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22 Jun 2016 description

Au 31 mai 2016 , la population sous mandat de l’UNHCR Burundi est de 82,215 personnes.

Durant le mois sous revue :

  • 312 demandeurs d'asile ont été reconnus au statut de réfugié dont 9 par la procédure de statut dérivé.

  • 360 demandeurs d’asile dont 311 en provenance de la RDC ont été enregistrés

  • 496 demandeurs d’asile ont été désactivés de la base de données, suite à leur manquement aux rendez-vous de DSR

  • 150 réfugiés ont été transférés vers le camp de Kavumu

21 Jun 2016 description

By Evelyne Karanja

NAIROBI, 21 June 2016 – Members of parliament from across Central Africa are stepping up their region’s drive to curb the impact of natural and man-made hazards by implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

20 Jun 2016 description

Chiffres Clefs

1,1M Personnes affectées (Source HRP) 442,000 Personnes ciblées par les partenaires 100,853 Déplacés internes estimés 267,812 Réfugiés dans les pays limitrophes 4,6M En insécurité alimentaire 3,9M Cas de malaria (janvier - mai 2016))

Faits saillants

16 Jun 2016 description

180.6 M required for 2016
50.7 M contributions received, representing 28% of requirements
129.9 M funding gap for the Burundi Situation

06 Jun 2016 description


265,175 Refugees Post-Influx
Tanzania 139,630
Rwanda 78,075
Uganda 24,565
DRC 22,905

101,000 IDPs Makamba: DTM 15,643
Muyinga: DTM 8,424
Rutana: DTM 7,938
Ruyigui: DTM 9,747
Others provinces: Estimates

4.6M Food Insecure People
Severe 590,170
Moderate 4,011,150

150,000 Children under 5yo with Acute Malnutrition
Severe 50,000
Moderate 100,000

05 Jun 2016 description

Chiffres Clefs

1,1M Personnes affectées (Source HRP)
442,000 Personnes ciblées par les partenaires
100,853 Déplacés internes estimés
265,175 Réfugiés dans les pays limitrophes
4,6M En insécurité alimentaire
3,4M Cas de malaria (janvier - avril 2016)

Faits saillants

  • 4.6 millions de personnes en insécurité alimentaire en mai 2016. Soit un million de personnes en plus comparé à février 2016.

03 Jun 2016 description

180.6 M required for 2016
48.2 M contributions received, representing 27% of requirements
132.4 M funding gap for the Burundi Situation

01 Jun 2016 description

Facts & Figures

  • Over 262,000 Burundian refugees fled to neighbouring countries since April 2015 (UNHCR)

  • Number of new Burundian refugees in Tanzania since 1st April – 138,440 (UNHCR)

  • Number of new Burundian refugees in Rwanda since 1st April – 77,678 (UNHCR)

  • Number of new Burundian rsehfuogrteaegsein DRC since 1st April – 22,905)

  • Number of new Burundian refugees in Uganda since 1st January –23,773 (UNHCR)

  • Number of internally displaced in Burundi – 41,752

31 May 2016 description

In numbers

265,000 refugees have crossed borders into neighbouring countries
1,000 new arrivals weekly into neighbouring countries USD 57 million needed for 6 months to support operations that are responding to the Burundi crisis.


Food stocks are stretched and WFP requires USD 57 million for the next six months to meet the needs of new arrivals and existing refugees, particularly in Rwanda and Uganda.


30 May 2016 description


262,505 New Burundian refugees in asylum countries since April 2015 as of 30 April 2016.


USD 175.1 million requested for the situation through UNHCR's Supplementary Appeal (January-December 2016)


Tanzania: Operationalize the second borehole in Mtendeli camp to resume relocation and decongest Nyarugusu camp

Rwanda: Complete the construction of 470 semi-permanent shelters in Mahama camp

DRC: Replace plastic sheeting in all semi-durable shelters in Lusenda camp

26 May 2016 description
report Caritas

By Caritas Internationalis

The president and secretary general of Caritas Burundi are travelling to Tanzania to show solidarity with Burundian refugees who have fled there.

Concern is growing as refugees continue to arrive in Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the violence in Burundi itself, provoked by a political crisis, is not abating.

Abbé Jean Bosco Nintunze, the secretary general of Caritas Burundi, says a delegation will visit the refugee camps of Nyarugusu and Nduta as guests of Caritas Kigoma.

24 May 2016 description


  • The protracted relief and recovery operation (PRRO) is facing serious resource shortfalls. Food assistance for assets and food for training activities have been suspended because of limited funding. WFP requires immediate contributions to meet the needs of vulnerable people in Burundi.

  • The current political instability, economic decline and El Nino-related flooding continues to have a significant impact on humanitarian needs within the country.

24 May 2016 description

BUJUMBURA/GENEVA (24 May 2016) – The United Nations Independent Investigation in Burundi, which was set up to investigate human rights violations in the country since April 2015, has completed the deployment of a team of human rights monitors on the ground.

10 May 2016 description

On 25 April 2015, Burundi’s ruling party, the National Council for the Defence of Democracy – Forces for the Defence of Democracy (CNDD-FDD), announced that President Pierre Nkurunziza would be seeking a third term in office, defying pressure to adhere to the requirements of the Arusha Agreement and step down at the end of his second term. The following day, the first of numerous protests against the regime began in the capital Bujumbura, bringing thousands to the streets in defiance of the government’s ban on such protest.

05 May 2016 description
report IRIN

By Samuel Okiror

KAMPALA, 4 May 2016

The Democratic Republic of Congo accuses neighbouring Rwanda of recruiting former M23 rebels to help oust Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza, adding a worrying international dimension to an already incendiary crisis.

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