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30 Apr 2008 description

MAG and SALW - As the scale of the Small Arms Light Weapons (SALW)1 problem has become apparent across the world, MAG has been increasingly involved in addressing the threat posed by these items. The illicit proliferation of SALW prolongs conflicts, causes instability, undermines development, and is now well established as the leading threat to human security globally. MAG is currently undertaking SALW projects in Burundi, Congo (Republic of), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Iraq and Sudan. In addition, MAG conducted an assessment to the Central African Republic during February 2008.

30 Apr 2008 description

Requested by the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), Office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions, Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

Carried out by Anne Capelle and Chris Lang Independent Consultants.

Executive Summary

1. Background

The purpose of this evaluation was to define the future course of the United Nations Mine Action Co-ordination Centre in terms of what it does and how it executes its tasks.

30 Apr 2008 description
report UN Security Council


Security Council
5881st Meeting (AM & PM)

Some 50 Speakers Examine Means of Intensifying Fight against Illicit Trade

With up to 875 million small arms and light weapons in circulation worldwide and responsible for over half a million deaths each year, the Security Council today examined the means of intensifying the fight against their illegal proliferation, being told that the threat to international peace and security posed by the uncontrolled trade cannot be overemphasized.

30 Apr 2008 description

Points saillants :


Une combinaison d'un pipeline plus tendu et le doublement des besoins en assistance alimentaire au Nord-Kivu (10,000 MT par mois) vont contraindre le PAM a prioriser et réduire les rations distribuées. Ceci pourrait mener à des revendications ou manifestations hostiles de la part des bénéficiaires.

30 Apr 2008 description

Points saillants :

- Le Secrétaire général des Nations Unies a lancé un appel pour une couverture universelle contre le paludisme d'ici 2010.

- La méningite soupçonnée de tuer la population dans le district du Sankuru.

- Les partenaires humanitaires opérant dans la province de l'Equateur se mobilisent en prévision des élections législatives partielles du 11 mai à Befale.

30 Apr 2008 description

Sy Koumbo S. Gali / MONUC

Quel rôle les medias peuvent-ils jouer dans la mise en oeuvre de la justice transitionnelle en RDC? Tel a été le thème d'un forum d'une demi journée organisée le 29 avril 2008 à Kinshasa, à l'initiative de la Fondation BBC World Trust et ICTJ (Centre International pour la Justice Transitionnelle).

30 Apr 2008 description

Nina Yacoubian / MONUC

L'Ambassade des Etats-Unis en RDC a organisé, le 29 avril 2008 dans la Maison des droits de l'Homme du Centre Carter à Kinshasa, un forum d'échange avec des représentants d'organisations de la société civile de défense des droits de l'Homme en RDC.

30 Apr 2008 description

April 30, 2008, Nairobi, Kenya - A $21.8 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is enabling Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and its partners to help small farmers in central and east Africa protect cassava - a critical source of food and income - from two spreading pandemics that are decimating as much as 70 percent of crop yields.

The four-year Great Lakes Cassava Initiative will help reduce the prevalence of cassava mosaic disease and cassava brown streak disease in six countries: Burundi, …

30 Apr 2008 description

Eoin Young / MONUC

On 29 April 2008, the Carter Centre human rights house in Kinshasa organised an exchange forum between Mr. Steven Kenoyer, political attaché for the United States embassy in the DRC, and representatives of Congolese civil society and human rights organisations. During the forum, Mr.

30 Apr 2008 description

By Joe Bavier

KINSHASA, April 30 (Reuters) - A Congo rebel group rejected on Wednesday an international court indictment of their military chief for war crimes but a senior United Nations official said the dispute should not derail a three-month-old peace deal.

The International Criminal Court said on Tuesday it was seeking the arrest of Jean Bosco Ntaganda, the military commander of renegade General Laurent Nkunda's Tutsi insurgency in Democratic Republic of …

30 Apr 2008 description

UNHCR Burundi main operational activities

1. Repatriation and reintegration of Burundian refugees.

2. Assistance and protection of 32,710 refugees, including 20,373 Congolese living in Gihinga (Mwaro), Gasorwe (Muyinga), and Musasa (Ngozi) refugee camps, and 229 Rwandans living in Giharo (Rutana) refugee camp. UNHCR Burundi provides protection and some assistance to as many as 12,087 urban refugees and asylum seekers, of which approximately 99 % are Congolese (DRC).

30 Apr 2008 description


- World cereal production in 2008 is forecast to increase 2.6 percent to a record 2 164 million tonnes. The bulk of the increase is expected to be in wheat following significant expansion in plantings in major producing countries. Coarse grains output is tentatively forecast to remain around the bumper level of last year. Rice production is foreseen to increase slightly reflecting production incentives in several Asian countries.

30 Apr 2008 description

Unexploded remnants of conflict: Turning deadly legacies into safe futures

The legacy of conflict hinders the development of a country after peace has been declared and the guns have fallen silent. It has severe human and social consequences that affect both opportunities and productivity.

30 Apr 2008 description


Reporting Period: 01 April 2008 - 30 April 2008

Activities & Outputs Summary:

- Search and clearance of a total of 499 m2 of land through a combination of hand, electronic, and visual techniques

- Removal and destruction of a total of 1,474 hazardous items by the HMA teams, including 89 items of UXO, 1,384 items of small arms ammunition, and 1 anti-tank mine

- Destruction of 434 weapons and 6,116 hazardous items by the SALW teams, including 2 MANPADS, 1 anti-personnel mine, 19 anti-tank mines, and 6,094 items of ammunition

- 96 Dangerous Areas …

29 Apr 2008 description


Rome, 29 April 2008 - Facts, figures and the lastest updates from WFP's high profile emergencies.


- The week witnessed the first public demonstration against food price increases in Jalalabad.

29 Apr 2008 description


Situation: Democratic Republic of Congo

Case: The Prosecutor v.

29 Apr 2008 description



Child malnutrition is a major health concern in Sierre Leone. But a homemade remedy called 'benny mix' is offering hope. The benny mix is restoring the health of several malnourished children in just three short months.

Kadiatu Sesay, a nurse and certified nutritionist in the nutrition unit of Kissy United Methodist Hospital in Freetown, developed the protein-filled supplement that is helping to save lives.

29 Apr 2008 description
report Human Rights Watch

International Court Unseals Arrest Warrant Against Bosco Ntaganda

(Brussels, April 29, 2008) - Congolese officials and UN peacekeepers should take swift action to enforce the International Criminal Court's (ICC) arrest warrant against a rebel leader accused of forcibly conscripting child soldiers and of other abuses, Human Rights Watch said today.

The ICC on April 29 revealed the unsealing of the arrest warrant against Bosco Ntaganda, charging him with the enlistment, conscription, and active use of children in 2002-2003 during the conflict in the northeastern district of …