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27 Jun 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • UNICEF is supporting the Government of Angola and UNHCR to resettle refugees from existing reception centres which are near capacity to an identified new settlement site in Lovua. Relocation has not yet commenced.

  • UNICEF and partners have constructed 108 latrines and 92 shower units to improve sanitation and hygiene conditions benefitting 5,700 people, and reached 16,729 refugees with hygiene promotion messages.

27 Jun 2017 description


  • This weekly bulletin focuses on selected acute public health emergencies occurring in the WHO African region. WHO AFRO is currently monitoring 40 events: three Grade 3, seven Grade 2, five Grade 1, and twenty five ungraded events.

26 Jun 2017 description

GENÈVE (23 juin 2017) – Le Haut-Commissaire des Nations Unies aux droits de l’homme Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein a déclaré ce vendredi que l’ouverture d’une enquête internationale sur les violations odieuses des droits de l’homme et atteintes à ces droits dans la région du Kasaï en République démocratique du Congo envoie aux auteurs présumés le message que la communauté internationale a fermement l’intention de les traduire en justice.

26 Jun 2017 description

GENEVA (23 June 2017) – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein on Friday said the creation of an international investigation into allegations of gross violations and abuses in the Kasai regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo sends a strong message to the perpetrators that the international community is serious about bringing them to justice.

26 Jun 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund



Seven decades ago, the world was recovering from a devastating world war. For millions of child survivors of that war, peace still encompassed a landscape of significant challenges and damaged futures. UNICEF was created to help those children – no matter who they were, no matter where they were from. The only thing that mattered for the nascent organization was achieving results for children in need.

26 Jun 2017 description

Influx of refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo continues, with some 200-400 new arrivals per day.

Construction work at the new Lóvua site began on 22 June. The site is designed to accommodate some 30,000 refugees.

55 families were assisted with shelter support. Some 3,000 people are sensitized daily on issues such as good hygiene practices and malaria prevention.


Newly arrived Congolese refugees (Government of Angola)

24 Jun 2017 description

Luanda - From the year 1996 to 2017, over 3. 4 billion square meters of land were demined in Angola, corresponding to 108.5 million square meters of roads, 7.7 million square meters of unexploded ordnances.,
This is an outcome that emerged from the National Demining Conference held in Luanda on 22-23 June under the slogan "Angola free from Landmines, moving towards development".

24 Jun 2017 description

Luanda - Demining is crucial for the country to return to normal since the circulation of people and flow of goods, development of agriculture, trade, construction and rehabilitation of infrastructures are only possible if the territory is free of landmines.,
This was said by the minister of Welfare and Social Reintegration, Gonçalves Muandumba, when speaking last Friday at the closing ceremony of the National Demining Conference, which took place in Luanda on 22-23 June under the motto “Angola free from landmines, moving towards development”.

23 Jun 2017 description

Ce rapport a été produit par OCHA RD Congo en collaboration avec les partenaires au Kasaï, Kasaï Central et au Kasaï Oriental. Il couvre la période du 1 er juin (date suivant la parution du Sitrep n°7) au 22 juin 2017. La région du Kasaï fait ici référence aux provinces du Kasaï, Kasaï Central, Kasaï Oriental, ainsi que celles de la Lomami et du Sankuru.

Faits saillants

23 Jun 2017 description

This report was produced by OCHA DR Congo in collaboration with partners in Kasai, Central Kasai and Eastern Kasai. It covers the period from 1 June (following the SitRep n°7) to 22 June 2017. The Kasai region here refers to the provinces of Kasai, Central Kasai, Eastern Kasai, Lomami and Sankuru.


• Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O'Brien has declared that the situation in the Kasai region is a Corporate Emergence for OCHA.

23 Jun 2017 description


In response to a severe drought associated with the 2015/16 El Niño episode, the Southern African Development Community launched a regional humanitarian appeal in July 2016 for $2.4 billion to support the needs of the affected population in the affected Member States.

23 Jun 2017 description

Luanda - Angola needs at least 200 million US dollars ($ 1 = 165,092 Akz) to meet, by 2025, the provisions of the Ottawa Convention to make the country free of landmines.

This was said to the press on Thursday by the Social Welfare minister, Gonçalves Muandumba, as part of the National Demining Conference, taking place in Luanda on 22-23 June.

According to the official, this is a great challenge for the government for the remaining time, since this process was affected due to the economic crisis that is hitting the country.

22 Jun 2017 description

At the upcoming AU summit, will leaders equip the Peace and Security Council to deal with conflicts?

In this issue

Special Focus: 29th AU summit

Will the African Union (AU) Assembly equip the Peace and Security Council (PSC) and the AU Commission with the necessary mandates to deal with conflicts?

Heads of state and government are expected to take critical decisions that will shape the future of the AU as the main driver of integration on the continent.

Situation Analysis

22 Jun 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Marcos González

DUNDO, Angola, 20 June 2017 – "My dad was a police officer. He was working that day and returned to the city to pick up mom and me on a motorcycle. It was there that the militia arrived, and I do not know what kind of magic they did, but the motorcycle could no longer work... and that's where my parents were beheaded. I just ran away."

21 Jun 2017 description

Ondjiva - About 44.6 million square metres of land in the southern Cunene Province were demined in the period between the year 2007 and the present year, informed on Wednesday, in Ondjiva City, the local head of studies and planning of the National Demining Institute (INAD), David Herculano.

Speaking to ANGOP, about INAD’s assessment report on its demining operations, David Herculano revealed that the mines clearance work took place in the municipalities of Ombadja, Cuvelai, Cahama, Namacunde and Cuanhama.