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29 Sep 2015 description
  • As of 24 September, the funding gap of the coordinated appeals framework is $11.7 billion, meaning that almost 60 per cent is not covered. In total, $19.8 billion are required for 2015. $8.1 billion have been received which includes $1.5 billion newly reported to the Financial Tracking Service (FTS) in September.

25 Sep 2015 description

Introduction On 17 September 2015, OCHA and UNHCR jointly convened a donor and partner briefing to discuss the situation in Burundi and its impact on neighbouring countries. The agenda and list of participants are at the end of this Note. Two related presentations are also available:

24 Sep 2015 description

Faits saillants

 Des élèves burundais réfugiés en RDC ont retrouvé le chemin de l’école, mais des besoins persistent

 Plus de 3 200 familles vulnérables assistées en articles ménagers essentiels au nord de Shabunda

 300 congolais rapatriés de Burundi reçoivent des fonds pour la relance de leurs moyens de subsistance

Aperçu de la situation

18 Sep 2015 description

Faits saillants

• Les tracasseries des militaires limitent l’accès des civils aux champs à Mitwaba

• Quelques 1 200 demandeurs d’asile burundais seront transférés de Lubumbashi à Lusenda (SudKivu)

Contexte général

04 Sep 2015 description

(Kinshasa, 4 September 2015) The United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Kyung-wha Kang, ended today a 4-day mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where she said the world should not let it - one of the world’s most protracted crises - “fall off the humanitarian radar.”

21 Aug 2015 description


  • Likely El Niño event could cause mix of drought and flooding

  • Conflict and political tension driving food and nutrition insecurity

  • UN, AU warn of risks in Burundi

  • Number of people fleeing Yemen to the Horn of Africa continues to rise

  • AU holds WHS consultation in region

  • Scale-up of Somali refugee repatriation from Kenya foreseen

  • Despite renewed peace efforts, humanitarian situation in South Sudan continues to worsen

19 Aug 2015 description
  • The number of people targeted through coordinated humanitarian appeals rose from 76 million in 31 countries in December 2014 to 78.9 million people in 37 countries in June 2015. This figure now stands at over 82 million.*

  • US$6.6 billion have been received within the coordinated appeal framework.

  • The total humanitarian funding received inside and outside coordinated appeals stands at $11.5 billion. It is worth noting that $23.2 billion is the total amount received inside and outside the appeals last year in 2014.

24 Jul 2015 description

General Developments

Preliminary results following Burundi’s presidential elections on 21 July placed incumbent President Pierre Nkurunziza in the lead with 69 per cent of the votes.

21 Jul 2015 description

General Developments

Media reported that the Burundi presidential elections started on 21 July following a night of explosions and gunfire in the capital. At least two people were reportedly killed.

Elections are being held despite the Government pulling out of talks without agreement reached on a range of issues that would have contributed to the creation of a climate conducive to the holding of credible and peaceful elections. Further, three opposition presidential candidates have withdrawn from the elections.

16 Jul 2015 description

General Developments

Media reports indicate that in a meeting with the Government of Burundi and opposition in Bujumbura on 14 July, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, appointed by the East African Community (EAC) to facilitate dialogue, urged Burundi leaders to strive for unity. He added that sectarianism is a threat to development.

13 Jul 2015 description

General Developments

The Government of Burundi announced on 11 July that it was postponing the Presidential elections from 15 July to 21 July, short of the call from the leaders of the East African Community (EAC) to delay the elections till 30 July.