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07 Jul 2015 description

Marshall Islands - Tropical Cyclone NANGKA
NANGKA formed over the northern Pacific Ocean on 3 July. On 6 July, at 6.00 UTC, its centre was located 360km west of Enewetak atoll and it was a Typhoon.
• Over the next 48h, NANGKA is forecast to continue moving north-west towards the Northern Mariana Islands, intensifying further. According to the data of 6 July (6.00 UTC), its track will approach only scarcely populated or uninhabited places.

06 Jul 2015 description


Heavy rainfall across West Bengal caused landslides killing an estimated 40 people with many still missing.
Continuing rainfall is impeding relief efforts as the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) attempts to carry out rescue efforts.
There is a shortage of food and safe drinking water in the affected areas.

40 people dead

The NDRF is working alongside national disaster teams at the landslide sites. Heavy rainfall is expected to continue up to 9 Jul.


25 Jun 2015 description

U.S.A. - Severe weather
• Severe weather, including thunderstorms, strong winds, heavy rain, hail and tornadoes affected several areas of Midwest and Mid-Atlantic United States on 21-23 June. Several tornadoes were reported in the states of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas and Michigan on 22 June.
• According to media (as of 23 June), seven people were injured and several damages occurred, mostly in the area of Coal City in northern Illinois.

25 Jun 2015 description
report Xinhua

BEIJING, June 24 (Xinhua) -- Typhoon Kujira has affected 193,000 people in south China's Hainan Province as torrential rain damaged crops and caused economic losses, Chinese flood control and drought relief authorities said Wednesday.

Some 111,000 mu (7,400 hectares) of crops were damaged by heavy rain brought by the typhoon, causing economic losses worth 88 million yuan (14.4 million U.S. dollars) in Hainan as of Wednesday, according to the Office of the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters.

25 Jun 2015 description

NIGERIA - Violence
• Boko Haram's hit-and-run capability remains intact, despite advances by the Nigerian and Chadian armed forces. This week, Boko Haram insurgents killed 42 people in two villages of Borno State. A 12 year girl wearing a suicide bomb vest struck in Yobe, killing 10 people and injuring 30 others.
• Further displacement is ongoing in the North-East (already existing 1.5 million displaced people). Increased humanitarian assistance is needed.

24 Jun 2015 description

KUJIRA made landfall in Wanning city, south-east Hainan province, on 22 June, 18.50 local time (10.50 UTC), as a Tropical Storm. It then moved north-west over the island of Hainan. It affected the island with strong winds and heavy rainfall (247mm/24h in southern Hainan on 22 June). Authorities had previously evacuated nearly 40 000 people for precautionary reasons.

23 Jun 2015 description


• KUJIRA made landfall in Wanning city, southeast Hainan province, on 22 June, 18.50 local time (10.50 UTC), as a Tropical Storm. It then moved north-west over the island of Hainan. It affected the island with strong winds and heavy rainfall. Authorities had previously evacuated nearly 40 000 people for precautionary reasons.

• On 23 June, at 6.00 UTC, KUJIRA's centre was located approx. 120km from Quang Ninh, north-eastern Vietnam with maximum sustained winds of 65km/h.

19 Jun 2015 description


  • An estimated 230,000 people remain displaced in Kachin, Rakhine, and northern Shan due to conflict and inter-communal violence

  • USAID/OFDA provides nearly $3 million in additional funding to support humanitarian operations in Burma

  • USAID/FFP commits an additional $4.5 million to provide food assistance in Kachin, Rakhine, and northern Shan

05 Jun 2015 description

1) MEXICO - Tropical Cyclone BLANCA
• BLANCA is moving north-west over the Pacific Ocean, approx. 750-800 km south-west of the coast of Guerrero state (Mexico), as a Major Hurricane.
• Over the next 48h, it is forecast to continue moving north-west over the Pacific Ocean and start weakening. It may approach Baja California Sur on 8 June, having weakened significantly. On 6-8 June moderate to heavy rains and winds may affect some coastal areas of the states of western Mexico.

02 Jun 2015 description

Snapshot 28 May–2 June 2015

Iraq: 104,000 IDPs from Ramadi district over 15–29 May brings the total number of displaced in Anbar to 238,000 since April. They are facing serious restrictions accessing neighbouring governorates. In Anbar, Islamic State abducted 400 children in the last week of May. The humanitarian response for Syria is facing severe cutbacks due to funding shortages.

27 May 2015 description

Mali: Gao and Timbutku regions have been the scene of multiple clashes between the Azawad Movement Coalition and Malian forces, as well as the pro-government Gatia militia. At least 12 people have been killed, including nine civilians. About 31,500 people have been displaced from three districts in Timbuktu region. They are in urgent needs of water, food, NFIs, and shelter support, but access is limited.

21 May 2015 description

Key findings

  • Over 2 million people died from natural disasters between 1970 and 2014 in Asia and the Pacific, or 56.6 per cent of the fatalities globally. Earthquakes and tsunamis were the main cause of deaths, despite their relatively infrequent occurrences.

  • 6 billion people from the region were affected by disasters over the same period, or 87.6 per cent of people affected globally. Floods and drought were not the deadliest disasters but affected the highest number of people at 5 billion.

04 May 2015 description


Over one week after the earthquake hit, the government reports more than 7,276 people killed and over 14,362 injured. More than 190,000 houses completely destroyed and almost 174,000 partially damaged.

7,276 people killed

190,000 houses destroyed

01 May 2015 description

Press Release #1505-01 Palikir, Pohnpei – FSM Information Services May 01, 2015

FSMIS (May 01, 2015): As of today, May 1st, the Federated States of Micronesia Department of Finance and Administration confirms the receipt of the following donations for deposit in the Maysak disaster relief fund.

  1. Government of the People’s Republic of China $500,000.00

  2. Government of the Republic of Palau $75,000.00

  3. The World Health Organization (WHO) $5,000.00

  4. Tuvalu Permanent Mission to UN $500.00

27 Apr 2015 description


At 11:56 local time on 25 Apr a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, with the epicenter in Lamjung District, 80 km north-west of Kathmandu. Aftershocks continue to occur, including a 6.7 magnitude earthquake on 26 Apr. Many people remain outside their houses in fear of further aftershocks. The Government reports more than 2,200 deaths, over 5,800 injuries. These figures are expected to increase as information becomes available.

2,200 people killed

5,800 people injured

21 Apr 2015 description

In March 29-April 1, Chuuk and Yap in Micronesia suffered from intense tropical storm, resulting in large-scale disruption of water and electricity supply, traffic and communication, causing a certain number of casualties and severe damage of local infrastructure. The relief work is serious.

14 Apr 2015 description

Snapshot 9–14 April 2015

Afghanistan: Security incidents have spiked in early April, after the announcement that more NATO troops would remain in the country than originally scheduled. NATO convoys were targeted in Nangarhar and Kabul on 10 April. On the same day, five NGO staff were found dead, having been abducted in Uruzgan province in early March.

13 Apr 2015 description
report Xinhua

BEIJING, April 10 (Xinhua) -- China will provide 300,000 U.S. dollars in cash to flood-hit Madagascar, the Ministry of Commerce said on Friday.

Floods in Madagascar's capital Antananarivo and its surrounding area, caused by a mix of rainstorms and cyclones, have killed at least 24 people, affected more than 60,000 and forced more than 30,000 to flee their homes.

The money will be used to help Madagscar government in disaster relief after recent rainstorms and cyclones caused breaching of dykes and damages to highways, houses and cropland.

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08 Apr 2015 description

China's Ambassador in Vanuatu, Xie Bohau, has officially handed over five million US dollars in post-cyclone relief assistance to the local government.

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