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27 Jul 2015 description


Persons with disabilities often experience discrimination and exclusion, despite the adoption of an increasingly rights-based approach to humanitarian assistance. The past three decades have witnessed a growing awareness of disability issues and the emergence and spread of disabled people’s organisations.

The growing awareness must be accompanied by practical measures to identify and reduce the barriers faced by persons with disabilities in an emergency situation.

23 Jul 2015 description


All children deserve safe, accessible and culturally appropriate school buildings — regardless of class, creed, gender or ability. When children live in hazard-prone places where high winds, earthquakes, floods and other hazards threaten them, they need schools and grounds that protect them.

Yet recent disasters around the world attest to the fragility of many schools.

16 Jul 2015 description

Marie Claire Mwanza, a health promotions officer

Marie Claire Therese Fwelo Mwanza, a health promotions officer with 27 years experience at WHO, helped end 5 of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) 7 Ebola outbreaks through effective community engagement. In 2014, Marie Claire played a role in bringing DRC’s latest Ebola outbreak to an end in 3 months. Then, she, and 60 colleagues she trained, went to Guinea to support the outbreak response there.

17 Jun 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund

Global response in 2014

UNICEF and partners responded to 294 humanitarian situations of varying scales in 98 countries in 2014. This includes large-scale Level 3 responses for the crises in the Central African Republic, Iraq, the Philippines, South Sudan, the Syrian Arab Republic and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa

Some of the major highlights from 2014 include:

• UNICEF Country Offices responded to 294 humanitarian situations of varying scales in 98 countries. This includes the response to six Level 3 emergencies;

17 Jun 2015 description

NAIROBI, 17 June 2015 - World leaders will gather in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, next month to focus on the issue of global development financing. The Third International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD3) is another key milestone in the post-2015 development agenda aimed at reducing extreme poverty by 2030.

03 Jun 2015 description
Horn of Africa​ - version 2
Technical annex - version 2

AMOUNT: EUR 89 000 000


First modification as of 08/05/2015

The crisis in South Sudan has triggered the displacement of thousands of people in the neighbouring countries of Ethiopia (204 000), Kenya (45 800) and Uganda (147 300). In total, according to UNHCR, over 530 000 people have crossed into those three countries since 15 December 2013.

21 May 2015 description

Le projet d’« Appui au renforcement des capacités dans le domaine de réduction des Risques Naturels en RDC » a été lancé officiellement ce jeudi 21 mai 2015 par la Vice-Ministre de l’Intérieur et Sécurité Mme Martine Bukasa et le Directeur Pays du PNUD Priya Gajraj. Ce projet a pour objectif d’intégrer la gestion des risques et catastrophes naturelles dans la stratégie de développement humain durable. Il pourra également établir une cartographie des risques dans le Sud-Kivu et réactiver la plateforme nationale visant à mieux gérer ces risques et à protéger les populations civiles.

20 May 2015 description

UNEP Annual Report 2014 Highlights Many Environmental Successes

Global Cooperation Reversed Ozone Depletion, Renewables Reached New Heights and First UNEA Advanced Environmental Agenda

Nairobi, 19 May 2015 - The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) today released its Annual Report 2014, showcasing global environmental successes such as the recovery of the ozone layer, significant advances in renewables investments and the first-ever United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA).

12 May 2015 description

The 2014 Annual report of the ICRC is an account of field activities conducted worldwide. Activities are part of the organization's mandate to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war, and to promote respect for international humanitarian law.

Facts and figures

26.2 million people had access to water and sanitation improved.
Read more on water and shelter.

9.12 million people were provided with basic aid such as food.
Read more on aid distribution.

11 May 2015 description
report Caritas

Bamako, le 08 mai 2015(caritasdev.cd) : La Caritas Congo Asbl, partenaire du Gouvernement dans la lutte contre la maladie virale à Ebola, a été invitée par la fondation Rockfeller par le canal de CORDS (Connecting Organisation of Régional Diseases Surveillance») pour participer à un module de Préparation du Programme Intégré (IPP) de lutte contre la MVE, rapporte caritasdev.cd L’atelier a eu lieu à Bamako du 24 au 25 Mars 2015 et a rassemblé les participants venus des pays de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, Est et Centrale (Cameroun, Côte d’Ivoire, Sénégal, Mali, Guinée, Burundi, RDC et Nigeria).

30 Apr 2015 description


In the Central Africa Region, the year 2014 was marked by significant displacement of people in the Central African Republic (CAR), following continuous acts of violence and political instability. Most of these refugees and migrants moved into Cameroon, Republic of Congo (RoC), and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), while some internally displaced persons (IDPs) were identified and supported by the IFRC and the CAR Red Cross in CAR.

21 Apr 2015 description


  • L’insécurité dans la zone de Geti, dans le sud d’Irumu en Province Orientale, affecte, entre autres, la sécurité alimentaire.

  • Quatre sites abritant des personnes déplacées ont été attaqués en mars

  • Plus de 204 000 personnes ont été déplacées au Nord-Kivu durant les trois premiers mois de l’année.


Personnes déplacées internes: 2,7 M

Cas de choléra au Katanga Jan-mars 2015: 2 000

14 Apr 2015 description


Beginning in 2011, WHO underwent a restructuring of its emergency work to align it with the ongoing reform of the global humanitarian system led by the Inter-agency Standing Committee (IASC). This report describes the emergency risk and crisis management work of the Organization in 2013 and 2014, in the wake of this restructuring, and provides examples of how its new policies and procedures guided the implementation of specific activities for risk management and emergency response.

03 Apr 2015 description
report Radio Okapi

Des experts en environnement invitent le gouvernement congolais à renforcer ses capacités dans la gestion des risques naturels (volcan, éboulement de terre, érosion, inondation, tsunami et autres). Ils ont lancé cet appel au lendemain de l’adoption du projet «Appui au renforcement des capacités en gestion des risques naturels en RDC» par la RDC et le Pnud.

01 Apr 2015 description

By Mireille Le-Ngoc On February 6th, 2015, the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) about the collaboration between the two institutions in different areas.

25 Mar 2015 description

Théophane Kinda : Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles et Messieurs, Membres de la presse, Auditeurs de Radio Okapi, Bonjour et bienvenue à ce rendez-vous hebdomadaire.

  • Activités des Composantes de la MONUSCO

  • Activités de l’Equipe-Pays

  • Situation militaire

Activités des Composantes de la MONUSCO

Protection de l’Enfant:

06 Mar 2015 description

Tianyi Luo, Andrew Maddocks, Charles Iceland, Philip Ward and Hessel Winsemius - March

This blog was co-written with Hessel Winsemius and Philip Ward. Hessel is a researcher at Deltares. Philip is a senior researcher at the Institute for Environmental Studies of the VU University Amsterdam.

Last September, Hamberton Nongtdu woke to a loudspeaker at a nearby mosque blaring a warning: Floods were coming.