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23 Jun 2017 description

Brazzaville, 23 June 2017 – The Ministry of Social Affairs, Humanitarian Action and Solidarity, along with the Ministry of Public Health and the United Nations unveil today June 23 in Brazzaville, the alarming results of a food security and nutrition analysis among the internally displaced persons (IDPs) of the Pool region. The number of IDPs due to the Pool region unrest has multiplied almost six fold in less than a year going from 12 986 persons in June 2016 to 81 000 in May 2017.

23 Jun 2017 description

Déplacés du Pool : les taux de malnutrition parmi les enfants dépassent les seuils d’urgence

Une aide immédiate de 20 millions de dollars est nécessaire

23 Jun 2017 description

Overview of migrant situation in Turkey

According to the latest available gures from the Turkish Directorate General for Migration Management (DGMM) currently there are approximately 3,3 million foreign nationals present in Turkish territory seeking for the international protection.

22 Jun 2017 description

The UN Secretariat has concluded a review of the deployment of uniformed personnel from the Republic of Congo in the UN Mission in the Central African Republic, MINUSCA.

21 Jun 2017 description
report European Commission


This publication reproduces the first test on the production of Migration Profile. It includes an example for Mali for the Structural Migration Profile (2015) and the Flash Migration Profile for the period August – October 2016.

19 Jun 2017 description

209.2 M required for 2017

13.6 M contributions received, representing 6% of requirements

195.7 M funding gap for the Central African Republic Situation

All figures are displayed in USD

19 Jun 2017 description

Le PNUD appelle à une mobilisation renouvelée en faveur d’une approche sous-régionale susceptible de garantir la paix et la stabilité en Afrique centrale Bruxelles, le 14 mars 2017 - La persistance de l’insécurité et de la fragilité dans la sous-région d’Afrique centrale ne pourra être résolue que si les acteurs nationaux et régionaux, ainsi que les partenaires internationaux donnent la priorité à la consolidation de la paix et au développement des zones frontalières, encouragent l’engagement et la participation des citoyens, et améliorent les indicateurs de la gouvernance et la gestion …

19 Jun 2017 description

Renewed commitment and a sub-regional approach needed for peace and stability in Central Africa, says UNDP

Mar 14, 2017

Brussels--Persistent insecurity and fragility in the Central African sub-region can only be addressed if national and regional actors, as well as international partners, prioritize peacebuilding and development of border areas, boost citizen’s engagement and participation, and improve governance indicators and management of natural resources.

13 Jun 2017 description


  • This weekly update focuses on selected acute public health emergencies occurring in the WHO African region. WHO AFRO is currently monitoring 41 events: four Grade 3, seven Grade 2, four Grade 1, and 26 ungraded events.

13 Jun 2017 description

In Numbers

  • 2.1 million food-insecure people in C.A.R. — 48 percent of the population of the country
  • 500,000 displaced persons
  • 464,000 C.A.R. refugees in the neighbouring countries


12 Jun 2017 description


  • The School Feeding Programme faces a critical funding gap. The new school year started in October, but there is currently very little food available for the school canteens. WFP’s Social Safety Net programme is also in urgent need of funding.

  • Funded by the European Union, WFP, FAO and IFAD have launched a small-holder farmers’ project with the Government to promote a home grown school feeding programme.