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22 Apr 2015 description

Afin d’assurer la sécurité alimentaire et réduire la pauvreté, les collectivités des zones de Youwarou, Tenenkou, Mopti et Niafunké réalisent des projets de soutien aux filières agricoles porteuses.

17 Apr 2015 description

La Suisse et le Mali viennent de signer un accord de financement d’un montant de 5, 5 milliards de FCFA (CHF 8 millions) en vue de promouvoir une gouvernance locale inclusive et le renforcement de la société civile dans son rôle de veille citoyenne. L’appui bénéficiera aux régions de Mopti et de Tombouctou. Depuis 15 ans, la DDC soutient la gouvernance et la décentralisation dans la région de Sikasso, au sud du pays.

15 Apr 2015 description

In Sri Lanka, Switzerland is supporting the reconstruction of homes and villages that were destroyed by the tsunami in 2004 and the civil war that ended in 2009. Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter has visited Akkarai, a village in Jaffna in the north of the country.

19 Mar 2015 description


  • WFP Yemen needs to urgently mobilize resources for the safety nets. Unless new contributions are ensured, serious pipeline breaks will start to affect this activity in July.

  • In January, WFP reached 759,440 beneficiaries including conflict-affected populations, malnourished children and nursing mothers, refugees and stranded migrants.

Situation Update

15 Mar 2015 description

Un proyecto de cupones por activos, financiado por la cooperación suiza y la italiana, ha ayudado a fortalecer los lazos entre los residentes de la comunidad de Entre Ríos –en su mayoría madres solteras, ancianos y personas con discapacidad—y a revivir una práctica ancestral llamada “tornavuelta”, que ayuda al cuidado de los huertos familiares. Unas 1,000 familias se benefician del proyecto.

05 Mar 2015 description

By Emily Loewen

March 5, 2015

MUTTENZ, Switzerland – There is a difference of opinion when it comes to color choice in the quilting group at Brügg Mennonite Church in Muttenz, Switzerland. For Gulschin Ibrahim, the Swiss tendency to choose similar tones and colors is a bit boring. In Syria, where Ibrahim is from, people like brighter shades, and more of them.

“She tells us we’re doing the colors all wrong,” said Margrit Amstutz with a laugh. Amstutz is in the same quilting group.

25 Feb 2015 description


Population: 18.2 million (ESCWA 2013)

15.5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance:

  • 12.2 million in Syria (7.6 million of which are internally displaced)

  • 3.3 million refugees in neighbouring countries and North Africa

UN Appeals for 2015:

  • $2.9 billion Syria Strategic Response Plan 2015 (SRP) 0% funded* (*as of 12th January, OCHA)

21 Feb 2015 description

The Social Welfare Centre in Olovo, one of the facilities heavily damaged in the floods of May 2014, was officially reopened today. Funds for the Centre’s rehabilitation were provided by the European Union through its Flood Recovery Programme (in the amount of 16,500 BAM), the Swiss Government (39,000 BAM) and UNICEF (18,000 BAM).

17 Feb 2015 description

In this report:

-New Displacement in Kachin

-REACH Mission in Myanmar

-Resourcing Update

-Suspension of School Feeding

-2014 Highlights

13 Feb 2015 description

Kosovo - With the rise in irregular migration of Kosovo citizens towards the European Union (EU), Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga met with IOM Kosovo Chief of Mission Jorge Baca Vaughan on Thursday (12/2) to discuss the need to engage with local and international institutions to address migration management and the return of irregular Kosovar migrants from EU countries.

29 Jan 2015 description

En mai 2014, la Mission de l’Union Africaine pour le Mali et le Sahel (MISAHEL), la Direction du développement et de la coopération suisse (DDC) et la station malienne Radio Kledu ont signé un accord tripartite pour la production et la diffusion de l’émission «An ka Ben! – Faisons la paix!».

Cette émission, qui est diffusée tous les samedis à 15h00 sur la Radio Kledu représente la contribution des trois partenaires aux efforts entrepris par le Mali pour une paix durable et une réconciliation nationale que tous les acteurs appellent de leurs vœux.

15 Jan 2015 description

The current situation and the SDC’s commitment

• Despite several reports of decreasing numbers of new infections in Liberia, the health situation in the three worst affected countries - Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea - remains rather critical. The epidemic is not only having a severe impact on the entire healthcare system of the countries affected but also has serious implications for security, food supplies and the overall economic situation.

14 Jan 2015 description

Dans un contexte post-crise, la Suisse a su ajuster son soutien aux populations de Tombouctou, Youwarou et Niafunké avec un programme de transition entre les actions humanitaires d’urgence et celles de développement à long terme.

23 Dec 2014 description

Article, 23.12.2014

26 December 2004 is a date that remains etched into the minds of tens of thousands of victims of the tsunami that devastated South Asia. It also evokes particular memories among the humanitarian aid workers who provided emergency assistance. Now deputy head of the Swiss Cooperation office in Sri Lanka, Lars Büchler has worked in the country since 2005. Ten years on, he tells his story with an insider's view of the aid provided by Switzerland at the time.

17 Dec 2014 description

Berne, Communiqué de presse, 28.11.2014

Ce vendredi, le Conseil fédéral a pris connaissance du fait que l’engagement de l’aide humanitaire de la Confédération sera poursuivi pour endiguer l’épidémie d’Ebola, mais que les moyens de transport aérien de l’armée ne seront pas engagés.

15 Dec 2014 description

The current situation and the SDC’s commitment

  • The situation in the three worst affected countries - Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea - remains critical. The epidemic is not only having a severe impact on the entire healthcare system of the countries affected but also has serious implications for security, food supplies and the overall economic situation.

10 Dec 2014 description

Bern, 10.12.2014 - Switzerland continues its commitment to the victims of the crisis in Syria. The Confederation’s Humanitarian Aid is to support the UN World Food Programme with a further CHF 4 million. This amount is part of an additional credit line of CHF 20 million pledged by the Federal Council, bringing Switzerland’s humanitarian aid to the victims of the crisis in Syria to a total of CHF 122 million.

10 Dec 2014 description

ROME – Following an unprecedented social media campaign, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) announced today the tally of contributions by government donors towards the reinstatement of food assistance to nearly 1.7 million Syrian refugees.

Thanks to substantial support from government partners in donor countries, a total of US$88.4 million has been raised to date. As this exceeds the goal of US$64 million required to fund the refugee programme in December, it allows WFP to cover some of the refugees’ food needs in January.