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25 May 2017 description

The Burundi Red Cross Society’s Humanitarian Hotline provides critical referral services to callers 24-hours a day

By Rita Maingi/OCHA ROSEA Bujumbura – May 2017

25 May 2017 description


La situation d'insécurité alimentaire est préoccupante au Burundi. Elle présente une détérioration continuelle.

  • 45,5% des ménages sont en insécurité alimentaire dont 8,5% (982 414 personnes) en situation d'insécurité alimentaire sévère ;

  • 13,8% des ménages ont une consommation alimentaire pauvre, et donc incapables de couvrir leurs besoins énergétiques quotidiens ;

  • 46,2% des ménages ont un score de diversité alimentaire pauvre ;

25 May 2017 description

Season B harvest to further improve food access

Key Messages

25 May 2017 description

Initial Season B harvest improves food availability and access

Key Messages

24 May 2017 description

In this issue

One in four Burundians acutely food insecure p.1

Three million Burundians facing multiple humanitarian needs p.2

Nearly 100 people a day refused entry into Tanzania p.2

Three million malaria cases since January 2017 p.3

Humanitarian risk analysis p.3

Humanitarian funding p.4


• One in four Burundians is in the humanitarian phase of acute food insecurity

• Nearly 100 people a day are refused entry into Tanzania

24 May 2017 description


409,662 New Burundian refugees in asylum countries since April 2015 as of 30 April 2017


USD 250 million Requested for the overall situation through UNHCR's Supplementary Appeal (Jan-Dec 2017)


  • Tanzania: Provide assistance to the Tanzanian Government in the development of the new Refugee Status Determination procedures.

23 May 2017 description
report UN News Service

23 mai 2017 – L'Agence des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés (HCR) a de nouveau fait part de son inquiétude concernant la situation instable au Burundi qui continue de pousser les gens à chercher la sécurité dans les pays voisins.

« Depuis avril 2015, quelque 410.000 réfugiés et demandeurs d'asile ont été contraints de fuir leurs foyers. Ces chiffres augmentent encore », a déclaré mardi un porte-parole du HCR, Babar Baloch, lors d'un point de presse à Genève.

23 May 2017 description


Majority of Burundian refugees are accommodated in Maham camp in Eastern Province. Some 30% of people live in urban locations mainly Kigali and Huye. Humanitarian assistance and protection is mainly provided to people living in the camp. Needs of people living in urban areas remain under supported mainly due to lack of funds. Therefore more and more people approach UNHCR with request for transfer to Mahama camp due to inability to cater for basic needs on their own.

23 May 2017 description


  • The camp population is currently at 53,646 individuals divided into 18, 634 households and of whom 49% are female;

  • Health partners led by MoH and WHO organized malaria screening and treatment in Mahama camp with 4,142 individuals tested;

  • Swedish mission impressed by Mahama camp

  • UNICEF signs agreement with IEE (Innovation Education for Empowerment) to build teachers capacity.

23 May 2017 description

At a glance

483,257 people of concern as of April 2017

The Burundi crisis was categorized by UNHCR as a Level 2 emergency on 11 May 2015. Since April 2015, some 420,689 Burundians have fled to neighbouring countries, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania. Within Burundi, a further 55,293 people are displaced and 7,275 refuge returnees have been reported.

US$250 million is needed in financial requirements for the Burundi situation for January until December 2017

23 May 2017 description

This is a summary of what was said by UNHCR spokesperson Babar Baloch – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

23 May 2017

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is today renewing its concern over the unstable situation in Burundi, which continues to drive people to seek safety in neighbouring countries. Since April 2015, some 410,000 refugees and asylum seekers have been forced to flee their homes. These numbers are still rising.

23 May 2017 description

Conseil des droits de l’homme

Trente-cinquième session

6-23 juin 2017

Point 3 de l’ordre du jour

Promotion et protection de tous les droits de l’homme, civils, politiques, économiques, sociaux et culturels, y compris le droit au développement

Note du secrétariat