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30 Nov 2015 description
report UN Population Fund

Kabul, 29 November 2015 - The Central Statistics Organization (CSO) of Afghanistan launched the highlights of Samangan Socio-Demographic and Economic Survey this morning during a press event in the presence of relevant government entities, the Governor of Samangan, the United Nations and international organizations.

29 Nov 2015 description

At a cost of more than AFN eight million and 355 thousand – funded by the National Rural Access Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (NRAP/MRRD) a development project comprising of six kilometers rural road was recently completed in the provincial capital of Farah province.

Approximately, 16,000 families have gained access to necessary transportation facilities upon completion of this development project.

29 Nov 2015 description

At a cost of more than AFN 47 million and 822 thousand - funded by the National Solidarity Programme of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/NSP) including 10% community contribution 48 infrastructure projects were recently completed in various villages of Khadir, Getti, Sang-e-Takht and Shahristan districts of Daykundi province.

29 Nov 2015 description

Afghanistan launches National Food Based Dietary Guidelines (FBDGs) for improved nutrition

Kabul, 29 November, 2015: The Government of Afghanistan has taken another step forward in its efforts to improve nutrition in the country by launching national food based dietary guidelines.

The commitment of “National Food Based Dietary Guidelines (FBDGs) for Afghans” was jointly signed today by the Ministers MoPH and MoE, Deputy Minister of MAIL, and FAO Representative to Afghanistan.

29 Nov 2015 description

Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi Minister of MORR, head of delegation, Deputy Minister of plan and policy, and number of Directors was his companion, was kept together went to Kandahar province on 26 November, 2015.

In meeting that was held in Governor House, met with the Governor, Deputy Governor, local authorities of Kandahar province, the people's representatives in Wolesi Jirga and Provincial Council members talked the relation of bilateral cooperation, settlement in order to solve the problems of returnees and displaced.

29 Nov 2015 description

KHOST, 29 November 2015 – Religious leaders in Afghanistan’s southeastern province of Khost called for full support to the peace efforts made by the Government of Afghanistan.

Some 60 leaders from several districts across the province made their voices heard at the event, calling for greater engagement from the religious community and a wider discussion about the current peace initiatives and the role of clerics in them.

29 Nov 2015 description

Total arrivals (Jan – 27 Nov 2015): 728,910

Total arrivals during November: approx. 127,272

Average daily arrivals during November: approx. 4,700 per day

Average daily arrivals during October: approx. 6,800 per day

Top nationalities of arrivals during October: Syria: 51%, Afghanistan: 30%, Iraq: 11%, Iran: 3%

Top nationalities of arrivals during November: Syria: 46%, Afghanistan: 28%, Iraq: 11%, Iran: 6%

29 Nov 2015 description

Total arrivals in Lesvos (Jan – 26 Nov 2015): 425,709

Total arrivals in Lesvos during November: 82,903 (65% of arrivals in Greece during November)

Average daily arrivals during November in Lesvos: approx. 3,070 per day

Average daily arrivals during October in Lesvos: approx. 4,400 per day

Top nationalities of arrivals in Lesvos during November: Syria: 47%, Afghanistan: 37%, Iraq: 7%, Iran: 4%

Top nationalities of arrivals in Lesvos during October: Syria: 42%, Afghanistan: 40%, Iraq: 12%, Iran: 4%

29 Nov 2015 description

Missing Migrants Project is the only global database sharing key data on deceased and missing migrants around the world. This info-graphic focuses on migrant arrivals and fatalities in the Mediterranean region. #MissingMigrants

28 Nov 2015 description
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The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) monitors trends in staple food prices in countries vulnerable to food insecurity. For each FEWS NET country and region, the Price Bulletin provides a set of charts showing monthly prices in the current marketing year in selected urban centers and allowing users to compare current trends with both five-year average prices, indicative of seasonal trends, and prices in the previous year.

27 Nov 2015 description

Next week, Mozambique, formerly one of the world’s most heavily mined countries, will formally declare it has completed mine clearance on its territory, the 29th country to do so since the 1990s. This leaves 60 countries and territories still contaminated according to Clearing the Mines, a review of mine action programmes around the world published today by Norwegian People’s Aid. The report’s authors have calculated that by 2020 another 20 countries should have completed mine clearance and the urgent humanitarian threat removed from the other 40.

27 Nov 2015 description

Today, Afghans constitute the largest group of asylum seekers to Norway. While many young Afghan men cross the Storskog border in Finnmark, women are fleeing inside their homeland, Afghanistan. ”I lost two of my childhood friends in suicide bombings. And one day, when I was going to the gym, a bomb exploded in the street", Farshid says.

He entered Europe by crossing the Mediterranean Sea and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) meet him on the Greek Island of Chios.

”You cannot feel safe there”, he says referring to his hometown, Kabul.

27 Nov 2015 description

Statistics/ Highlights

  • 2,636 refugees and migrants arrived: 2,413 from fYRo Macedonia and 223 from Bulgaria.

  • 952 departed to Croatia.

  • 2,729 asylum seekers were registered on 26 November, bringing the total to 474,131.

-The number of refugees arriving to Serbia picked up again but stayed manageable even in bad winter weather.

27 Nov 2015 description
report Belgian Red Cross

“Je les vois pendant juste quelques minutes, les examine, les soigne, et ils partent. Mais je me souviendrai de chacun d’entre eux toute ma vie. Leurs histoires, leurs sourires, leurs souvenirs…” témoignait en octobre Maria Louvrou, infirmière de la Croix-Rouge Hellénique.

27 Nov 2015 description
report IRIN

OXFORD, 27 November 2015 (IRIN) - Two weeks have elapsed since the terrorist attacks in Paris. With the news that at least two of the attackers posed as refugees to enter Europe via Greece, a number of EU countries have taken steps to shore up their borders and restrict entry by asylum seekers, citing both security concerns and capacity problems. Here’s a round-up of which countries have done what:


27 Nov 2015 description
report IRIN

OXFORD, 27 November 2015 (IRIN) - Passport checks. Visa controls. Border fences. Electronic and drone surveillance. Sanctions on airlines and shipping companies. And the interdiction and redirection of boats at sea. During the past three decades, the world’s more prosperous states have introduced a panoply of measures intended to prevent and deter the arrival of asylum seekers and migrants from other parts of the globe.

27 Nov 2015 description

Ankara, Turkey | Friday 11/27/2015 - 09:46 GMT

At least six children drowned on Friday in two separate incidents when their boats sank off Turkey while trying to make the risky crossing to Greece, state media reported.

A first boat loaded with 55 Syrian and Afghan migrants sank in strong winds and high waves in the Aegean after setting out from near the town of Ayvacik for the Greek island of Lesbos, the Anatolia news agency reported.

Turkish coastguards have so far recovered bodies of four Afghan children, it said.