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24 Jul 2017 description
report UN Security Council

24 JULY 2017

The Security Council today welcomed recent positive political developments in some West African countries, but expressed concern over the threat of terrorism in the region — including attacks by Boko Haram and Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/Da’esh) — as well as a worsening humanitarian situation.

24 Jul 2017 description

Key Findings

Most of the migrants are men (97%).

7% of migrants recorded at Gao and Benena FMPs are minors.

35,577 migrants were counted in Gao and Benena, representing an average of 97 migrants per day.

The majority of the migrants surveyed indicate their intention to travel to Algeria and Libya while 40% say they want to go to Europe, mainly Spain and Italy.

Migratory routes map Algeria, Burkina Faso and Niger are major transit points after Mali.

24 Jul 2017 description


Le Centre européen de gestion des politiques de développement (ECDPM) est un centre indépendant de réflexion et d’action œuvrant dans le domaine de la coopération internationale et de la politique de développement en Europe et en Afrique.

24 Jul 2017 description


The European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) is an independent ‘think and do tank’ working on international cooperation and development policy in Europe and Africa.
Our staff members provide research and analysis, advice and practical support to policymakers and practitioners in Europe,

Africa and beyond – to make policies work for sustainable and inclusive global development. We bring people together and collaborate with a broad range of partners to address policy implementation challenges.

24 Jul 2017 description

La plupart de migrants sont des hommes (97%)

7% des migrants enregistrés à Gao et Benena sont des mineurs.

35, 577 migrants ont été comptabilisés à Gao et Benena, représentant une moyenne de 97 migrants par jour

La majorité de migrants sortant du Mali indiquent vouloir se rendre en Algérie et en Libye pendant que 40% déclarent vouloir se rendre en Europe,principalement en Espagne et en Italie.

L'Algérie, le Niger et le Burkina Faso consituent d'importants pays de transits après le Mali.

24 Jul 2017 description


221 Incoming individuals detected at Mali FMPs

2,701 Outgoing individuals detected at Mali FMPs

3 active FMPs in Mali

Assessment type : 7/7 days

*Migrants recorded at Wabaria, which is a transit point, are not included in this total as those migrants will only be transiting through Gao for a couple of days and will be counted when departing from Place Kidal.

24 Jul 2017 description


212 Individus entrants au Mali par les FMPs *

2 247 Individus sortants du Mali par les FMPs *

3 FMPs actifs au Mali

Type d'évaluation : 7 jours sur 7

21 Jul 2017 description

Continued heavy rainfall causes ooding in Ethiopia, Sudan, and South Sudan

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Below-average rainfall since mid-May has led to abnormal dryness across eastern Uganda and southwestern Kenya. Moisture deficits are likely to negatively impact cropping and Pastoral activities.

  2. Repeated weeks of very heavy, above-normal rains have oversaturated the ground in parts of Ethiopia, Sudan, and South Sudan. More heavy rain during the next week is likely to cause further flooding.

20 Jul 2017 description

Harnessing the collective strengths of the UN system to improve the health of women, children and adolescents everywhere

19 Jul 2017 description

314.0 M required for 2017

71.8 M contributions received, representing 23% of requirements

242.1 M funding gap for West Africa

18 Jul 2017 description
report Government of Ghana

The Minister for the Interior, Mr. Ambrose Dery has revealed that Ghana is home to nearly fourteen thousand (14,000) refugees who have escaped from ravages of war in the home countries of Liberia, Togo, Sudan, Cote D’Ivoire amongst others.

He has therefore called for the need to tackle the root causes of refugee problems in the sub-region in particular and the Continent as a whole.

The Minister made these statements during the inauguration of the Eleven- Member Ghana Refugee Board in Accra on Monday, July 10, 2017.

18 Jul 2017 description

In 2012, violent clashes in northern Mali have triggered important waves of displacement into Mauritania. Mbera refugee camp was established in the arid south-east region and now hosts over 51,000 Malian refugees.

Despite the conclusion of a peace agreement in 2015, refugees continue to flee persistent violence in northern Mali. Last month alone 356 new arrivals were registered in Mbera camp.

17 Jul 2017 description

Sea Arrivals

99,864 in Q1-Q2 2017
231,463 in Q1-Q2 2016

361,709 in 2016
1,015,078 in 2015

Dead and Missing

2,253 in Q1-Q2 2017
2,896 in Q1-Q2 2016

5,096 in 2016
3,771 in 2015

17 Jul 2017 description


This weekly bulletin focuses on selected acute public health emergencies occurring in the WHO African Region. WHO AFRO is currently monitoring 37 events: three Grade 3, six Grade 2, seven Grade 1, and 21 ungraded events.

17 Jul 2017 description

Total arrivals (1 Jan - 16 Jul 2017): 93,213
Total arrivals (1 Jan - 16 Jul 2016): 79,840

Total arrivals 1 Jul - 16 Jul 2017 9,461
Total arrivals 1 Jul - 16 Jul 2016 9,618

Average daily arrivals in July 2017 so far: 591
Average daily arrivals in June 2017: 784

Dead and missing in 2017 (as of 16 Jul) 2,174
Dead and missing in 2016 (as of 16 Jul) 2,951
Dead and missing in 2016 5,096