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France extends humanitarian aid to refugees living in Iran

France supports the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees in Iran, providing refugees with continued access to health, education and livelihood opportunities.

UNHCR Tehran, 08 January 2014– The continuous support of the French people to Afghan refugees in Iran once more expressed through a generous donation of over $ 388,000.

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Infographie : l’aide alimentaire française en 2012

Government of France

Pour répondre aux situations les plus graves, là où la vie des populations est en jeu, le ministère des Affaires étrangères mobilise l’Aide alimentaire programmée (AAP), complémentaire de l’aide d’urgence mise en œuvre par le centre de crise (CDC). La mise en œuvre de l’AAP s’inscrit dans le cadre des conclusions du Conseil de l’Union européenne (UE) du 10 mai 2010 sur l’assistance alimentaire humanitaire.

Découvrez dans cette infographie la répartition géographique et thématique, ainsi que tous les programmes d’aides de la France, pays par pays.

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Informe estadístico anual sobre las actividades de adquisición del sistema de las Naciones Unidas correspondiente a 2012

Las adquisiciones de las Naciones Unidas alcanzan los 15.400 millones USD en 2012

COPENHAGUE – Las adquisiciones de bienes y servicios por parte de las Naciones Unidas alcanzaron los 15.400 millones USD en 2012. Las mayores sumas se destinaron a productos farmacéuticos, equipo médico, alimentos, transporte y construcción.

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Rapport statistique annuel sur les activités d’achats de l’ONU 2012

Les achats de l’ONU en 2012 se chiffrent à 15,4 milliards de dollars

COPENHAGUE – La valeur des biens et services achetés par les Nations Unies en 2012 se chiffre à 15,4 milliards de dollars, principalement dans les domaines pharmaceutique, médical, alimentaire, des transports et de la construction.

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2012 Annual Statistical Report on United Nations Procurement

UN procurement at $15.4 billion in 2012

COPENHAGEN – The value of procurement of goods and services by the United Nations was $15.4 billion in 2012, with some of the largest sums spent on pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, food, transportation and construction.

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Le PAM se réjouit du soutien de la France pour appuyer l’accès à la nourriture et à l’éducation des réfugiés afghans et irakiens en Iran

TEHERAN – Le Programme alimentaire mondial des Nations Unies (PAM) se félicite d’une nouvelle contribution de la part du gouvernement de la France pour soutenir son opération auprès des réfugiés dans la République islamique d’Iran.

La contribution française de 200 000 euros permettra au PAM d’acheter 400 tonnes de farine de blé et 48 tonnes d’huile végétale enrichie en vitamines et minéraux pour ensuite les distribuer auprès des réfugiés afghans et irakiens habitant dans des campements à travers l’Iran.

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WFP Welcomes French Assistance Towards Food & Education For Afghan & Iraqi Refugees In Iran

TEHRAN – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today warmly welcomed a contribution from the Government of France for its refugee operation in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The French donation of €200,000 will allow WFP to purchase 400 metric tons of wheat flour and 48 metric tons of vegetable oil enriched with vitamins and minerals for distribution among Afghan and Iraqi refugees living in settlements throughout Iran.

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Asylum decisions in the EU27 EU Member States granted protection to more than 100 000 asylum seekers in 2012

European Union

Reference: STAT/13/96 Event Date: 18/06/2013

Asylum decisions in the EU27

EU Member States granted protection to more than 100 000 asylum seekers in 2012

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Foundation stone of two girls’ school buildings laid in Kapisa

The foundation stone for construction of new building of Yaseen Zayie and Farakhsha in Nejrab of Kapisa province were laid by head of education department of the province, in presence of some government officials, tribal influential, teachers and the students.
The building of Yaseen Zayie is to be built in reinforced concrete form in two stories at the cost of USD828,000 with the assistance of France in one year period, which will have 24 class rooms, 8 administrative rooms and other facilities.

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France’s generous donation to improve the health, livelihood & education of Afghan refugees in Iran

Tehran, 21 January 2013– Host to the second largest refugee population in the world, the Islamic Republic of Iran holds some 890,000 registered Afghan and Iraqi refugees. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) recently received close to 400,000 US Dollars as a donation from the Government of France contributing towards health, education and vocational trainings of Afghan refugees.

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Dr. Dalil lays Foundation Stone for Construction of New Blood Bank in Kabul

Dr. Suraya Dalil, Minister of Public Health of Afghanistan laid foundation stone for construction of new blood bank over the ceremony with participation of France ambassador to Afghanistan and some other officials of Afghan government here in Kabul on Tuesday.

It would be the first blood bank of Afghanistan which is going to be constructed with all International standards during 12 upcoming months by $ 800,000 financial support of French government.

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UNHCR Syria Fact Sheet - June 2012 (EN/AR)

  • An overwhelming majority of Iraqi refugees 91.6% of refugees and asylum-seekers registered with UNHCR in Syria are from Iraq. The Government of Syria, which has continuously implemented a generous policy towards the stay of Iraqi refugees, estimates that the country hosts about one million Iraqis. 64.6% come from the region of Baghdad alone and 62.4% sought refuge in Syria five or more years ago. 35% of the 27,681 families registered are female-headed households.

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The FAO Component of the Consolidated Appeals 2012


Every year, the plight and needs of many of the world’s most vulnerable people are described in the Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP). This year’s CAP spans 18 countries and outlines needs across key sectors.

The 2012 CAP clearly highlights that food insecurity continues to be compounded by protracted crisis situations, more frequent natural disasters, conflict, volatile food prices, harsh economic conditions and climate change.

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Humanitarian Assistance in Review, FY 2002 - 2011 - Europe, Middle East, and Central Asia

Natural disasters, including drought, earthquakes, floods, and wildfires, as well as ongoing complex emergencies and limited government capacity in the region, present significant challenges to vulnerable populations in Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia (EMCA). Between Fiscal Year (FY) 2002 and FY 2011, USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) and USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (USAID/FFP) provided assistance in response to a range of disasters, including floods, wildfires, winter emergencies, and complex crises.

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US $8.8 millions for Apiculture and Livestock: France to support livestock, beekeeping, and MAIL capacitybuilding

Government of France donates US $8.8m to support livestock, promote beekeeping, and build Ministry of Agriculture’s management and technical capacity, said Mohammad Asif Rahimi, Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL).

Addressing the ceremony for signing the three contract documents, Minister of Agriculture said, US $7.5m of the donated amount will bespent by MAIL, through the government budget, while US $1.3 will be spent by the French Cooperation Office, in coordination with MAIL.

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France Provides 5.7 Million Euros for Health Services in Badakhshan

Dr. Nadira Hayat Borhani, Deputy Minister of Public Health signed a contract with French ambassador to Afghanistan And representative of Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) on Tuesday.

In accordance the contract, French government provided 5.7 million euros in implementing of improving Maternal and Child health program in Badakhshan province. This program would be implemented by Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) over three years.