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19 May 2016 description

New Delhi, 19 May 2016 – In a major public health feat, WHO South-East Asia Region has eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus with all districts across the 11 countries having reduced the cases to less one than per 1 000 live births.

Maternal and neonatal tetanus elimination (MNTE) for the Region became official after a team of experts today successfully validated the remaining four provinces of Indonesia, the last pocket in the Region to achieve the target; after India reached the MNTE goal last year.

15 May 2016 description
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Consensus Statement

The WMO South Asia Climate Outlook Forum (SASCOF) has finalized its consensus outlook for the 2016 Southwest Monsoon season. The outlook suggests that during the 2016 southwest monsoon season (June – September), above-normal rainfall is likely over much of South Asia. Above-normal rainfall is likely over broad areas of central and western parts of South Asia.

14 May 2016 description
report Voice of America

NEW DELHI— South Asian countries will set up a toll-free helpline and online platform to fight human trafficking, which is growing on a massive scale in one of the world's poorest and most populous regions.

While some activists are hopeful this will curb cross-border trafficking, others doubt that it will dent the problem.

Although there is no specific data on the number of women and children trafficked in the region, the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime says South Asia is the second-largest and fastest-growing region for human trafficking.

10 May 2016 description


  • Almost one year after the devastating 25 April earthquake, WFP continues to focus on the food security of vulnerable, earthquake-affected populations while making efforts to strengthen preparedness for future disasters.

  • A three-year relief and recovery project serving these populations is in the targeting stage. Projected requirements of USD 63 million over three years are currently five percent funded.

19 Apr 2016 description
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South Asia - version 1
Technical Annex - version 1

The activities proposed hereafter are still subject to the adoption of the financing decision ECHO/WWD/BUD/2016/01000

AMOUNT: EUR 14 800 000

08 Apr 2016 description

KATHMANDU – The United States has confirmed a US$1 million contribution for the World Food Programme (WFP) to provide food assistance to refugees from Bhutan living in Nepal. The contribution from the United States will help WFP provide basic food such as rice, pulses and vegetable oil for nearly 17,000 refugees.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has been the largest supporter of WFP’s refugee operation in Nepal and has contributed every year for the past ten years.

06 Apr 2016 description

Executive Summary

The needs of crisis-affected populations with disabilities are notably absent from global sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and gender guidelines and standards for humanitarian practice, despite the fact that Article 25 of the Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) states that persons with disabilities should have the same range, quality and standard of free or affordable health care, including in the area of SRH, as provided to other persons.

23 Mar 2016 description

We know so little about the risks our children face in our cities! This issue addresses this gap to help better make Asian Regional Plan for implementation of SFDRR in Asian cities. This issue is also a first step to inform the upcoming UN Habitat III Conference on ‘Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development’, Quito, Ecuador, in October 17-20, 2016.

03 Mar 2016 description

Situation Overview

  • A devastating windstorm has hit five gewogs viz. Chaskhar, Dremetse, Khengkhar, Narang and Thangrong in Mongar district on 28 February 2016.

  • 40 households including one Lhakhang were affected with varying damages by the windstorm.

  • The Dzongkhag also reported on two forest fire incident. The first incident occurred above Zimzorong, around 10 kms on Gelposhing Nanglam Highway while the second one occurred along Romangla boundary between Kengkhar and Drepong Gewogs.

03 Mar 2016 description

Situation Overview

  • A forest fire occurred towards afternoon on February 29, 2016 in Trashigang Dzongkhag.

  • The fire completely razed a mechanical workshop, a canteen and a pickup truck and several hectares of forest cover in the district.

  • Several volunteers, including Dzongkhag staff, Armed Forces, foresters, desuups, and fire volunteers battled the fire for serveral hours.

03 Mar 2016 description

This report lays out by country significant pieces of work that contribute to ending child marriage in eight countries of South Asia.

It starts with an overview of major regional initiatives, and then it covers government, UN and civil society/NGO initiatives by country. A final matrix identifies key strategies per initiative. A number of policies, key studies, and national plans are included as well for a better understanding of the legal foundation of child marriage and adolescent empowerment work.

23 Feb 2016 description

Nine months have passed since the devastating earthquakes hit Nepal on 25 April and 12 May 2015, killing at least 8,790 people and destroying 498,852 houses across Nepal. It was one of the hardest challenges Nepal had faced in recent history, yet the situation was worsened by the heavy disruption in the supply and distribution of fuel, gas and consumables.

16 Feb 2016 description

Country Strategy

WFP in Bhutan focuses on developing the capacity of the agencies involved with the National School Feeding Programme to enable a successful transition to full national ownership and handover of the programme by the end of 2018.

Each year the number of children fed by WFP will decline as they get added to the national programme supported by the Government of Bhutan. WFP’s ongoing feeding activities help ensure the Government partners’ trust in WFP, which is key to the success of the capacity development efforts.

16 Feb 2016 description


  • An above-average cereal harvest gathered in 2015
  • Cereal imports in 2015/16 marketing year (July/June) forecast to decline
  • Food insecurity persists in rural areas

Above-average cereal harvest gathered in 2015

16 Feb 2016 description

Nepal became an International Organization for Migration (IOM) member state in 2006. In 2007, the Government of Nepal (GoN) and the IOM signed a memorandum of understanding to encourage cooperation and the delivery of services to Nepal, which is a country of origin, transit and destination of migration. The IOM’s initial focus was on the resettlement of Bhutanese refugees.

12 Feb 2016 description

Summary of WFP assistance: Responding to the 25 April 2015 earthquake, WFP reached two million people through its three-phase emergency operation. As the final phase moved to conditional assistance, a period of rehabilitation work on community assets (such as trails, shared water taps, public toilets) was completed in exchange for cash or food support. The EMOP was supported by UNHAS and a logistics coordination response, coordinated by the Logistics Cluster, both of which served the entire humanitarian community responding to earthquake-affected populations.

01 Feb 2016 description

A set of briefs on gender and climate change that highlights how CIFOR and partner organizations are addressing current and emerging policy issues, with insights and recommendations based on experience.

Gender and climate change Evidence and experience