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Report from PAHO / WHO Team in Armenia, Colombia

The following report on the earthquake of 25 January 1999 in Colombia was prepared by an interdisciplinary team from the PAHO/WHO Representation in Colombia. This team is on site in Armenia, the area most affected by the disaster.
  • Working groups were established to deal with five principal areas: drinking water and basic sanitation, canine vaccination, elimination of rodents, spraying for malaria and dengue, and assessment of potential epidemic diseases. Their activities will be concentrated in the city of Armenia.
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PAHO Urges International Community Solidarity Following Colombia Earthquake

Washington, DC, January 29, 1999 - The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is urging governments and the international community to provide cash assistance to the people of central eastern Colombia following Mondays earthquake that caused thousands of deaths, injuries, and missing persons. Cash donations, according to PAHO, will ensure a faster, more effective response to those most in need.
The solidarity of international organizations, community groups, and individuals generates large volumes of financial resources with which construction materials, food, drugs, clothing, kitchen
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PAHO Launches International Appeal Following Earthquake in Colombia

For further information contact: Eugenio Gutierrez, tel (202) 974-3728, fax (202) 974-3143, Office of Public Information, PAHO.
Washington DC, January 27, 1999 - The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) today launched an appeal for financial and humanitarian assistance from the international community in response to the earthquake that shook central and eastern Colombia on Monday, causing widespread damage and estimates of more than 1,000 deaths and a similar number of persons missing.

In the disasters aftermath, PAHO has

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Colombia Earthquake: Guidelines on Immediate Health Problems Related to Earthquakes

The following information has been extracted from the recently revised PAHO Scientific Publication No. 407. This revised version will be available for distribution by the summer of 1999.

Immediate Health Problems Related to Earthquakes

Usually because of dwelling destruction, earthquakes may cause many deaths and injure large numbers of people. The toll depends mostly on three factors:

  1. Housing type: Houses built of adobe, dry stone, or unreinforced masonry, even if only a single