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24 May 2017 description

In this issue

One in four Burundians acutely food insecure p.1

Three million Burundians facing multiple humanitarian needs p.2

Nearly 100 people a day refused entry into Tanzania p.2

Three million malaria cases since January 2017 p.3

Humanitarian risk analysis p.3

Humanitarian funding p.4


• One in four Burundians is in the humanitarian phase of acute food insecurity

• Nearly 100 people a day are refused entry into Tanzania

22 May 2017 description

Au sommaire

Un burundais sur quatre en insécurité alimentaire aiguë p.1 Trois millions de burundais face à une multitude de besoins humanitaires p.2 Près de 100 burundais refusés d’entrer en Tanzanie p.2 Trois millions de cas de paludime depuis janvier 2017 p.3 Analyse des risques humanitaires p.3 Bilan du financement humanitaire p.4


• Un burundais sur quatre est en phase humanitaire d'insécurité alimentaire aiguë

• Près d’une centaine de personnes par jour sont refusées d’entrer en Tanzanie

17 May 2017 description

This is the first consolidated presentation of the reported results of CERF funding, covering a full year of CERF allocations. As such, it serves as a pilot and will inform future CERF results reporting. This report was compiled on the basis of information provided by Resident Coordinators/Humanitarian Coordinators (RC/ HCs) and Humanitarian Country Teams (HCTs) in 66 consolidated reports covering the results of more than 450 CERF-funded projects.

02 May 2017 description


  • Malaria epidemic was declared on 13 March 2017

  • MIRA : Food insecurity, difficult access to potable water and rising mortality

  • Over half a million Burundians are displaced


# of people in need 3 million M 1.0M F 0.8M C 1.2M

# of people targeted 1 million M0.3M F 0.3M C 0.4M

# of IDPs 148,490 M: 68.9k F: 79.6k

Congolese refugees 58,000 M: 28.3k F: 29.6k

Burundian refugees 401,428 M: 186k F: 177k

20 Apr 2017 description

Au sommaire

Déclaration de l’épidémie du paludisme p.1

Évaluations MIRA p.2

Déplacements internes et externes p.2

Analyse des risques humanitaires p.3

Bilan du financement humanitaire p.4


  • L’épidémie du paludisme a été déclarée, le 13 mars 2017

  • MIRA : insécurité alimentaire, problèmes d’accès à l’eau potable et mortalité croissants

  • Près d’un demi-million de Burundais déplacés

Le Burundi déclare l’épidémie de paludisme

17 Apr 2017 description

Faits saillants

Près de 2 300 personnes déplacées dans les territoires de Kabambare et Shabunda.

Aperçu de la situation

03 Apr 2017 description


The southeastern town of Kalemie has been experiencing an irregular supply of water since late February, leading to a rise in cholera cases. Since 27 February, over 100 cases of the water-borne disease have been recorded across the city. Kalemie is regularly hit by water shortages due to shortcomings of the national water distribution company. Lack of water and poor hygiene have made cholera endemic in Kalemie and many other cities in the southeast.

30 Mar 2017 description

Distribution de vivres à 5 000 personnes retournés du Territoire de Tshikapa, Kasaï Depuis le vendredi 24 mars, l’ONG Centre Œcuménique pour la promotion du monde rurale (COPROMOR) distribue de l’aide alimentaire composé de farine de maïs, haricots, huile et sel à près de 5 000 personnes dans l’aire de santé de Kabeya Lumbu. En plus des vivres, cette assistance est aussi composée de semences et matériels agricoles pour faciliter la relance des activités agricoles de ces ménages établis dans 14 villages.

20 Mar 2017 description

This bi-monthly update brings together innovative policy, practice and partnerships from the Southern and Eastern African region that aim to strengthen the engagement of disaster-affected communities in humanitarian action. The aim of the publication is to create awareness about these initiatives and share good practice. Readers are encouraged to forward this email through their own networks and to share their contributions.

South Sudan: How sunshine is bringing radio to remote parts of South Sudan

16 Mar 2017 description


  • Nearly one in ten people is severely food insecure

  • SAM rates surpass the critical threshold of 2% in Kirundo

  • Malaria outbreak in Burundi: more than 9 million cases and over 4,000 deaths since January 2017

  • CERF supports food security and protection (DTM) sectors with US$3.5 million

Nearly one million more people affected by food insecurity in 2 months

06 Mar 2017 description
  • As of 28 February, United Nations Coordinated Appeals and Refugee Response Plans within the Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) require $22.6 billion to meet the humanitarian needs of 95.3 million crisis-affected people in 33 countries. Needs and financial requirements have increased due to finalization of the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) requesting around $2.1 billion and together the appeals are funded at $1.6 billion, leaving a shortfall of $21.0 billion.

28 Feb 2017 description

In 2016, the Surge Capacity Section (SCS) managed 144 deployments to 32 countries.

28 Feb 2017 description


  • Près d’une personne sur 10 est en insécurité alimentaire sévère

  • Des taux de MAS dépassent le seuil d’alerte de 2% dans la province de Kirundo

  • Une flambé du paludisme sévit au Burundi, plus de 9 millions de cas et plus de 4,000 décès rapportés

  • CERF finance les secteurs de l’insécurité alimentaire et protection (DTM) avec un montant de USD 3,5 millions

Presque 1 million de personnes de plus en insécurité alimentaire sévère en 2 mois

24 Feb 2017 description

Executive Summary

This report has been developed collectively with humanitarian partners in the region to inform preparedness and advocacy efforts to mitigate and manage humanitarian risk in the Horn of Africa and Great Lakes region*. It presents a three-month trend analysis from October to December 2016 and a humanitarian outlook from January to March 2017. It is the sixth report in the series and updates the previous scenario report which was published in October 2016.

Regional Trends: October-December 2016