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23 Aug 2017 description

In Numbers

  • 2.1 million food insecure people in C.A.R. — 48% of the population of the country (WFP)

  • 600,000 displaced persons (CMP)

  • 481,000 C.A.R. refugees (UNHCR)


  • The surge in violence in C.A.R. and its spill-over effects in Cameroon, Chad, DRC and RoC led the humanitarian community to revise the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan, which now requires USD 497 million instead of USD 399.5 (an increase of 24 percent), but is only 27 percent funded.

22 Aug 2017 description
  • 64.048 nouveaux arrivants de la RCA identifiés par les autorités locales, la Direction Générale de Migration et la Commission Nationale pour les Réfugiés depuis la mi-mai 2017.
  • 5.819 réfugiés rwandais rapatriés en 2017.
  • 616.543 réfugiés et demandeurs d’asile originaires de la République Démocratique du Congo se trouvent en Afrique.

Activités Principales

22 Aug 2017 description
  • 64,048 new arrivals from CAR identified by local authorities, General Direction of Migration and National Commission for Refugees starting from mid-May 2017
  • 5,819 Rwandan refugees repatriated from DRC in 2017
  • 616,543 refugees and asylum-seekers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in other African countries

Main Activities

18 Aug 2017 description

Our methodology uses 9 indicators, grouped under 3 categories:

  • Access of humanitarian actors to affected population

  • Access of people in need to humanitarian aid

  • Security and physical constraints Each category is measured through proxy indicators, such as violence against personnel, denial of needs, or active hostilities.

Data is collected at the country level and may therefore not show disparities between sub-regions.

18 Aug 2017 description

Threat worsening as rainfall, deforestation increase

By Edward McAllister

DAKAR, Aug 18 (Reuters) - Natural and human factors made Sierra Leone's capital vulnerable to a landslide that killed more than 400 people this week: heavy rain, deforested land and communities forced by overcrowding to live on steep hillsides.

Read the full report on Reuters

16 Aug 2017 description

Africa’s humanitarian crises have continued to worsen in 2017. Twenty million Africans have been displaced from their homes and 44 million are acutely food insecure

15 Aug 2017 description
report UN Radio

« Ce n'est pas le moment d'oublier la Centrafrique et nous devons pas abandonner les enfants centrafricains ». Lors d'un point de presse ce mardi à Genève, la porte-parole de l'UNICEF en RCA s'est indignée de la résurgence des violences dans plusieurs localités de l'intérieur de ce pays d'Afrique centrale. Un regain de tension, qui est selon Donaig Le Du à l'origine d'un important mouvement de populations sur le terrain.

15 Aug 2017 description


  • The new school year started in October, but there is currently very little food available for the school canteens. WFP’s Social Safety Net programme is also in urgent need of funding.

  • WFP, FAO and IFAD, funded by the European Union, have launched a small-holder farmers’ project with the Government to promote a home grown school feeding programme.

10 Aug 2017 description


  • Since 2012, conflict driven by political and religious tensions has disrupted livelihoods and food security in the Central African Republic (CAR), a poor, rural nation reliant on subsistence agriculture. As of June 2017, at least 2.2 million people in CAR—approximately half of the country’s population—are in urgent need of emergency assistance, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reports.

04 Aug 2017 description

This bulletin examines trends in staple food and fuel prices, the cost of the basic food basket and consumer price indices for 69 countries in the second quarter of 2017 (April to June). The maps on pages 6–7 provide impact analysis dis-aggregated to sub-national level.

Global Highlights

04 Aug 2017 description
  • 209.2 M required for 2017

  • 15.9 M contributions received, representing 8% of requirements

  • 193.3 M funding gap for the Central African Republic Situation

All figures are displayed in USD

03 Aug 2017 description


• Ongoing conflict in CAR displaces 534,000 people

• Nearly 60,000 people flee to DRC

• Aid agencies temporarily suspend operations in parts of CAR

• UN warns of disrupted services and violence against children


02 Aug 2017 description

Latest updates:

Mauritania is now out of the ranking

Mauritania has longstanding food security challenges, which has contributed to malnutrition, most of which are in the south and eastern parts of the country. This is compounded by over 50,000 Malian refugees who fled violence since 2012.