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22 Nov 2014 description


  • The situation in Bangui remains precarious, as ex-Séléka elements have issued demands to the Government of CAR (CARG) and threatened to detonate explosives.

  • U.N. Senior Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) for CAR Claire Bourgeois visits northeast CAR and calls for increased humanitarian support to the area.

  • The ongoing harvest has improved food security levels in parts of CAR; however, an estimated 1 million people may require emergency food assistance by mid-2015.

21 Nov 2014 description
report UN Children's Fund

Télécharger les photos et vidéos des pays affectés depuis: http://uni.cf/1xZAb39

DAKAR/GENEVE/NEW YORK, 21 Novembre 2014 – En réponse à l’apparition de nouveaux cas d’Ebola au Mali et l’augmentation continue des cas en Sierra Leone, l’UNICEF intensifie ses efforts pour aider les pays à risque en Afrique de l’Ouest à se préparer à toute éventuelle épidémie.

21 Nov 2014 description

Dear Palais journalists

Following requests from several journalists, please find below my notes on the WHO preparedness missions to support countries get prepared to respond to any Ebola outbreak.

Ebola Preparedness

  • Given the evolving Ebola Virus situation, there is a risk of cases appearing in currently unaffected countries. With adequate levels of preparation however, such introductions can be contained before they develop into large outbreaks.

21 Nov 2014 description
report CARE

132 000 Centrafricains ont trouvé refuge au Cameroun. La plupart ont fui dans la précipitation les combats et les massacres. Beaucoup souffrent de traumatismes liés aux violences dont ils ont été témoins. Nos équipes ont rencontrés Jamila et son fils Paul*, réfugiés dans le camp de Timangolo. Ils reçoivent une aide psychosociale de la part des équipes de CARE. Un récit de Pauline Hédé, du pôle urgences de CARE France.

Jamila a perdu deux de ses fils lors de massacres en Centrafrique

20 Nov 2014 description


  • The security situation countrywide remains volatile. Ex-Seleka elements living in Bangui’s Beal camp threaten to detonate the site if their demands are not met.

  • An eruption of violence started on 5 November in Zémio, Haut Mbomou Province, an area affected by the LRA, but that had not been impacted by the crisis so far.

  • Fourteen cholera cases have been confirmed following a cholera outbreak on 1 November along the CAR-Cameroon border.

20 Nov 2014 description

The security situation in the Central African Republic remains highly volatile, with persisting violence including looting, mob violence and banditry. This consequently increases the vulnerability and needs of the people affected. Over 105 humanitarian organisations operating in CAR continue to provide immediate life-saving, multi-sectoral assistance to the estimated 2.5 million in need of humanitarian assistance including over 428,172 displaced people.

20 Nov 2014 description
  • On 13 November, the Director-General of WHO accepted the recommendation of an International Health Regulations (IHR) Emergency Committee of Experts on polio that the international spread of polio continues to constitute a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) under the IHR, and extended the existing Temporary Recommendations to prevent the international spread of polio for countries affected by the disease for another 3 months.

20 Nov 2014 description

Yaoundé, Cameroun | AFP | Thursday 11/20/2014 - 03:08 GMT

by Celia LEBUR

Nigerian Islamist extremists Boko Haram are intensifying attacks in neighbouring Cameroon, targeting new villages with increasingly sophisticated weapons, as the army fears more violence in the approaching dry season.

"We're convinced that the establishment of a 'caliphate' (by Boko Haram) is aimed not only at Nigeria but also at Cameroon," Leopold Nlate Ebale, commander for an elite battalion in the border zone, told AFP.

20 Nov 2014 description
report UN News Service

19 November 2014 – Insecurity is on the march again in the countries of Africa’s Sahel belt, where extremists have displaced 1.5 million people in Nigeria and the threat of Ebola is exacerbating an already dire humanitarian crisis, the United Nations humanitarian regional coordinator said today.

19 Nov 2014 description


On 18 November, Michel Kafando, was sworn in as Burkina Faso’s interim President. In compliance to the Charter of the Transition signed on 16 November, Mr. Kafando, a former Foreign Minister and diplomat has been chosen to oversee a one-year transition back to civilian rule in Burkina Faso.


19 Nov 2014 description

Yaoundé, Cameroon | AFP | mercredi 19/11/2014 - 13:30 GMT

par Celia LEBUR

Attaques de localités jusque-là épargnées, armements de plus en plus sophistiqués: dans le nord Cameroun, le groupe islamiste nigérian Boko Haram, qui met l'armée sous pression depuis plusieurs semaines, pourrait profiter de la saison sèche pour étendre encore son champ d'action.

L'installation prochaine de la saison sèche "va augmenter les capacités de nuisances de Boko Haram", souligne le colonel Jacob Kodji, chef de la région militaire interarmées du Nord Cameroun.

19 Nov 2014 description

IDPs face Crisis (IPC Phase 3) or higher; malnutrition and mortality high among refugees in Cameroon


18 Nov 2014 description

Snapshot 12–18 November

Ethiopia: Waters have begun to recede from Leitchuor refugee camp in Gambella, but few refugees have returned to the camps so far, where alarming rates of severe malnutrition persist: 5.7% in Leitchuor, 7.8% in Kule, and 10% in Tierkidi. In SNNPR, flooding was reported, while in Oromia, water trucking has begun for populations affected by drought.

18 Nov 2014 description


  • In recent years, Nigeria has been facing an armed insurgency in the three north-eastern States of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, home to some 13 million people. On 14 May 2013, the Government of Nigeria declared a state of emergency in these three States and swiftly put in place operational measures for a counter-insurgency operation. As of May 2014, millions are believed to have been affected, with at least 650,000 of them internally displaced in the directly affected States.

16 Nov 2014 description

11/15/2014 - 23:43 GMT

by Celia LEBUR

Everyday they cross the border from Nigeria on motorbikes, donkeys or even on foot, and all are looking for safe haven from the Islamist militants of Boko Haram.

They arrive at the already teeming refugee camp in Minawao in northern Cameroon, where they join the thousands of Nigerians who have fled the insurgency in their home country that's killed some 10,000 people.

15 Nov 2014 description

The third meeting of the Emergency Committee under the IHR (2005) regarding the international spread of wild poliovirus in 2014 was convened by the Director-General through electronic correspondence from 2 through 7 November 2014.1 The following IHR States Parties submitted an update on the implementation of the Temporary Recommendations since the Committee last met on 31 July 2014: Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Pakistan and the Syrian Arab Republic.