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16 September 2014: Eastern Europe – Floods


SLOVENIA: In the last few days heavy rains caused floods in parts of Slovenia. The most affected regions are Dolenjska, Pomurje, parts of Stajerska and Koroska. The situation is slowly stabilizing. More than 250 landslides occurred in the last days and the warning is still in place. According to media more than 1 100 buildings have been inundated. On 14 September, the Copernicus Emergency Management Service was activated.

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ERC implements second phase of relief programme for flood affected in Bosnia

SARAJEVO: The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, is implementing the second phase of emergency aid to flood-hit Bosnia which is due to be concluded by the end of October.

The aid included rebuilding and refurbishment of local residents' houses which were affected by the floods.

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Russian Emergencies Ministry plane to deliver humanitarian aid to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pursuant to the order of the Russian Government an Emergencies Ministry Il-76 plane has taken off from Ramenskoye airport to the airport in Sarajevo. Humanitarian assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina is provided in connection with this-year devastating flood. The Ministry’s plane is carrying over 38 tonnes of goods, mostly foodstuffs.

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Vulnerable Roma Families Receive Much Needed Help

Floods that hit Bosnia and Herzegovina in May this year were especially hard for Roma communities, already one of the most vulnerable minorities in the country.

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Farms in Bosnia and Herzegovina recover from floods with help from FAO

Delivery by FAO of much-needed livestock feed to small farms in flood-affected areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina got under way this morning in Bijeljina.

Present for the official launch of operations was Zoran Maletic, head of the local office of Extension Services of the Republika Srpska and Coordinator of the Solidarity Fund for reconstruction of Republika Srpska, who attended on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of Republika Srpska and Vlado Pijunovic, agricultural economist, represented FAO.

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Floods cause new displacement in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On a recent mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, IDMC’s Regional and Associate Regional Analyst visited the flood affected areas of Tuzla, Doboj and Prijedor. We witnessed the diminishing coping mechanisms of IDPs displaced by the conflict and returnees who have been directly affected by this year’s floods, in particular Roma and internally displaced persons (IDPs) still living in collective centres.

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Ending Violence Against Children: Six Strategies for Action

The Goal

This report has a simple and urgent goal: to connect decision-makers and relevant actors with strategies that prevent and respond to violence in the lives of children.

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Hidden in Plain Sight: a statistical analysis of violence against children

Over the last decade, recognition of the pervasive nature and impact of violence against children has grown. Still, the phenomenon remains largely undocumented and underreported.

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Doboj: Back to School in ‘Children's Corners’ Pending the Rehabilitation of Schools

Three Children’s Corners will be available to the boys and girls of Doboj primary schools to study, draw and interact until the start of regular classes. Doboj is one of the communities most affected by the floods in May this year and children in these schools started new school year with an abridged and modified curriculum.

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Flood Recovery Efforts Continue In Serbia And Bosnia

Baltimore, MD (IOCC) — Vladan and his wife welcome the arrival of much needed building supplies to repair their flood damaged home in Grdica, a village near Kraljevo, Serbia. Vladan's home along with hundreds of other homes in the area were submerged under several feet of water for days after a powerful surge of flood waters from Serbia's record breaking spring rainfall engulfed much of the country in May. The waters destroyed nearly everything inside the homes, now stripped bare and awaiting repairs to the walls and floors.

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Flood relief in Bosnia Herzegovina


Malteser International rebuilds soup kitchen and health center

The village of Maglaj is one of eight communities in Bosnia Herzegovina that were hit especially hard during the floods of May 2014. There, Malteser International is working with local partners as well as the Malteser association in the diocese of Limburg, Germany, to rebuild a soup kitchen and a health center. Both were heavily damaged by the flood waters. The reconstruction of these two facilities will benefit 25,000 people.

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Flood-struck families urgently make repairs as they face into winter

By Stephen Ryan (@stiofanoriain), in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Across the Bosnia and Herzegovina, communities are still struggling to recover from the devastating floods that swept across the country, as well as Croatia and Serbia, in May of this year. For the past three months, staff and volunteers of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina have been working non-stop to help the hundreds of thousands who were affected.

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Bosnia-Herzegovina & Serbia Humanitarian Aid Operation (Flood Disaster), May - July 2014

1. General Situation

Extraordinary rainfall affected over a million people in Bosnia and Herzegovina between 14 and 19 May 2014, causing the largest floods in 120 years. The number of casualties was 25. The severe and widespread rains triggered over 3,000 landslides. It is estimated that a total of 81 local municipalities suffered damages as well as social and environmental impact of a varying degree.

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First Care Center Opens for Bosnian Children with Disabilities

New facility is a port in the storm for children and their families

“Services like this one are truly welcome because the children can relax and have fun, while I can rest a bit. There is nothing more that someone can give to parents like us.”

Aug. 2014—Until now, children with developmental disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and their parents had no place to go for even a small respite from the extraordinary difficulties and stress in their daily lives. Now there is one place that offers them a soft, safe place to land, if only for a while.

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CERF Quarterly Update - April – June 2014

By the close of the second quarter of 2014, donors had contributed $296.1 million to CERF for 2014, bringing total contributions to over 68 per cent of total pledges for the year.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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Bosnia and Herzegovina – Flood Disaster Situation Report (11 Aug 2014)


• 5th to 8th of August heavy rainfall hit central, northern and south parts of the BiH

• The Federal and the RS meteorological Institutes report that the weather conditions will be good for the next four days

• Heavy rainfall caused new flooding and activation of landslides (e.i. 37 new landslides in Tuzla, 14 new landslides in Banja Luka, 20 in Celinac ) causing damage to property, infrastructure (roads, bridges, railway services) and agricultural land

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Summer Camps for Youth from the Flood Affected Areas

Over 350 high-school students from ten BiH municipalities and towns that suffered the most during the May floods, in the period of 07-18 August 2014, will have an opportunity to take part in one of nine youth summer camps. The summer camps will be organized in four locations: Una, National park Kozara, Blagaj and Jahorina.

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Flooding hits Serbia and Bosnia again

Heavy rains brought a new wave of flooding to Serbia and Bosnia this week, just three months after historic floods killed almost 80 people.

Agence France-Presse:

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CrisisWatch N°132 - 1 August 2014

Increasing Israeli-Palestinian tensions culminated in Israel launching "Operation Protective Edge" in Gaza in early July (see our latest report and commentary). The assault, which started as an aerial campaign and was later extended to include ground operations, reportedly killed more than 1,400 Palestinians throughout the month while 64 Israelis were killed in clashes inside the Gaza Strip and by Hamas rocket fire. Several attempts at reaching a ceasefire agreement failed in July.