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04 May 2016 description

A powerful earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale struck Ecuador on the evening of 16 April 2016, claiming the lives of more than 600 people. The disaster also caused significant damage and left more than 20,000 people homeless. Swiss Humanitarian Aid responded very quickly by sending experts who were based in the region. The immediate concern was to secure a supply of drinking water for the local population.

26 Apr 2016 description

Confirmed pledges (persons) since 2013: 130,955
Additional places/visas granted under Other Legal Forms of Admission:* 15,823
Resettlement submissions to the USA: 32,369
TOTAL places made available to date: 179,147

26 Apr 2016 description

Bern, 25.04.2016 - There has been some success in the fight against malaria since the turn of the millennium – not least thanks to Switzerland's activities in this field. Nevertheless, more than 400,000 people still die from the disease every year, mostly children under five. At the event to mark World Malaria Day on 25 April 2016, SDC Director General Manuel Sager therefore appealed to all partners involved to continue the fight against malaria with the same shared determination.

26 Apr 2016 description

Bern, 22.04.2016 - Swiss Humanitarian Aid is providing the most affected communities at the epicentre of the earthquake in northern Ecuador with emergency assistance. Switzerland has dispatched experts to strengthen capacities in the water and logistics sectors.

24 Apr 2016 description

Switzerland has contributed more than $1 billion to the work of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to provide loans, grants and technical assistance that help the poor and vulnerable in Asia and the Pacific.

Updated yearly, this ADB Fact Sheet provides information on Switzerland's contributions to ADB in terms of capital subscription and funding, the country’s delegates to ADB, and the involvement of Swiss companies and consultants in ADB projects.

23 Apr 2016 description

More than five million Nepalis were affected by the earthquake that struck the Himalayan region on 25 April 2015. Today, the Swiss ambassador in Nepal, Urs Herren, looks back over the year's reconstruction efforts. Switzerland's long-standing presence in Nepal paid off. Professional aid is being provided jointly by the embassy, the cooperation office of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and experienced Swiss specialists within targeted missions.

22 Apr 2016 description

L’Aide humanitaire suisse soutient les populations les plus touchées du nord de l’Equateur, épicentre du séisme qui a frappé le pays, en mettant en place de premières mesures d’urgence. La Suisse a déployé des experts pour renforcer les capacités dans les secteurs de l’eau et de la logistique.

13 Apr 2016 description

13/04/2016 - Development aid totalled USD 131.6 billion in 2015, representing a rise of 6.9% from 2014 in real terms as aid spent on refugees in host countries more than doubled in real terms to USD 12 billion. Stripping out funds spent on refugees, aid was still up 1.7% in real terms, according to official data collected by the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC).

13 Apr 2016 description

The Stabilization Facility for Libya was launched today at the Senior Officials’ Meeting in Tunis in the presence of H.E. Dr. Taher Al-Jehaimi, Minister of Planning in the Libyan Government of National Accord, Mr. Rüdiger König, Director General of Crisis Prevention, Stabilization and Peace Building in the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany and Mr. Ali Al-Za’tari, UNSMIL Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General, and Dr. Noura Hamladji, UNDP Libya Country Director.

10 Apr 2016 description

Amsterdam, Pays-Bas | AFP | dimanche 10/04/2016 - 11:46 GMT

par Mariëtte Le Roux

Après avoir fui la guerre au péril de leurs vies, les réfugiés sont menacés de nouvelles attaques en Europe, celles de microbes proliférant dans des camps bondés où pourraient se déclarer à grande échelle des infections diverses, prévenu des experts.

Leurs systèmes affaiblis par la fatigue, le manque de nourriture, d'eau propre et de médicaments, les réfugiés sont aujourd'hui les cibles faciles de maladies évitables, mais aux conséquences dramatiques faute de soins.

10 Apr 2016 description

Amsterdam, Netherlands | AFP | Sunday 4/10/2016 - 09:44 GMT

by Mariëtte Le Roux

Having survived perilous escapes from war zones, refugees find themselves assailed anew in Europe by germs proliferating in crowded, unsanitary camps that could become outbreak hotspots, infectious disease experts have warned.

Their systems weakened by physical exhaustion, a lack of safe food, clean water and medicine, refugees are sitting-duck targets for entirely preventable diseases that can scar, maim, even kill.

09 Apr 2016 description

By: Tatiana Almeida

In 2015, over one million irregular migrants and refugees arrived in Europe after surviving dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean Sea – 55% of them were women and children. Once they reached land, many of them endured harsh conditions travelling by land.

04 Apr 2016 description

Colombie, Afghanistan, Gaza: la Suisse soutient l’élimination des mines et des munitions non explosées

04 Apr 2016 description

Colombia, Afghanistan, Gaza: Switzerland supports the elimination of landmines and unexploded ordnance

26 Mar 2016 description

1. Highlights

  • The total number of migrants and refugees stranded in Greece and in the Western Balkans is 53,941. For a more detailed look, please see the accommodation pages of Greece, fYROM, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

  • On March 18, EU leaders met with their Turkish counterpart, Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmed Davutoğlu. They reached an agreement aimed at stopping the flow of irregular migration via Turkey to Europe. The main action points of the agreement are available here.

23 Mar 2016 description

Solidarit’eau suisse is helping fund projects to improve access to clean drinking water in developing countries. Initiated by the SDC, this internet platform enables communes and other local authorities in Switzerland to consult the list of projects and, if they want to become more involved, make contact with partners abroad.

18 Mar 2016 description

The strategy sets out the Federal Council's priorities and areas of special interest in foreign policy. Its strategic objectives for the 2016-2019 legislative period include consolidating and regulating relations with the EU and the EU and EFTA countries, working more closely with global partners, expanding mediation activities in the field of peace and security, and pursuing the commitment to sustainable development and prosperity.

16 Mar 2016 description

Asylum seekers and other migrants are arriving in Europe and encountering rapidly changing border controls as they seek transit through Europe. The EU is implementing its “hotspot” approach for new arrival registration in Italy and Greece. This is a snapshot of the situation based on available unclassified data as of March 4, 2016.

11 Mar 2016 description

Bern, 11.03.2016 - The Federal Council pledged today a headquarters contribution of CHF 80 million to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for the current year. This sum is intended to support the work of what is often the only organisation to have direct access to people in need during crises and conflicts. The ICRC is the most important partner of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in the humanitarian field.