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27 Mar 2015 description

GENÈVE, 27 mars (HCR) – Le HCR a indiqué que 15 réfugiés congolais et un ressortissant congolais avaient été enlevés par la LRA près de la frontière entre la République centrafricaine et la République démocratique du Congo le 21 mars. Ils ont été kidnappés du côté congolais de la frontière, où ils étaient en train de cultiver leurs champs.

27 Mar 2015 description

UNHCR is strongly condemning the kidnapping of Congolese refugees by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), asking for an immediate release of those still in captivity.

27 Mar 2015 description

Total CAR refugees in neighbouring countries 455,134 of which since Dec. 2013 215,735

Total population of concern (IDPs in CAR + Refugees in neighbouring countries) 891,390

25 Mar 2015 description
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Special update
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Press release

On Wednesday 25th March, the UN Security Council (UNSC) will hold an Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict, which will take place under the presidency of France. The theme of the Open Debate will focus on child victims of non-state armed actors (ANSAs). This will be the first Open Debate to focus on actions and tools Member States may constructively use to end and prevent grave violations against children by ANSAs.

24 Mar 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


· Since November 2014, there has been a new influx of refugees from the Central African Republic (CAR) into the health zones of Bosobolo and Bili in Equateur province’s Bosobolo. UNHCR and local authorities have estimated the number of new arrivals at more than 19,000 refugees; some 88,000 refugees CAR are already living in the DRC.

24 Mar 2015 description

Snapshot 18-24 March 2015

Syria: The Government carried out over 10,000 airstrikes between October and March, dropping more than 5,300 barrel bombs and killing almost 2,200 civilians. A chlorine attack on 16 March in Idleb killed six people.

23 Mar 2015 description

Commentaires :

A la semaine 8 de la saison épidémique 2015, trois (3) districts ont franchi le seuil épidémique et trois (3) autres le seuil d’alerte au Ghana et au Nigeria.

  • Ghana : Le district de Nadom qui avait franchi le seuil épidémique à la semaine 2 est repassé à nouveau en phase épidémique avec un TA de 19.3 et, le district de Daffiama-Buissie-Issa a franchi le seuil d’alerte avec un TA de 6.0

23 Mar 2015 description
infographic Food Security Cluster

As of March 2015, country-level Food Security Clusters/Sectors are on average only 20% funded 20% while coordination remains critical.

20 Mar 2015 description

Situation update

WFP’s new C.A.R. Regional Emergency Operation (EMOP) 200799 began on 1 January 2015 in response to another wave of insecurity and further displacement of populations. The operation ensures that WFP meets immediate food security needs of vulnerable populations in conflictaffected communities, sites of displacement and refuge, and refugee/returnee receiving areas. In February, under the EMOP, WFP reached some 626,000 beneficiaries in Cameroon, C.A.R., Chad, DRC and RoC.

19 Mar 2015 description

Faits saillants

  • Sud Irumu : Une dizaine de civils tués, une vingtaine de cas de viols, d’enlèvements attribués aux miliciens dans la première quinzaine de mars.

  • Nécessité d’une aide multisectorielle à plus de 5 000 personnes déplacées à Bafwanduo et Avakubi.

  • Le PAM et le HCR apportent une assistance aux réfugiés centrafricains à Ango (Bas-Uele). Mais plusieurs besoins persistent.

Aperçu de la situation

19 Mar 2015 description
report UN Security Council


7407th Meeting* (AM)

During a mission to Africa last week, the Security Council held wide-ranging exchanges with key stakeholders in the peace processes in the Central African Republic and Burundi, witnessing progress and challenges on the ground, and discussed ways of bolstering the partnership between the United Nations and the African Union to ensure broader stability and development in the continent.

17 Mar 2015 description

Snapshot 11–17 March 2015

Vanuatu: 24 people are confirmed dead so far after Tropical Cyclone Pam hit on 13 March. Shefa, Tafea, Malampa, and Penama are among the worst affected provinces. Access challenges are significant.

Cameroon: The number of people internally displaced in the north has almost doubled since 10 February, to 117,000. This brings the number of displaced in Cameroon to an estimated 412,700, including 66,000 fleeing Boko Haram violence in Nigeria and the rest from the Central African Republic.

16 Mar 2015 description

R2P Monitor:

  • Provides background on populations at risk of mass atrocity crimes, with particular emphasis on key events and actors and their connection to the threat, or commission, of genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.

  • Offers analysis of the country’s past history in relation to mass atrocity crimes; the factors that have enabled their possible commission, or that prevent their resolution; and the receptivity of the situation to positive influences that would assist in preventing further crimes.

16 Mar 2015 description
report Small Arms Survey

Describes events through 11 March 2015

An LRA attack in Naibiapai, Western Equatoria State (WES), took place in early March 2015, the first in that village in three years. According to local officials, an LRA group likely travelling from neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), attacked Nabiapai on the night of 3 March, killing one and abducting 13 people. At least nine were later released after self-defense forces engaged the group, reportedly killing one fighter.

15 Mar 2015 description
report Radio Okapi

Le HCR et ses partenaires ont lancé, jeudi 12 mars, l’opération de relocalisation des réfugiés centrafricains au camp de Bili, en territoire de Bosobolo (Equateur). Le premier groupe de 21 réfugiés (femmes et enfants) sont arrivés, vendredi, dans leur nouveau site après avoir parcouru 117 km entre Dula et Bili à bord des véhicules du HCR et ses partenaires.

Le deuxième convoi de ces réfugiés devait arriver, ce samedi, au camp de Bili.