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22 Jan 2016 description

By Iain Overton on 22 Jan 2016

In 2015, 21 countries were witness to suicide bomb attacks – the most countries ever impacted by this form of violence.

This finding by Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) comes from their Global Explosive Violence Monitor. This monitor charts media reports of explosive harm suffered by civilians around the world.

AOAV’s data on suicide bombings for 2015 shows that:

19 Jan 2016 description

During 2015 MSF teams provided just under 100,000 medical consultations on three search and rescue vessels in the Mediterranean, in Greece, Italy, throughout the Balkans and we are now working in northern France. Many of these consultations were for illnesses and injuries sustained on the life threatening journeys that people were forced to take for want of a safe, legal alternative. In Serbia, for example, 80% of the consultations performed by our medics were related to the tough conditions on the journey.

15 Jan 2016 description

Calais, France | AFP | Friday 1/15/2016 - 03:06 GMT | 834 words


In the freezing, mud-filled migrant camp known as "The Jungle", a dozen people are carrying a house down the street.

The residents of the camp in the northern French port of Calais are in a desperate race to save their makeshift homes from the bulldozers.

Local authorities warned them earlier this week that they had just a few days to clear hundreds of shanties made from wooden planks and tarpaulin from the edge of the road that borders the camp.

14 Jan 2016 description

Calais, France | AFP | Thursday 1/14/2016 - 13:24 GMT


Tensions were high at a sprawling migrant camp in the northern France on Thursday as hundreds of refugees defied efforts to move them to a more permanent encampment as the winter cold kicks in.

Known as The Jungle, the camp in the northern port city of Calais is home to thousands of refugees and migrants who have gathered at the site in the hope of somehow getting to Britain.

04 Jan 2016 description

By Sam Smith, British Red Cross

British and French Red Cross volunteers have carried out a joint aid operation to help refugees and migrants in northern France. Volunteers and staff from both National Societies have distributed 1,300 parcels of emergency supplies in five camps.

Conditions in the camps are squalid and people have little protection from the winter weather.

The largest of the camps visited by Red Cross teams was in Grand-Synthe, close to Dunkirk.

23 Dec 2015 description

Asylum seekers and other migrants are arriving in Europe and encountering rapidly changing border controls as they seek transit through Europe. The EU has begun implementing its “hotspot” approach for new arrival registration in Italy and Greece, while efforts to increase reception and temporary shelter capacity in Balkan states continue. This is a snapshot of the situation based on available data as of December 14, 2015.

27 Nov 2015 description
report IRIN

OXFORD, 27 November 2015 (IRIN) - Two weeks have elapsed since the terrorist attacks in Paris. With the news that at least two of the attackers posed as refugees to enter Europe via Greece, a number of EU countries have taken steps to shore up their borders and restrict entry by asylum seekers, citing both security concerns and capacity problems. Here’s a round-up of which countries have done what:


24 Nov 2015 description

Chair’s Summary – Publication of the G7 Report on the Implementation of the G8 Declaration on Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict

The Chair of the G7 has the honour to present the G7 Report on the Implementation of the G8 Declaration on Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict.

02 Nov 2015 description

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL qui est intervenue au mois de juin dernier sur le site de la Lande à Calais va progressivement passer le relais à Médecins sans Frontières sur les activités eau, hygiène et assainissement afin de rediriger les activités de son équipe d’urgence vers d’autres zones où les besoins sont eux aussi criants.

23 Oct 2015 description

23/10/2015 - 11:53 GMT

Plus de 1.300 migrants ont été évacués vendredi matin d'un lycée désaffecté, le dernier grand campement installé à Paris où ils vivaient depuis l'été dans des conditions insalubres, pour être acheminés vers des centres d'hébergement.

22 Oct 2015 description

Ils ont fui le Soudan, la Syrie, l’Afghanistan, l'Erythrée… Et vivent aujourd’hui à Calais sur le site dit de « la Jungle ». D’autres se trouvent à Paris dans un lycée désaffecté. Pauline Busson, chef de mission MSF, décrit les conditions de vie de ces exilés qui tentent d’aller en Angleterre ou espéraient trouver un avenir en France.

A quoi ressemble le site où sont regroupés les réfugiés à Calais ?

21 Oct 2015 description

They have fled Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea and are living now in Calais, at the site known as “the Jungle.” Others are in Paris in an abandoned high school. Pauline Busson, MSF head of mission, describes these exiles’ living conditions, as they try to find a way to reach England or seek a future in France.

How is the site where the refugees in Calais have settled?

16 Oct 2015 description

Paris, France | AFP | Friday 10/16/2015 - 17:00 GMT

More than 610,000 people desperately fleeing war and poverty have reached Europe's shores in 2015, as the continent struggles with its worst migrant crisis since World War II, the International Organization for Migration said Friday.

Here is a look at six key phases in the crisis.

  • Europe overwhelmed -

After some 1,200 migrants drown in a week in April off the Libyan coast, EU leaders raise the alarm and triple a budget for Mediterranean operations by the border agency Frontex.

03 Oct 2015 description
report UN News Service

2 October 2015 – Peter Sutherland is the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General for International Migration. A strong advocate for the rights of migrants – and for action to increase the benefits of migration for countries of origin, destination, and migrants alike – he works to foster cooperation on issues such as protecting migrants affected by crises and ensuring their role in the development process. A former Attorney General of Ireland, Mr.

01 Oct 2015 description

Refugee emergency in Europe: UNHCR appeals for USD 128 million

30 Sep 2015 description

United Nations, United States | AFP | Wednesday 9/30/2015 - 11:53 GMT

by Carole LANDRY

Europe's migrant crisis took center stage at the United Nations on Wednesday with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon seeking to muster a global response to the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

Leaders from some 70 nations prepared to meet as Greek authorities recovered the bodies of a migrant woman and a child who drowned when their dinghy capsized in the Aegean, the latest reminder of the tragedy.

17 Sep 2015 description

Publié le mercredi 16 septembre 2015

Le nombre de réfugiés qui affluent vers l’Europe augmente sans cesse chaque semaine. 156 000 migrants sont entrés sur le sol européen pour le seul mois d’août. Certains arrivent par l’Italie, d’autres par la Grèce et remontent l’Europe pour rejoindre l’Allemagne, l’Angleterre ou la France dans l’espoir d’y trouver une vie meilleure. Mais qui sont-ils ? D’où viennent-ils ? Que fuient-ils ? Eclairage des différents responsables géographiques de SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL.

08 Sep 2015 description

A total of USD 30.5 million is requested from June 2015 to December 2016 for the initial response plan for the refugee crisis in Europe (RCE), in the affected countries of Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, France (Calais), Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Serbia, Spain, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Turkey.

31 Aug 2015 description
report Caritas

By Caritas Internationalis

“Sudanese? No, Libyan,” said Amjaad.

There are many nationalities among the 2000 plus people living in the ‘Jungle 2’ camp near the northern French port of Calais. Sudanese, Afghans, Syrians and Eritreans: all united by histories of conflict and poverty that propelled them from home to here.