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29 Jun 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

Le rapport Réduire les écarts : L’importance des investissements en faveur des enfants les plus pauvres présente des éléments de preuve irréfutables venant appuyer une hypothèse audacieuse émise par l’UNICEF en 2010 : les coûts supplémentaires engendrés par les mesures permettant à des interventions à fort impact en matière de santé d’atteindre les plus démunis seraient compensés par l’obtention de meilleurs résultats. Cette nouvelle étude se fonde sur des modèles et des données issus de 51 pays.

28 Jun 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

Invertir en los niños pobres salva vidas

Se presentó hoy el informe Reducir las diferencias: El poder de invertir en los niños más pobres

· Estudio revela que las inversiones en salud de los más pobres salvan casi el doble de vidas por US $ 1 millón invertido, que las inversiones equivalentes en los no pobres.

· Se estima que en la región 196.000 niños menores de cinco años mueren por causas prevenibles, de los cuales 167.000 (85%) tienen menos de un año (2015). En la región, muere un niño cada tres minutos.

28 Jun 2017 description

Total arrivals in Greece (Jan - June 2017): 8,975

Total arrivals in Greece during Jun 2017: 1,701

Average daily arrivals during Jun 2017: 65

Average daily arrivals during May 2017: 68

Daily estimated departures from islands to Mainland: 39

Estimated departures from islands to Mainland during June 2017: 1,172

28 Jun 2017 description

Afghanistan acceded to the 1951 Convention and 1967 Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees in 2005, but has not implemented a national asylum framework.

In 2014, Afghanistan received an influx of refugees from North Waziristan Agency; an estimated 125,000 individuals remain in a protracted refugee-like situation.

Under its mandate, UNHCR has registered 349 asylumseekers and refugees of various nationalities in Kabul and other urban centres.

28 Jun 2017 description


  • On 30 May, a new Reception Centre (RC) in Vranje (South) accommodated a first 135 refugees/migrants, all families and/or unaccompanied and separated children (UASCs), who were all voluntarily transferred from Presevo Reception Centre (RC).

  • On 31 May, the last 200 residents of Transit Centre (TC) Šid were moved to other centres and the Centre remained deactivated.

28 Jun 2017 description



AFFECTED AREAS Mindanao: Davao del Sur, Lanao del Sur (ARMM), Maguindanao (ARMM), North Cotabato, Sarangani, Sultan Kudarat, Zamboanga del Norte provinces


FIGURES More than 35,000 new disaster displacements between 3 and 6 June; as many as 389,000 new conflict displacements between 23 May and 14 June; about 2,400 returns between 3 and 13 June


28 Jun 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

Investments in poor children save more lives per dollar spent, new UNICEF study says

Unless the world makes faster progress on reducing child mortality, by 2030 almost 70 million children will die before reaching their fifth birthday

Download the report, photos and videos: http://uni.cf/2seRgNw

28 Jun 2017 description


  • By 25 June, the overall number of new refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants counted in Serbia shrunk to 5,948. 93% were accommodated in 18 governmental centres.

27 Jun 2017 description

HERAT - Improving the ability of women victims of violence to seek formal recourse to justice was at the centre of a lively UN-backed TV debate in the western province of Herat.

The discussion, the fifth in a series of similar events in recent weeks, was organized by the Herat regional office of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).

27 Jun 2017 description
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Arrivals VS Corruption - Screenshot of the interactive content as of 27 Jun 2017.
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Arrivals VS Development - Screenshot of the interactive content as of 27 Jun 2017.
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Arrivals VS Peace - Screenshot of the interactive content as of 27 Jun 2017.

The Migration Country Profiles project aspires to contribute to a better understanding of migratory trends across Africa and the Middle East towards Europe. The project focuses specifically on the 2016 top-ten countries of origin of migrants and six key countries of transit that migrants are likely to take before embarking on the Mediterranean or Aegean sea journeys.

The profiles take particular consideration the push factors of migration, including human rights, conflict, and development contexts of each country of origin and transit.

27 Jun 2017 description
report Medair

By Katherine, Medair Relief Worker

26 Jun 2017 description

Livelihoods are fundamentally about what people do to meet their needs over time, including how they cope with and recover from shocks. Understanding how people do this is a central part of the work of the Secure Livelihood Research Consortium (SLRC).

This report synthesizes findings on livelihoods from quantitative and qualitative research projects conducted by SLRC from 2011 to 2016 in eight countries affected by fragility and conflict to varying degrees: Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nepal, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, and Uganda.

26 Jun 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund



Seven decades ago, the world was recovering from a devastating world war. For millions of child survivors of that war, peace still encompassed a landscape of significant challenges and damaged futures. UNICEF was created to help those children – no matter who they were, no matter where they were from. The only thing that mattered for the nascent organization was achieving results for children in need.

25 Jun 2017 description
report ActionAid

This is a summary publication of the main lessons learned from ActionAid flagship project Ready for Anything that was implemented from July 2013 to December 2016. The project promoted a holistic approach to building community resilience in rural communities in Afghanistan, Malawi, Myanmar and Nepal. It aimed to equip women in the target communities with the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead community resilience building. Women and families were supported to adapt farming practices to tackle climate change, using a Climate Resilient Sustainable Agriculture approach.

25 Jun 2017 description

The government is making it possible for Dutch aid organisations to deliver aid to Afghanistan. Over 85,000 of the most vulnerable people will be given cash vouchers to buy food, water wells and tents. Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen explained, ‘Single parents, the sick, children and pregnant women urgently need extra protection. This special focus means they will not have to risk abuse or resort to begging in order to survive. And at the same time we are helping to rebuild Afghanistan so that young people can have a future there.’

25 Jun 2017 description


Among those returned thus far, the vast majority have been nonSyrians and mainly constitute Pakistani nationals (45%). Other nationalities represented among returnees include Afghans,
Bangladeshis, Algerians and Iranians.

At least, 45% of those express no will to apply for asylum and/or withdrew their will to apply for asylum in Greece.

In total, 193 Syrians (16% of the total number of returnees) have been returned to Turkey to date and none have been returned on the basis that their claim was found inadmissible.