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28 Oct 2015 description


La déclaration suivante a été communiquée aujourd’hui par le Porte-parole du Secrétaire général de l’ONU, M. Ban Ki-moon:

Le Secrétaire général salue la bonne tenue du scrutin du premier tour des élections présidentielles en Côte d’Ivoire le 25 octobre. Il félicite le peuple et les dirigeants ivoiriens pour l’environnement apaisé dans lequel se sont tenues les élections.

28 Oct 2015 description


The following statement was issued today by the Spokesman for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:

The Secretary-General welcomes the successful completion of voting in the first round of presidential elections in Côte d’Ivoire on 25 October. He congratulates the Ivorian people and leadership for the peaceful environment in which the elections were held.

08 Oct 2014 description


United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced the appointment of Simon Munzu of Cameroon as his Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI).

He will succeed Arnauld Akodjènou of Benin, who now serves as Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General in the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA). The Secretary-General is grateful to Mr. Akodjènou for his outstanding performance in Côte d’Ivoire.

20 May 2014 description


United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced today the appointment of Major General Hafiz Masroor Ahmed of Pakistan as the Force Commander for the United Nations Operation in Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI).

Major General Ahmed will replace Major General Muhammad Iqbal Asi of Pakistan, who completed his tour of duty on 21 April. The Secretary-General is grateful for his dedicated and exemplary service during his two-year tenure with UNOCI.

20 Jun 2012 description

More than 42 million people around the world have been forcibly displaced from their homes and communities. More than a million fled their countries in the last eighteen months alone due to a wave of conflicts, in Cote d’Ivoire, Libya, Mali, Somalia, Sudan and Syria. These numbers represent far more than statistics; they are individuals and families whose lives have been upended, whose communities have been destroyed, and whose future remains uncertain.

World Refugee Day is a moment to remember all those affected, and a time to intensify our support.

19 Jun 2012 description


Following is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s message for World Refugee Day, observed 20 June:

19 Jan 2012 description


Following is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s address to the Stanley Foundation Conference on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), in New York on 18 January:

Thank you, Dr. Gregorian of the Carnegie Foundation, for your very kind introduction.

16 Sep 2011 description


« Alors que nous sommes confrontés à une palette extraordinaire de défis géopolitiques et humanitaires, à des turbulences sans précédent et à une grande angoisse liée à la crise économique et financière, l’ONU est plus que jamais nécessaire pour répondre aux besoins des populations. »

02 Aug 2011 description


Biographical Note

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today appointed Albert Gerard (Bert) Koenders of the Netherlands as his Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Operation in Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI).

He will replace Choi Young-jin of the Republic of Korea, who will complete his assignment on 31 August 2011. The Secretary-General is grateful for Mr. Choi’s dedicated service and excellent leadership of UNOCI for the past four years during a critical period and under very challenging circumstances.

13 Jul 2011 description


Following are UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s remarks to the General Assembly’s informal interactive thematic debate on the responsibility to protect, 12 July, in New York:

Mr. President, thank you for convening this timely conversation. Special thanks also to our distinguished guests from regional and subregional arrangements for sharing their insights and experiences with us. We value their words and deeds.

01 Jun 2011 description


(Adapté de l’anglais)

Le Secrétaire général de l’ONU, M. Ban Ki-moon, est arrivé en Côte d’Ivoire samedi 21 mai 2011 dans la matinée.

23 May 2011 description


On trouvera, ci-après, le texte de la déclaration faite le 22 mai par le Secrétaire général de l’ONU, M. Ban Ki-moon, au camp de personnes déplacées de l’Union des Églises Évangéliques, Services et Œuvres (UEESO), situé dans la commune de Cocody à Abidjan, en Côte d’Ivoire:

Je vous remercie de me donner l’occasion de m’adresser à vous aujourd’hui.

Il n’y a probablement rien de plus précieux qu’une vie normale et la possibilité de vivre à l’abri de l’inquiétude, de la peur et du besoin.

Cette possibilité, vous l’avez perdue.

17 May 2011 description


The following is the text of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s message for the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, observed on 29 May:

09 May 2011 description


Following is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s address to the Sofia Platform, 6 May:

Thank you very much for your kind introduction and warm welcome. Thank you, also, for your leadership and vision in organizing this very important gathering. I am very much honoured to be among you — leaders, great thinkers, activists from Europe and around the world.

Twenty years ago, when revolution swept Eastern Europe, I was a career diplomat, stationed in Washington. But my heart was in Prague, Berlin, Budapest, Warsaw and Sofia, cheering you from afar.

15 Mar 2011 description




Department of Public Information - News and Media Division - New York

Biographical Note

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Major General Gnakoudè Béréna of Togo as the Force Commander of the United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI). Major General Béréna will replace Major General Abdul Hafiz of Bangladesh, whose tour of duty ends on 22 March 2011.

07 Feb 2011 description


Following is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's address to the Munich Security Conference, in Germany, 5 February:

Good morning. Guten Tag. Guten Morgen. It is a great pleasure and honour for me to participate in this very prestigious forum to discuss our security - world security. Your participation in this Munich Security Conference is a measure of its enduring importance. And this year, I think you will agree: your gathering could hardly be better timed.

03 Feb 2011 description

(La version française du Point de presse quotidien n'est pas un document officiel des Nations Unies)

Ci-dessous les principaux points évoqués par M. Farhan Haq, Porte-parole adjoint du Secrétaire général de l'ONU, M. Ban Ki-moon:

Activités du Secrétaire général à Londres


02 Feb 2011 description


Following is the 2011 Cyril Foster Lecture, on "Human Protection and the Twenty-First Century United Nations", delivered by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's at Oxford University on 2 February:

Thank you, Mr. Vice-Chancellor, for your very kind introduction and for this invitation. I am honoured to have this opportunity after my distinguished predecessors, as the fourth United Nations Secretary-General to speak before you in this very esteemed and one of the oldest universities.