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24 Jun 2017 description
report ACTED

Avec le soutien de la Commission Européenne (ECHO), ACTED a mené une évaluation des besoins multisectorielle du 16 au 17 mai 2017, au sein de 4 sites de déplacés dans l’aire de santé de Lubuye, zone de santé de Nyemba, territoire de Kalemie, Province du Tanganyika-RDC : Ecole Primaire la gloire/Moni 1 de Kalemie centre, Mamba, City Raha, Fundi Kasongo.

12 Jun 2017 description
report Oxfam


Oxfam has implemented a stand-alone protection programme in conflict-affected communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since 2009, supporting participants to identify and take action on different protection threats that affect their lives. A governance-based approach has been central to the programme, which places the emphasis on the facilitation of positive dialogue between local populations and civilian and military authorities.

24 May 2017 description


Childhood malnutrition is a significant cause of ill health and poor development worldwide. High-quality nutrition is essential in early childhood to ensure healthy growth, proper organ formation and function, a strong immune system and neurological and cognitive development. Children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM) are at high risk of morbidity and death [1]. There are estimated to be 19 million children younger than 5 years of age with SAM worldwide, of whom more than 800,000 die annually [1].

27 Apr 2017 description

This report shares the promising practices and lessons learned from the Accelerating Children’s HIV/AIDS Treatment (ACT)
Initiative. It was informed by a call for inputs, issued to more than 100 implementing partners in nine countries.
The report is for local, national, regional, and global stakeholders interested in the design, implementation, funding, and sustainability of HIV care and treatment for children. It can be used in the countries involved in ACT and beyond.

13 Dec 2016 description

I. Contexte et méthodologie

Depuis le 12 juillet 2016, le territoire de Nyunzu est marqué par une insécurité et de graves violations de droits humains dues à la résurgence du conflit intercommunautaire entre la population twa (ou pygmée) et bantou (ou luba). Ainsi, d’importants déplacements de population ont été observés vers les territoires voisins. Des tentatives de réconciliation initiées par l’autorité provinciale ont abouti à une accalmie précaire avec quelques avancées significatives.

04 Oct 2016 description

3ie’s Humanitarian Assistance Thematic Window (HATW) aims to produce high-quality evidence to help inform policy and programming in the humanitarian sector. 3ie is supporting impact evaluations and synthesising evidence to understand what is effective and efficient in delivering programmes in fragile and conflict-affected contexts, including what can help to improve recovery and build resilience. We are funding studies that use innovative approaches, are gender responsive and equity focused, and adhere to the ethical standards in evaluation research with vulnerable populations.

06 Sep 2016 description
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This report draws on some recent operational experiences of the ICRC to describe the theory and practice of the ICRC’s approach to humanitarian assistance in protracted conflict. The ICRC spends about two thirds of its budget on protracted conflicts. The average length of time the ICRC has been present in the countries hosting its ten largest operations is more than 36 years. Protracted conflicts are a major source of human suffering and a cause of protracted displacement, migration and development reversals.

04 Aug 2016 description


The response to the recommendations from the synthesis evaluation (global MRP) was prepared by the Funding Coordination Section, in consultation with relevant branches and sections, and reviewed and approved by the Director of Corporate Programs. This draft global MRP was then circulated to the Pooled Fund Working Group (PFWG) for comments and consideration.

21 Jul 2016 description
report Oxfam

In February 2016, Oxfam hosted its first learning event on working in fragile and conflict-affected contexts in order to bring together a range of Oxfam and partner staff to exchange programmatic and operational learning. This report documents the outcomes and discussions.

04 Jul 2016 description

L'aide apportée par l'UE à la région des Grands Lacs africains arrive à destination, mais elle pourrait s'avérer trop onéreuse, selon l'auditeur externe de l'UE

09 Jun 2016 description

Executive summary

  1. The Emergency Transit Centres were established to provide emergency protection and the possibility to evacuate refugees who could not be protected in their countries of asylum. Temporary relocation of refugees who required resettlement on an urgent or emergency basis to an Evacuation Transit Facility (ETF) was expected to serve five objectives, namely:
  • Provide timely and effective protection to an individual or group of individuals of concern to UNHCR;