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Senegal + 9 others
Climate Prediction Center’s Africa Hazards Outlook, October 30 – November 5, 2014

  • Another week of poorly distributed rains across the Greater Horn has led to strengthening deficits in southern Somalia.

  • In southern Africa, a delayed start of monsoonal rains observed in parts of Angola and South Africa.

1) As the rainfall season ends across Senegal and harvesting begins, impacts from poorly distributed rains during the summer months and a delayed onset to the rainfall season in July which resulted in deteriorated conditions could impact crop yields.

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World + 36 others
Food Assistance Outlook Brief, October 2014

Food shortages and weak purchasing power will limit food availability and access, particularly for the urban poor and for households with ill or deceased family members, in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

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Angola Remote Monitoring Update - October 2014

Good rains expected to positively impact the start of the 2014/15 agriculture season


  • Food prices have stabilized in most parts of the country. However, market prices in Namibe continue to decline due to later than normal horticulture production. Increasing food supplies in the Namibe will likely improve access among households that are currently relying on market purchases for their food needs.

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NPA signs agreement with the EU on Mine Action in Angola

On the 22nd of July 2014, NPA signed an agreement with the European Union for EUR 1,107,600.00 over the next 21 months to conduct clearance of mines and ERW in Zaire province.

The project started on the 1st of September 2014 and through the project period NPA is expected to release approximately 602,500 m2 of contaminated land. A total of three “high impacted” confirmed hazardous areas have been included in this project and a total of 8,000 men, women and children should directly benefit after the land has been return to the communities.

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DR Congo UNHCR Fact Sheet, 30 september 2014


745 IDPs have received NFIs on 19 September in Lukwangulo and Kabembé in Katanga Province

68,165 Central African refugees live in the DRC

750 Enhanced stoves have been distributed in Nyiragongo and Rutshuru (N-Kivu)

2,234 Protection incidents recorded in South-Kivu. 4,217 in South-Kivu.


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Mozambique + 4 others
Rats Against Mines from Angola to Cambodia

They run, sniff and sense, though instead of cheese since they were little they were accustomed to TNT, the explosive used for anti-personnel mines. They are the giant African pouched rats, the light protagonists (weighing around 1.5kg, much less than the 5kg that would detonate the ordnances) of a mine clearing project that are helping communities devastated by war.

Agence France-Presse:

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Huila government builds hydraulic dams

Lubango - Three hydraulic dams will be built soon in the municipalities of Gambos, Chibia and Lubango, in the ambit of the emergency programme of the southern Huila Province government, aimed at fighting drought, a phenomenon that has been affecting this region of the country.

This was announced last Monday, in Huila,, by the province’s governor, Marcelino Tyipinge, in the end of a work visit to the municipality of Gambos, having informed that that the sites where the mentioned undertakings will be built have already been identified.

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INAD demines 28 kilometres of the Chiulo/Manquete road section

Ondjiva - About 28 kilometres out of a total of 67 kilometres of the Chiulo/Manquete road section, in Ombadja Municipality, southern Cunene Province, were demined by the National Demining Institute (INAD), informed last Friday the head of the institution’s ordnances clearances brigade, Edson Joaquim Cambulo.

According to the official, who spoke to ANGOP, the works started last July and according to data from INAD the brigade collected already one anti-personnel landmine, 194 ammunitions of diverse caliber and two other non detonated devices.

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Angola + 1 other
Over four thousand Angolans return from DRC

Luanda - The minister of Social Welfare, João Baptista Kussumua, Tuesday in Luanda said that from nearly 29,000 Angolan refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with intention to return to Angola, 4,222 are already in the country.

The Cabinet minister made this statement to the press at the end of the 7th Ordinary Session of the Commission on Social Policy of the Council of Ministers, which presented the report-opinion on the latest developments of the operation of voluntary repatriation of former Angolan refugees who are still in DRC.

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Madagascar + 8 others
Southern Africa: Weekly Report (23rd to 29th September 2014)

Regional Overview

According to FEWSNET, regional cereal production estimates for 2013/14 show an increased availability by 17 per cent above last year and 19 per cent above the past five-year average. Cereal production is also 2 per cent above the regional annual requirements.

In Focus: Southern Africa Climate Outlook

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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Angola + 10 others
Food Security Early Warning System - Agromet Update Issue 1, 2014/2015 Agricultural Season

Overview of the SARCOF Forecast

Four seasonal forecasts were issued at the SARCOF, covering the periods October to December 2014 (figure 1a), November 2014 to January 2015 (figure 1b), December 2014 to February 2015 (figure 1c), and January to March 2015 (figure 1d). According to the SARCOF, most of the SADC region is expected to receive normal to above-normal rainfall (light blue colours) throughout the forecast period. The exceptions are as follows:

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European Union releases 20 million Euros for landmine clearing

Bailundo - Twenty million Euros have been released by the European Union this year to support landmine clearing projects in 11 Angolan provinces, Angop learned.

The information was released Friday in the municipality of Bailundo, central Huambo province, by the head of the National Multi-sector Demining and Humanitarian Assistance Commission (CNIDA), Rita Botelho Jesus Riba.

Speaking at the launch of the demining project in Bailundo, the official said the fund is intended to improve the flow of people and goods in the country.

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World + 15 others
Rainfall Forecast for the 2014/2015 Agricultural Season

The Eighteenth Southern Africa Climate Outlook Forum (SARCOF-18) was convened from 27 to 29 August 2014 in Harare, Zimbabwe by the SADC Climate Services Centre (CSC) to formulate consensus guidance for the 2014/2015 rainfall season over the SADC region. A series of rainfall outlooks covering the period October 2014 to March 2015 were prepared by climate scientists from the National Meteorological and/or Hydrological Services (NMHSs) of the SADC region and the SADC CSC.

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Niger + 5 others
Japan pledges support to help African countries recover from disaster

Tokyo, 26 September 2014 – The government announced today that it will donate US$ 2 million to a United Nations programme to help African nations prepare for disasters.

The money will go to the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) ‘Preparedness for Resilient Recovery’ project, which is working to help Angola, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Niger and Rwanda, to better manage and prepare for recovery before disasters occur.

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World + 16 others
Polio this week as of 24 September 2014

  • A synchronised regional mass polio vaccination campaign in central and western Africa is currently underway to vaccinate nearly 94 million children in 18 countries with oral polio vaccine (OPV).

  • On 18 September, Nepal became the first GAVI eligible country to introduce inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) into its routine immunization programme. Plans are underway to introduce IPV into the immunization programmes of the 126 countries currently using only oral polio vaccine, ahead of a planned switch from trivalent OPV to bivalent OPV.