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30 Apr 2003 description

Switzerland has pursued an active interest in Colombia for a number of years through the presence of Swiss non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and programs of government-sponsored humanitarian aid in the country. In an international context, it has played a significant role in accompanying the different negotiating processes throughout these years as a member of the Group of Facilitator Countries and of the Group fo Friendly Nations.

30 Apr 2003 description

(Extracted from JRS Dispatches No. 131)

30 Apr 2003 description

Displacement and the humanitarian crisis worsened in 2002 as compared to 2001. Armed actors have declared rural and now, increasingly, urban civilians to be legitimate military targets. This has had an adverse impact on displacement trends. In addition, both quality of life and inequality indicators, as measured by UNDP, deteriorated during 2002. This moved Colombia from place 62 in 2000 to 68 in 2002 in the Human Development Index covering 173 countries.

30 Apr 2003 description

BOGOTA, April 30 (AFP) - With President Alvaro Uribe out of the country, the Colombian Constitutional Court ruled late Tuesday to lift a state of emergency that has been widely used by the country's conservative government in its drive to stamp out leftist insurgency.

"This decision will take effect Wednesday, as soon as the president of the republic and Congress are officially informed of it," said Chief Justice of the court Eduardo Montealegre.

Despite Uribe's absence, the president's office issued a brief statement saying it would abide by the …

30 Apr 2003 description

Data Source: CODHES (Consultoría para los Derechos Humanos y el Desplazamiento) - 2002

29 Apr 2003 description

The participation and consultation of affected populations in humanitarian action now seems widely accepted as crucial to effective social targeting,resource utilisation, accountability, sustainability and impact. Beyond operational considerations, for some, participation is a fundamental right of citizenship, essential to survival, self-protection and self-actualisation in humanitarian emergencies. It is also a means through which humanitarian actors can demonstrate their respect for disaster-affected populations.

28 Apr 2003 description

Codhes Informa No. 44
Informe sobre desplazamiento forzado, conflicto armado y derechos humanos en el 2002

Pueblos fantasmas habitan la geografía de la violencia. Entre el destierro obligado y el repoblamiento forzado se asoman formas de retorno como política oficial sin garantías ni sostenibilidad por la realidad de la guerra. Hoy el desplazamiento ya no es sólo un efecto colateral del conflicto armado: es una de las estrategias centrales de las partes enfrentadas, y de quienes auspician y se lucran con la confrontación.

25 Apr 2003 description

This report includes:
A) Middle East and Central Asia: (1) Iraq, (2) Iran, (3) Afghanistan, (4) Pakistan

B) East and Central Africa: (1) Burundi, (2) DR Congo, (3) Eritrea, (4) Ethiopia, (5) Kenya, (6) Rwanda, (7) Sudan, (8) Uganda

C) West Africa: (1) Côte d'Ivoire, (2) Guinea

D) Southern Africa: (1) Angola, (2) Lesotho, (3) Madagascar, (4) Malawi, (5) Mozambique, (6) Namibia, (7) Swaziland, (8) Zambia, (9) Zimbabwe

E) Asia: (1) DPR Korea

F) Latin America and the Caribbean: (1) Colombia, (2) Cuba, (3) Peru

25 Apr 2003 description

(23/25 Abril) Visita de Secretario del Tesoro de EE.UU John Snow a Brasil, Ecuador y Colombia, con miras a reformular la agenda latinoamericana, luego de impase con México Chile y Brasil, por no apoyo en intervención en Irak. La Cumbre Bush-Uribe, no dio todos los resultados esperados, particularmente en el área comercial (acuerdo bilateral), ni en materia de Protección de Estatus Temporal para los colombianos ilegales en EE.UU.

25 Apr 2003 description

Ron Redmond - Media Relations

25 Apr 2003 description

Other Measures Adopted on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, Effective Functioning of Human Rights Mechanisms

(Reissued as received.)

GENEVA, 25 April (UN Information Service) -- The Commission on Human Rights, on the final morning of its 2003 session, adopted Chairperson's statements on situations in Haiti and Colombia and lengthy resolutions on states of affairs in Afghanistan, Somalia, Cambodia, and Sierra Leone. It also approved brief measures on situations in Chad and Liberia.

24 Apr 2003 description

BOGOTA, April 24 (AFP) - At least four people were killed Thursday when a home-made bomb exploded in the center of the town of El Penol 450 kilometers (280 miles) northeast of Bogota, causing heavy damage, local sources said.

They said the victims were three women, one of whom worked for the state telecommunications company, and a four-year-old boy.

The sources said the blast cut police communications, and that more victims could be trapped in the ruins.

23 Apr 2003 description

Puerto Ordaz, 23 abr (CNE). El presidente de Colombia, Álvaro Uribe Vélez, y su homólogo venezolano, Hugo Chávez, firmaron hoy el Acuerdo de Entendimiento entre los dos gobiernos para atender el problema del desplazamiento en la frontera.
El Acuerdo contempla el intercambio de información oportuna sobre los desplazamientos en las zonas fronterizas, especialmente de carácter masivo, de las personas que ingresen a territorio venezolano. Así mismo permitirá analizar los hechos relacionados con el desplazamiento, de manera que puedan adelantarse gestiones de alerta temprana.

23 Apr 2003 description

The UN refugee agency today expressed serious concern over reports of a forced return from Panama on Monday of 109 Colombians, including 63 children. These actions have serious implications for the protection of refugees, asylum seekers and persons of concern fleeing the conflict in Colombia.

21 Apr 2003 description

BOGOTA, April 21 (AFP) - Twenty rebels, two paramilitary fighters and two soldiers have died in fighting in northern Colombia, army officers said.

Fifteen rebels from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and two soldiers died Sunday in clashes in Sonson, in strife-torn Antioquia province, General Mario Montoya, commander of the Army's 4th Brigade said.

17 Apr 2003 description

This report includes:
A) Middle East and Central Asia: (1) Iraq, (2) Jordan, (3) Iran, (4) Afghanistan, (5) Pakistan

B) East and Central Africa: (1) Burundi, (2) Republic of Congo, (3) DR Congo, (4) Eritrea, (5) Ethiopia, (6) Rwanda, (7) Somalia, (8) Sudan, (9) Uganda

C) West Africa: (1) Côte d'Ivoire, (2) Liberia, (3) Sierra Leone, (4) Guinea

D) Southern Africa: (1) Malawi, (2) Tanzania, (3) Madagascar, (4) Angola, (5) Mozambique, (6) Zambia, (7) Zimbabwe, (8) Swaziland, (9) Lesotho

E) Asia: (1) DPR Korea