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Burundi: Floods - DREF Operation n° MDRBI010 Final Report

During the night of Sunday, 9 February 2014, torrential rains (that fell for around 10 hours) caused flooding, mudslides and landslides in five communes namely: Buterere, Kamenge, Kanyosha, Kinama, and Ngagara in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi. Bujumbura is located on a plain between a range of hills and Lake Tanganyika, which makes certain areas of the town vulnerable to heavy rainfall and landslides. On 12 February, the Kajaga and Kinyinya areas in Mutumbuzi commune, Bujumbura rural province, were also affected.

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In Burundi, ten thousand voices and counting

In Burundi, where infrastructure challenges abound, making sure children and young people can speak up about the issues they face can be an enormous challenge.

And in Burundi, making sure children can speak up means not only fulfilling a basic right of theirs, it’s also very logical. Youth under 18 make up 51% of the population here – meaning the average Burundian is a child.

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Le Gouvernement du Burundi appelle les partenaires à toujours soutenir la Société Nationale

La Croix-Rouge du Burundi organise du 23 au 24 octobre sa traditionnelle Réunion des Partenaires, édition 2014. Une bonne occasion pour les partenaires de se prononcer sur les domaines de coopération avec la Société Nationale pour les années suivantes.

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Kenya + 1 other
Fishing for a living in the desert wastes of northern Kenya

KAKUMA REFUGEE CAMP, Kenya, October 22 (UNHCR) – Noah Ilambona has been a fisherman all his life, so the refugee from Burundi felt completely lost when he ended up in the arid reaches of north-west Kenya after fleeing home in 2010 with his wife and first child.

"I was happy to have found safety. The fighting was terrible back home," admitted the 30-year-old, who fled to Kakuma Refugee Camp from his village on the banks of Mulembwe River, which feeds into Lake Tanganyika.

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Troisième évaluation de la mise en œuvre de la Feuille de route en vue des élections de 2015

22 octobre 2014 - Pour la troisième fois depuis son adoption en mars 2013 lors d'un atelier organisé conjointement par le Gouvernement burundais et le Bureau des Nations Unies au Burundi (BNUB), la Feuille de route en vue des élections de 2015 fera l'objet d'une évaluation par les partis et acteurs politiques du Burundi, jeudi, 23 octobre 2014, à Gitega.

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Third assessment of the Roadmap towards 2015 elections

22 October 2014 - For the third time since its adoption at a workshop organized in March 2013 by the Government of Burundi and the United Nations Office in Burundi (BNUB), the implementation of the Roadmap towards 2015 elections will be assessed on Thursday 23 October 2014 in Gitega.

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Malawi + 3 others
Malawi: a ticket to hope, graduation of online university students in Dzaleka refugee camp

Dzaleka, 6 October 2014 – Only a few years ago, the idea of offering higher education in refugee camps would have been considered almost inconceivable. Yet today the graduation ceremony in Dzaleka camp has become an annual event. This occasion, said Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) International Director, Peter Balleis SJ, was as a celebration of 'normality'.

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World + 51 others
Global Emergency Overview Snapshot 15 - 21 October

The weekly Global Overview aggregates information from a range of sources and provides the latest updates on and a ranking of current humanitarian crises.

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In Burundi, UN envoy lauds role of women, youths in bringing peace to Great Lakes

UN News Service

20 October 2014 – Women and young people must play a central role in establishing a long-term peace for Africa’s Great Lakes Region amid the area’s renewed efforts to overcome a past scarred by conflict, a top UN official said today.

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World + 31 others
IOM Humanitarian Compendium 2014 - Revised Requirements

IOM’s updated Humanitarian Compendium is now available in a new online platform: The Humanitarian Compendium charts the humanitarian needs and strategic priorities of IOM in more than 30 countries for 2014, as coordinated at the inter-agency level, and reflected in Inter-Agency Response Plans and IOM Appeals. The Humanitarian Compendium will be updated on a rolling basis to reflect changes in requirements and funding received.

International Organization for Migration:

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Kenya + 9 others
East Africa Assumptions for Quarterly Food Security Analysis - October 2014

Assumptions for Quarterly Food Security Analysis

FEWS NET’s Food Security Outlook reports for October 2014 to March 2015 are based on the following regional assumptions:


From September to December, 30 to 70 percent of total annual rainfall falls in parts of Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania (Figure 1).

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Humanitarian Assistance in Review East and Central Africa | Fiscal Year (FY) 2004 – 2014

Conflict, cyclical drought, floods, disease outbreaks, environmental degradation, rapid population growth, and limited government capacity present significant challenges to vulnerable populations in the ECA region. Between FY 2005 and FY 2014, USAID’s Office of U.S.

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La Tanzanie accorde la citoyenneté à 162 000 réfugiés burundais

GENEVE, 17 octobre (HCR) – Le HCR a salué la décision historique de la Tanzanie d'accorder la citoyenneté à 162 156 anciens réfugiés burundais. De toute l'histoire du HCR, c'est le plus important groupe à qui la naturalisation est offerte par un pays de premier asile, en tant que solution durable à des décennies de vie en exil.

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DR Congo UNHCR Fact Sheet, 30 september 2014


745 IDPs have received NFIs on 19 September in Lukwangulo and Kabembé in Katanga Province

68,165 Central African refugees live in the DRC

750 Enhanced stoves have been distributed in Nyiragongo and Rutshuru (N-Kivu)

2,234 Protection incidents recorded in South-Kivu. 4,217 in South-Kivu.


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Burundi + 2 others
Le Burundi s’inspire de l’Afrique du Sud et du Mexique pour lutter contre la pauvreté

Bujumbura - Au Burundi, deux personnes sur trois vivent en dessous du seuil de la pauvreté et près de 80 pour cent de la population gagne moins d’un dollar par jour. Le chômage constitue l’un des problèmes les plus préoccupants et il touche particulièrement les jeunes.

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Liberia + 7 others
Ministerial Communique on Ebola virus disease emergency preparedness and response in the East African Community partner states and support to the Western African countries





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Tanzania begins granting citizenship to over 162,000 former Burundian refugees, ending more than 40 years of exile

This is a summary of what was said by the UNHCR spokesperson at today’s Palais des Nations press briefing in Geneva. Further information can be found on the UNHCR websites, and, which should also be checked for regular media updates on non-briefing days.

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An Outsized Problem with a Small-sized Solution

In the lush countryside of Burundi, you wouldn’t expect there to be chronically high rates of malnutrition. But hidden behind the walls of a family’s house, poor feeding practices, compounded by large families with kids close in age, means malnutrition lurks. According to a 2013 IFPRI study, more than 73 percent of the population in Burundi is undernourished, and 58 percent of the population is stunted. These figures are staggering, given the population of Burundi is only 10 million.

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Tanzania to grant citizenship to 200,000 Burundi refugees

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania | AFP | Tuesday 10/14/2014 - 15:05 GMT | 287 words

Tanzania said Tuesday it will grant citizenship to some 200,000 refugees from neighbouring Burundi, a move hailed by the UN refugee agency.

"Those to be granted citizenship are refugees who have stayed in Tanzania since 1972 and have voluntarily opted to stay in the country," Home Affairs Minister Mathias Chikawe told AFP.

Agence France-Presse:

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