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31 Jan 2002 description

HAVANA, Jan 31 (AFP) - Representatives from the Colombian government and the National Liberation Army (ELN) will continue their peace talks in a private meeting here Friday, after the official close of the Cuba-sponsored Summit for Peace, a spokesman for the rebel group said Thursday.

"We will have a new round of private talks with the government on Friday," ELN spokesman Ramiro Vargas told reporters.

The summit was scheduled to end on Thursday, but Vargas said it is "still too early to talk about results."

30 Jan 2002 description

by Marie Sanz

HAVANA, Jan 30 (AFP) - Representatives of Colombia's government, civilian groups and the pro-Cuban National Liberation Army (ELN) launched negotiations in the Cuban capital Wednesday, trying to make a Summit for Peace live up to its name.

Participants -- including UN special envoy to Colombia James LeMoyne - were divided into five working groups for closed-door sessions Wednesday, after Cuban President Fidel Castro presided at the official opening of the summit Tuesday night.

30 Jan 2002 description

Washington, DC, January 30, 2002 The Brookings Institution-CUNY Project on Internal Displacement, the Norwegian Refugee Council, and the U.S. Committee for Refugees today released a report that urges the European Union (EU) and European countries individually to become more specifically and actively engaged in assisting and protecting internally displaced persons and to address the causes and consequences of internal displacement. An estimated 20 to 25 million people are currently forcibly displaced within their own countries, and struggling to survive.

30 Jan 2002 description


1. Guatemala

Name and type of operation: PRRO6089 Reconstruction and rehabilitation for families affected by Hurricane Mitch

29 Jan 2002 description

BOGOTA, Colombia (Reuters) - An explosion in a Marxist guerrilla weapons dump killed seven raiding Colombian soldiers and left 22 missing on Tuesday, and a car bomb killed five civilians in a southern city, the army said.

An army spokesman blamed the latest car bombing, in a restaurant district of the city of Florencia, on the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia -- known by the Spanish initials FARC.

It came during an apparent offensive by the 17,000-member Marxist force, launched since they signed a landmark agreement with the government to reach a cease-fire deal by April …

29 Jan 2002 description

by Alexander Martinez

BOGOTA, Jan 29 (AFP) - Colombian government officials and members of the National Liberation Army (ELN), the country's second-largest rebel group, begin a three-day summit in the Cuban capital Tuesday to review their progress in peace negotiations.

The Havana meeting will focus on "evaluating the reach, success, failure and obstacles faced by the negotiating process between President Andres Pastrana's administration and the 4,500-strong rebel group," Pastrana's office said Monday.

29 Jan 2002 description

The newly redesigned Global IDP Database, run by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), has achieved global coverage of all ongoing situations of conflict-induced displacement in the world. On the basis of its 47 country profiles, the NRC has produced new analysis of internal displacement worldwide. For more information, access the Global IDP Database at www.idpproject.org

28 Jan 2002 description

The armed actors in Colombia had to stop murdering, kidnapping, displacing and massacring the Colombian people, James LeMoyne, Acting Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Colombia, told correspondents at a Headquarters press briefing this afternoon.

27 Jan 2002 description

BOGOTA, Jan 27 (AFP) - Eight people were wounded in a grenade attack believed to be the work of urban guerrillas linked to Colombia's largest leftist rebel group FARC, police said Sunday.

25 Jan 2002 description

BOGOTA, Jan 25 (AFP) - Four police officers and a five-year-old child were killed when a booby-trapped bicycle blew up in Bogota Friday, according to police General Jorge Linares Mendez.

The explosion occurred in a restaurant popular with police officers in the southern part of the capital, leaving the five dead and 13 injured, Mendez said.

"The terrorists used a bicycle and hid an explosive under some bread in a satchel," Mendez said.

Earlier, Bogota Mayor Antanas Mockus blamed the explosion on "the guerrillas" without saying to which rebel force he was …

25 Jan 2002 description

QUITO, Ecuador, Jan 25 (Reuters) - Ecuador could face up to 11,000 refugees in a six-month period if Colombia's 38-year-old war intensifies, the U.N.

23 Jan 2002 description

Armenia, 23 de enero de 2002 (ANCOL).- El presidente Andrés Pastrana visitará desde mañana varios municipios del Quindío, para entregar obras ejecutadas por el Fondo para la Reconstrucción y Desarrollo Social del Eje Cafetero (Forec).

23 Jan 2002 description

FCO Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Denis MacShane MP, met representatives from a number of prominent NGOs, including ABColombia, Amnesty International, Christian Aid, CAFOD and Peace Brigades International as well as UK trade union leaders to discuss the human rights situation in Colombia on 23 January. Dr MacShane said:

'I was pleased to meet representatives from progressive NGOs and trade union leaders today at the FCO.

23 Jan 2002 description

by Alexander Martinez

BOGOTA, Jan 23 (AFP) - The Colombian government and FARC rebels resume preliminary peace talks Wednesday after agreeing on a timetable for a ceasefire, but guerrilla warfare continues relentlessly claiming more than 80 lives in 10 days.

Both sides are to meet inside a government-ceded demilitarized region in southern Colombia that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia have been controlling since 1998.

23 Jan 2002 description

BOGOTA, Jan 23 (AFP) - Colombia's largest and oldest rebel force continues its offensive, a spokesman told local radio Wednesday, even as rebel leaders were due to sit down with government officials to resume preliminary peace talks.

Warfare waged by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) has claimed the lives of more than 80 people in the past 10 days, something FARC spokesman Raul Reyes warned would continue in the absence of an end to hostile activity by military and paramilitary forces.

23 Jan 2002 description

Colombia may have stepped back from the brink of all-out civil war this week with a new pact for peace talks.

22 Jan 2002 description

by Carlos Hamann

BOGOTA, Jan 22 (AFP) - President Andres Pastrana hailed his government's agreement with the country's largest rebel group on a firm schedule for a ceasefire and peace talks, and called on all Colombians to join in working for peace.

"I invite everybody to take up this task. We have to give it our best. Our mission is to give life back to Colombia and all Colombians. That's why I call on all of you to reaffirm our commitment to peace," Pastrana said late Monday.