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21 Feb 2014 description

21 February 2014 -The cultivation of illicit drug crops goes hand in hand with poverty and food insecurity. Weaning poor farmers off illicit crop cultivation requires sustainable alternative livelihoods, without which they will fall back on lucrative cash crops - coca leaf, opium poppy or cannabis - to survive. UNODC alternative development programmes therefore focus on providing economic and employment opportunities to communities subsisting on illicit crops.

02 Oct 2013 description

In places like the Democratic Republic of the Congo where women face the constant threat of sexual violence, or in Guatemala where a failure to address the injustices of the past puts reconciliation at risk, the story is the same – a lack of access to justice and security breeds a culture of impunity. In the long term, this can destabilize countries, increase the chances of hostility and hinder the progress toward development goals.

22 Mar 2012 description


Development and Peace has signed a new five-year (2012-2017) $14.5 million agreement with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

The new agreement will cover seven countries, namely Afghanistan, Cambodia, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Indonesia and the Philippines. Also included was support for the public engagement programs of Development and Peace and its 10,000 members.

21 Mar 2012 description

21 mars 2012

Développement et Paix a signé avec l'Agence canadienne de développement international (ACDI) une nouvelle entente pour les cinq prochaines années. L'ACDI versera une somme totale 14,5 millions de dollars.

L'entente couvre des programmes dans sept pays. Ce sont l'Afghanistan, le Cambodge, la Colombie, la République démocratique du Congo, Haïti, l'Indonésie et les Philippines. La nouvelle entente appuie aussi le travail d'éducation qu'effectuent Développement et Paix et ses membres.

20 Mar 2012 description

UNODC and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) will join forces to promote grass-roots development in poor rural communities dependent on the cultivation of illicit drug crops.

An agreement on this was signed in Vienna today by UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, and UNIDO Director-General, Kandeh K. Yumkella.

13 Feb 2012 description


The Working Group expresses its strong objection to the decision of the United Nations Secretariat not to grant a waiver to the 10,700 word limit to the present report, as has been the case for almost every year since such a limit was imposed by the General Assembly in 1993.

01 Feb 2012 description

KOFF – swisspeace

  • CSPM Training in Colombia
  • UNDP Mandate on Conflict Prevention
  • NCCR Workshop in Ethiopia
  • Women in Peace Negotiations


  • Difficult Security and Development Environment in Afghanistan

News from Swiss NGOs

  • Peace Watch Switzerland: Observing Stealth Resettlement
  • Society for Threatened Peoples: Chechen Archive Project
  • miva Switzerland: Mobile Judicial Hearings in DR Congo

News from Swiss Government Agencies

25 Nov 2011 description

Afghanistan (9-12 May 2011): ICBL staff member Firoz Alizada conducted an advocacy mission in Kabul in cooperation with the Afghan Landmine Survivors' Association (ALSO) that involved eight meetings with government officials, parliamentarians, NGOs, human rights institutions and mine action stakeholders.

09 Nov 2011 description

Strategic Summary

Mass protests and political upheavals across the Middle East and North Africa, unexpected crises in Kyrgyzstan and Madagascar, ongoing conflicts, long-standing political stalemates, and countries recovering from conflict drove continued reliance on political missions over the past year.

01 Jul 2011 description
report Conflict Dynamics

Executive Summary

Across the globe, a dramatic gap exists between efforts and outcomes in realizing accountability for grave violations against children in situations of armed conflict. This report illustrates the “accountability gap” and presents practical opportunities for advancing efforts to achieve more effective accountability.

27 Jun 2011 description
report UN Radio


La Journée internationale contre la torture, observée le 26 juin, a été retenue par l’Assemblée générale des Nations Unies pour manifester une solidarité envers ceux dont le mental, le corps ou l’esprit a été atteint par la torture.

21 Jun 2011 description

GINEBRA, Suiza, 20 de junio (ACNUR) - Un informe de ACNUR publicado hoy revela un profundo desequilibrio del apoyo internacional a los desplazados forzosos en el mundo, con cuatro quintas partes de los refugiados del mundo acogidos por los países en vías de desarrollo, y en un momento en el que está aumentando el sentimiento de hostilidad hacia los refugiados en muchos países industrializados.

20 Jun 2011 description

Genève, 20 juin - Le rapport statistique du HCR sur les tendances mondiales en 2010 publié aujourd’hui révèle un profond déséquilibre dans le soutien international accordé aux personnes déracinées dans le monde. En effet, les pays en développement accueillent les quatre cinquièmes des réfugiés, à une période où l’hostilité à l’égard des réfugiés s’accroît dans de nombreux pays industrialisés.

20 Jun 2011 description

World Refugee Day: UNHCR report finds 80 per cent of world's refugees in developing countries

GENEVA, June 20 (UNHCR) – A UNHCR report released today reveals deep imbalance in international support for the world's forcibly displaced, with a full four-fifths of the world's refugees being hosted by developing countries – and at a time of rising anti-refugee sentiment in many industrialized ones.

11 Jun 2011 description

Human Rights Council

AFTERNOON 10 June 2011

The Human Rights Council this afternoon concluded its annual discussion on women’s human rights with a panel discussion focusing on conflict-related violence against women.

12 May 2011 description

I. Introduction

  1. Le présent rapport portant sur la période allant de janvier à décembre 2010 (ainsi que sur certaines situations qui ont subsisté au-delà de la période considérée) est soumis en application de la déclaration du Président (S/PRST/2010/10) du 16 juin 2010, par laquelle le Conseil m’a prié de lui présenter un rapport sur l’application de ses résolutions 1261 (1999), 1314 (2000), 1379 (2001), 1460 (2003), 1539 (2004), 1612 (2005) et 1882 (2009) et des déclarations présidentielles sur le sort des enfants en temps de conflit armé.

11 May 2011 description

UN report warns of disturbing trend of attacks against schools during armed conflicts

An increasing number of parties to armed conflicts around the world are deliberately attacking schools or forcing them to close in a disturbing and growing trend, according to a United Nations report released today. The annual report of the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict finds that out of 22 conflicts that were monitored, attacks against schools and hospitals were reported in at least 15.

11 May 2011 description
report UN Security Council

Security Council
6531st Meeting (AM & PM)

Top Humanitarian, Human Rights, Peacekeeping Officials Brief Members amid Concerns over Escalating Violence, Indiscriminate Use of Force

The unprecedented crises in the Middle East and parts of North and sub-Saharan Africa over the last six months drove home the need for the Security Council to implement its five resolutions intended to protect civilians trapped in the crossfire of armed conflict, the top United Nations humanitarian official said today.