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23 Aug 2017 description
report Human Rights Watch

Dangerous focus on 'retribution' rather than protection

22 Aug 2017 description

“I worry for my life every morning I go to work”

Kabul 19 August 2017 – As the conflict in Afghanistan escalates and expands, healthcare comes under attack. Since January this year, 164 health facilities have been forced to close due to insecurity and conflict and 24 health facilities have been attacked and damaged either deliberately or as collateral damage. The forced closure of health facilities is currently affecting around 3 million people’s access to healthcare in Afghanistan.

22 Aug 2017 description


  • 905 undocumented Afghans returned from Pakistan
  • 10,248 undocumented Afghans returned from Iran
  • 82,191 total returns from Pakistan since 1 January 2017
  • 225,332 total returns from Iran since 1 January 2017
  • 95% of returnees from Pakistan (862 individuals) assisted
  • 4% of returnees from Iran (415 individuals) assisted

Situation Overview

22 Aug 2017 description

The CHF is a strategic pooled financing tool that enables a timely response through support to humanitarian partners for addressing critical gaps and delivering priority actions of the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan, whilst strengthening coordination and leadership through the Humanitarian Coordinator and the Cluster System. The CHF First Standard Allocation was launched in early May with US$15 million designated for 3 priority areas outlined within the allocation strategy approved by the Humanitarian Coordinator and in consultation with the CHF Advisory Board:

22 Aug 2017 description

In 2016, the Humanitarian Coordinator directed the CHF through two Standard Allocations and three Reserve Allocations to respond to prioritized humanitarian needs.

The Health Sector remained the largest recipient, with 35 per cent of the Fund in 2016, due to the continued need for life-saving trauma services in areas of active fighting with high numbers of civilian casualties, as well as health services to vulnerable populations in the underserved areas affected by conflict and natural disasters and cross-border movements.

21 Aug 2017 description
report UN General Assembly
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Note by the Secretary-General

The Secretary-General has the honour to transmit to the members of the General Assembly the joint report of the Special Rapporteur on the sale and sexual exploitation of children, including child prostitution, child pornography and other child sexual abuse material, Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, and the Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women and children, Maria Grazia Giammarinaro, submitted in accordance with General Assembly resolution 71/177 and Human Rights Council resolutions 34/16 and 35/5.

21 Aug 2017 description


  • On 14 August, a young Algerian man committed suicide by throwing himself under the wheels of a moving locomotive on Sid-Tovarnik railway near the border with Croatia.

21 Aug 2017 description


  • From January to mid-August, 202,109 people fled their homes due to conflict, up by more than 9,000 people compared to the previous week.

  • Some 849 spontaneous returnees and 56 deportees arrived in Afghanistan from Pakistan, according to IOM from 13 to 19 August, and from Iran, 3,708 people returned spontaneously and 6,540 were deported.

  • In the same week, 957 registered refugees returned to Afghanistan, 865 from Pakistan, 84 from Iran and 8 from other countries, as reported by UNHCR.

21 Aug 2017 description

ASADABAD - In a regional conference on women’s participation in peace and sustainable development, women’s rights activists, government officials and United Nations representative stressed that women must play a unique and robust role in building peace in Afghanistan.

The daylong event, held in Asadabad, the capital of the eastern Kunar province, was organized by Kunar provincial administration in collaboration with the regional office of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and the Departments of Women’s Affairs in Nangarhar, Kunar and Laghman.

21 Aug 2017 description
report IRIN

Ahead of World Humanitarian Day on 19 August, take a look at some highlights of our recent coverage related to this year’s #NotATarget theme, which aims to bring attention to the thousands of aid workers and millions of civilians caught in the crossfire of conflict.

Read more on IRIN.

21 Aug 2017 description

Far fewer refugees and migrants entered Europe via the Mediterranean routes than in the first half of 2016,1 largely due to a drastic decrease in numbers crossing the sea to Greece.2 The first six months of 2017 saw an increase in the number of refugees and migrants entering Europe via the Central Mediterranean route to Italy, with 83,752 arrivals.3 However, due to lower arrival levels in July, numbers have remained at a similar level to last year. Arrivals also increased via the Western Mediterranean route to Spain (by 93%) compared to the same period last year.

20 Aug 2017 description


  • Armed groups force clinics to close and deny civilians access to health care to pressure NGOs to provide more trauma care for their combat-wounded.

  • Doctors and medical professionals are under threat across the country by armed groups and criminal gangs.

  • Cash assistance exceeded US$9.5 million in the first four months of the year.

  • Displaced families in Taloqan face a difficult life as solidarity in the host community wears thin.

20 Aug 2017 description
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Press release in Pashto


KABUL - The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) released today the initial findings of its human rights fact-finding into the 3 to 5 August attack on Mirza Olang village in Sayyad district of Sari Pul province.

19 Aug 2017 description

La Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise aide la Grèce à faire face à l’afflux massif des réfugiés et migrants (plus de cinquante mille, principalement Syriens et Afghans) répartis et bloqués sur notre territoire depuis les accords européens de 2016 sur la restriction des migrations. À cette vague d’immigration majeure (la plus importante en Europe depuis la Seconde Guerre Mondiale) s’ajoutent les difficultés économiques et la crise que connaît la Grèce depuis maintenant plus de sept ans.

19 Aug 2017 description

A la veille de la Journée mondiale de l’aide humanitaire, Filippo Grandi rend hommage aux employés humanitaires qui ont perdu la vie dans l’exercice de leurs fonctions, en venant en aide aux personnes dans le besoin à travers le monde.

Par UNHCR Staff

GENEVE – Le chef du HCR a rendu hommage aujourd’hui « au courage et à la détermination » des travailleurs humanitaires qui risquent leur vie quotidiennement pour apporter une aide aux personnes affectées par les violences à travers le monde, et qui sont souvent eux-mêmes des cibles.

18 Aug 2017 description
report Samuel Hall

Every province of Afghanistan is required by law to have a Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre (JRC) in its capital city to house and rehabilitate children in conflict with the law sentenced to detention. An alternative to full detention is the Open JRC, where children spend daytime in rehabilitation and evenings and weekends at home. The Open JRC in Kabul nevertheless remains a detention facility.