20:14 GMT

Cypriot search and rescue services said Tuesday they were carrying out an operation to save a boatload of migrants in difficulties off the eastern Mediterranean island.

Officials were unable to say how many people were on board the vessel.

The Cyprus News Agency said the boat sent out a distress call late Tuesday from off the resort town of Ayia Napa on the southeastern coast.

02 Nov 2015 description

October 2015 – Trends

  • Deteriorated situations
    Central African Republic, Israel/Palestine, Macedonia, Republic of Congo, South China Sea, Turkey

  • Improved situations

November 2015 – Watchlist
- Conflict risk alerts

  • Conflict resolution opportunities
30 Oct 2015 description

IOM Launches Updated Response Plan for Mediterranean and Beyond

Switzerland - IOM has released an update to its June 2015 response plan “Addressing Complex Migration Flows in the Mediterranean.” It includes a series of proposed interventions to be implemented through December 2016, some of which are already underway, others are still at the planning stage.

29 Oct 2015 description

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is making a EUR 5 million contribution to the Migrant and Refugee Fund (MRF) recently established by the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB). This is the largest donor contribution to date. EIB President Werner Hoyer and CEB Governor Rolf Wenzel signed the contribution agreement today at the CEB’s headquarters in Paris.

27 Oct 2015 description

Nicosia, Cyprus | AFP | Tuesday 10/27/2015 - 14:19 GMT

The 114 migrants who landed at a British air base on Cyprus last week were moved to another military facility Tuesday, officials said, warning that the island would not become a conduit for immigration.

The migrants came ashore on two fishing boats Wednesday at the Royal Air Force base at Akrotiri, from where British planes are carrying out bombing raids against the Islamic State group in Iraq.

The group, which included Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinians, was made up of 28 children, 19 women and 67 men.

24 Oct 2015 description

Nicosia, Cyprus | AFP | Saturday 10/24/2015 - 14:29 GMT | 367 words

Some of the 114 migrants who arrived recently by boat at a British airbase in Cyprus have asked for asylum, the British military said Saturday, but their fate remains in limbo.

The migrants came ashore Wednesday at the Royal Air Force base at Akrotiri, from where British planes are carrying out bombing raids against the Islamic State jihadist group in Iraq.

"A small number of the migrants have already claimed asylum," a British military statement said.

21 Oct 2015 description

Nicosia, Cyprus | Wednesday 10/21/2015 - 11:35 GMT

by Charlie Charalambous

Some 120 migrants crowded in two boats landed at a British airbase on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus Wednesday, bringing the crisis that has rocked much of Europe to British sovereign soil.

Personnel at the Royal Air Force base at Akrotiri, near the island's second city Limassol, said those who came ashore included women and children and all were in good health.

18 Oct 2015 description

Mammari, Cyprus | AFP | Sunday 10/18/2015 - 01:50 GMT

by Nadera Bouazza

Half a world from home, Cambodian experts toil under a beating sun to demine the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, using skills they honed to help rid their own country of landmines.

It is a slow and painstaking task for the 11-member team employed by the United Nations to clear unexploded mines from the island, divided since 1974 into a Turkish north and a Greek south.

The deminers work in an arid field inside a UN-controlled buffer zone that runs across the east Mediterranean island.

13 Oct 2015 description
report UN News Service

13 October 2015 – In his new role as the United Nations Global Advocate for the Elimination of Mines and Explosive Hazards, renowned actor Daniel Craig underscored the humanitarian importance of the UN's de-mining efforts in Cyprus, his first country visit for the Organization.

01 Oct 2015 description

September 2015 – Trends

  • Deteriorated situations
    Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Central African Republic, Mozambique, Somalia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Yemen

  • Improved situations
    Colombia, Guatemala, Macedonia

October 2015 – Watchlist

  • Conflict risk alerts
    Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic

  • Conflict resolution opportunities

01 Oct 2015 description

Refugee emergency in Europe: UNHCR appeals for USD 128 million

23 Sep 2015 description
report European Commission

What is the European Agenda on Migration and what is its state of play?

Tackling migration is one of the ten political priorities of this Commission. The European Agenda on Migration develops the political guidelines of President Juncker into tailored initiatives aimed at managing migration better in all its aspects. The Agenda, adopted on 13 May 2015 put forward concrete actions to respond to the immediate crisis and save lives at sea, and proposed structural responses for the medium and long term.

14 Sep 2015 description

By Berta Acero

CAIRO, 14 September 2015 – Health services across the region continue to deal with the impact of the severe sandstorm which hit the Middle East last week, sweeping across Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, causing casualties and sending dozens to hospitals, as health risks particularly respiratory problems increased. Other countries in the region, like Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, were affected by the clouds of dust and sand causing flight delays and disrupting school activities.

14 Sep 2015 description

In response to the growing numbers of refugees and migrants arriving in the European Region, WHO supports countries by offering medical supplies, assessing national preparedness to assist people in need, training personnel at points of entry in public health and migration matters, and providing information materials.

10 Sep 2015 description

Kofinou, Cyprus | AFP | Thursday 9/10/2015 - 02:55 GMT

by Nadera Bouazza

Palestinian pensioner Zahra Zahroura always imagined seeing out her days in her adopted Syrian hometown of Homs, sustained by the hope that being made a refugee once was enough for any lifetime.

But as the war in Syria worsened the 84-year-old was forced to flee a second time, aiming for a new life in mainland Europe but making it only as far as Cyprus, lucky to be alive at all.