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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot 8 – 15 April

The Global Overview collates information from a range of sources and displays it in a manner that allows for quick comparison of different humanitarian crises.

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Kenya: Monthly Registration Report, UNHCR Sub-office Kakuma – January 2014

As at the end of January 2014, the active camp population in Kakuma stood at 132,606 persons*, with Somali refugees accounting for 40.65% of the total camp population, South Sudanese and Sudanese making up 36.71% and 5.96% respectively, and the remaining 16 nationalities, including those from Ethiopia, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, and others accounting for the remaining 16.64% of the camp population. (*This does not include those awaiting registration.)

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Act Alliance Appeal: Assistance to refugees arriving in Uganda from DRC Congo - UGA132 Revision 2

ACT Alliance

Appeal Target: US$939,605

Balance Requested: US$ 280,732

Geneva, 03 January 2014

Dear Colleagues,

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Plan de Réponse Stratégique pour la République démocratique du Congo 2014


A. Objectifs stratégiques

  1. Renforcer la protection de la population civile et améliorer l’accès aux vivres, aux biens et services de base dans les zones affectées par les violences et les conflits armés

  2. Contribuer à réduire la morbidité et la mortalité dues à la malnutrition aigüe dans les zones en crise nutritionnelle

  3. Contribuer à réduire la morbidité et la mortalité excessives au sein des populations touchées par les épidémies

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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Saving lives and limbs in DR Congo

Last week, fighting between the Congolese army and the M23 rebels in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, came to end. Yet hundreds of thousands of displaced people remain in abominable conditions in the city of Goma. For an estimated 30,000 vulnerable people, including wounded children and people with disabilities, life is even harsher because they are unable to access aid. Handicap International identifies these people and ensures they get food and shelter, and rehabilitation care when needed.

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Central African Republic: Situation Report No. 29 (as of 25 October 2013)

Health cluster warned of a cholera outbreak in 15 out of the 22 health districts while a national measles vaccination campaign is targeting 550,000 children aged 6-59 months.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

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République centrafricaine : Rapport de situation No. 29 (25 octobre 2013)

Points saillants

  • Sept élèves sur dix en RCA ne sont pas retournées à l'école.

  • Selon le Cluster Santé, il y a une épidémie de la rougeole dans 15 districts sanitaires sur 22.

  • Une campagne nationale de vaccination contre la rougeole cible 550.000 enfants âgés de 6 à 59 mois.

  • 600 garçons et filles âgés de 2 à 10 ans bénéficient des Espaces Amis des Enfants à Bossangoa.

  • Le Processus d’Appel Consolidé demeure sous financé avec 40 pour cent de fonds reçus.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

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Nord-Kivu : Caritas Goma au chevet des ex-combattants


Goma, le 22 août 2013 ( Grâce à l’appui du Programme des Nations unies pour le développement (PNUD), Caritas Goma a pu prendre en charge 201 ex-combattants et 101 membres de leurs communautés d’accueil dans les territoires de Rutshuru et de Masisi.

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Health concerns for thousands of refugees from Central African Republic in makeshift camps

By Katherine Mueller, IFRC

They come as families, unaccompanied children, pregnant women and the elderly, all searching for security that, for the moment, they fear they cannot find in their own country.

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Rwanda + 1 other
Ruanda: le JRS se retire du pays après avoir accompagné les réfugiés congolais pendant dix-sept ans

Bujumbura, 15 mars 2013 – A la fin du mois de janvier, le Service Jésuite des Réfugié a fermé ses projets au Ruanda après avoir accompagné, pendant dix-sept ans, les quelque 40.000 réfugiés originaires de la République Démocratique du Congo, mettant ainsi un terme à l'un des plus anciens projets du JRS dans le monde.

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Rwanda + 1 other
After 17 years along Congolese refugees, JRS withdraws from the country

Bujumbura, 15 March 2013 – In late January the Jesuit Refugee Service has closed its project in Rwanda after 17 years of accompaniment of the nearly 40,000 refugees from eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, bringing an end some of the oldest JRS projects in world.

Since 1996, JRS worked in two of three camps present in the country, Kiziba and Gihembe in western and northern Rwanda where teams worked closely with the refugee populations offering formal and informal education services, as well as pastoral, recreational and emergency activities.

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Congo’s Elderly Act As Caregivers – But Who Will Care for Them?

Life in a displaced persons camp is not easy. Even for the strongest of the strong, surviving in an insecure and inhospitable camp is both physically and emotionally grueling. But for the elderly, disabled, or ill, the demands of camp life can seem insurmountable.

These individuals – especially those without family members to support them – are often the most vulnerable, and their needs are often overlooked.

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Kenya + 6 others
Field Exchange No. 44 (December 2012)

  • Food, goats & cash for assets in Kenya

  • SMART anaemia analysis in Bolivia

  • Cross-sectoral approach to Konzo in DRC

  • Food security in Afghanistan

  • Early warning system in Somalia

  • Integrating IYCF support in Ethiopia

  • Mitigating soil salinity effects in Bangladesh

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Eastern DRC: HelpAge responding to older people's needs

10 December 2012

By Sarah Marzouk

International HelpAge is extremely concerned about the continuing violence and humanitarian crisis in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Reports of violence, looting and killings continue, including in Mugunga III internally displaced persons (IDP) camp, in North Kivu province, which hosts some 30,000 people.

Elson Malamu, HelpAge's Programme Manager in DRC said: "The lack of humanitarian access continues to be a major constraint due to the insecurity caused by armed groups.

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Handicap International Suspends Activities

On Tuesday, November 20, the city of Goma in North Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo, fell to the March 23 militia (M23), following clashes with the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC). Handicap International, which has offices in Goma and runs multiple programs in the region, was forced to suspend its activities. As the situation deteriorates, the most vulnerable people, who receive daily support from the organization, have been hit particularly hard.

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‘The Children Could Die’ in Eastern DRC Fighting

BUKAVU, DR Congo, Nov 26 2012 (IPS) - Humanitarian agencies working in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo have been overwhelmed following a massive displacement triggered by fighting between the Congolese army (FARDC) and rebel movement M23 in North Kivu.

“The situation is truly precarious. There is no medicine, no food. Children could die. People are spending the night outside, each one beside their baggage, and it is very cold,” says Roger Manegabe, head of a family who managed to reach Bukavu from North Kivu.

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Arrêter le conflit oublié de Masisi

Masisi (Nord Kivu), Rome, le 14 novembre 2013 – Depuis le mois d'août dernier, les communautés qui vivent dans le district de Masisi dans l'Est de la République Démocratique du Congo (RDC) ont dû se déplacer journellement, et au moins 18 personnes ont été tuées, prises au milieu du feu entrecroisé de groupes rebelles opposés. A moins que les forces de maintien de la paix (MONUSCO) et l'armée congolaise n'interviennent de toute urgence pour protéger la population civile, davantage de vies innocentes seront perdues.