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Aid workers accuse military in Afghanistan of putting them in danger

by Rachel Morarjee

KABUL, Sept 1 (AFP) - Thirty-four aid organisations in Afghanistan said on Wednesday they were increasingly being targeted by militant attacks because of the blurring between military operations and aid work in the country.

The groups said the local authorities and foreign military forces had "deliberately" confused military and humanitarian operations in Afghanistan, which is rebuilding its infrastructure after 25 years of war.

"The past few weeks and months have seen a dramatic increase in the number of violent assaults and threats

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Second German reconstruction team in Afghanistan starts work

BERLIN, Sept 1 (AFP) - A second German-led reconstruction unit in Afghanistan started work Wednesday in an effort to bolster infrastructure ahead of the presidential election in October, defense ministry sources said.

The team, based in the northern town of Faizabad, is the second so-called "provincial reconstruction team," or PRT, under German leadership, and the first Germany has undertaken without international partners.

Germany already runs a PRT in nearby Kunduz staffed by 270 peacekeeping troops from the NATO-led International

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Afghan Government and UN launch Emergency Appeal to combat drought: USD 71.3m needed

"Immediate assistance is needed to combat the consequences of the longest and most severe drought in Afghanistan," says Haneef Atmar, Minister for Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) and chairman of the Drought Response Steering Committee. The scale of the needs and the impact on the population are described in the funds-appeal document, 'The Decline Towards Crisis: Afghanistan's Deteriorating Drought Situation' jointly prepared by the Afghan government and the United Nations. The appeal, following extensive data gathering and analysis of the problem,
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$600 million in assistance earmarked for Afghanistan in updated ADB country program

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (1 September 2004) - The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is planning to extend $600 million in assistance to Afghanistan over the next three years, according to a Country Strategy and Program (CSP) Update for 2004-2006 endorsed by ADB's Board of Directors.

The loan pipeline, prepared in collaboration with the Government, totals $570 million over the three years for 12 programs and projects, from ADB's concessional Asian Development Fund (ADF). Afghanistan's status as a postconflict country allows for up to 50% of this allocation

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Afghanistan: Les ONG humanitaires appellent au respect de leurs principes fondamentaux par les belligérants et les partis politiques acteurs du conflit

La confusion entretenue entre acteurs humanitaires et militaires en Afghanistan entrave sérieusement l'action des ONG qui ont pour but de venir en aide à toute communauté dans le besoin.

Les attaques violentes et les menaces à l'encontre de la population afghane et du personnel humanitaire ont considérablement augmenté au cours des derniers mois. En signant cette déclaration, nous, organisations humanitaires, souhaitons exprimer notre colère et notre frustration grandissantes face aux menaces et aux attaques dont nous sommes victimes

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New AREU Publication: Afghanistan - From subjects to citizens: Local participation in the NSP

AREU is pleased to release a new working paper regarding lessons learned from the first phase of implementation of the National Solidarity Programme (NSP). In , author Inger W. Boesen examines six districts in three provinces to discern how Afghan residents perceive NSP, the expectations they have for newly elected community councils, and the particular roles women have had in participating in and implementing the programme. The report can be downloaded from AREU's website ( or purchased from the AREU office.
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The decline towards crisis: Afghanistan's deteriorating drought situation

This appeal has been prepared in partnership by the Government of the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan and the United Nations. The Government and the United Nations seek to respond together to the immediate needs arising from the continued drought in the country.

2004 was the sixth year in which rain and snowfall were significantly below average in Afghanistan, exacerbating the chronic water shortage that has been plaguing the country since 1997. Populations are now threatened in localised pockets in at least seventeen provinces across the country.1

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US warplanes bomb Afghan village, civilian casualties reported

Voice of America
Ayaz Gul, Islamabad

In Afghanistan, at least eight civilians are reported dead in a clash between U.S. forces and suspected anti-government militants.

Afghan officials say the civilians were killed late Monday in eastern Kunar Province when U.S warplanes bombed a village.

Reports say a compound belonging to a Danish relief group was also hit during the attack, injuring a member of the group.

A U.S. military statement said the aircraft were helping to counter an attack by militants against coalition troops.

But the statement does not confirm air

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Afghanistan + 3 others
IOM press briefing notes 31 Aug 2004: Afghanistan, Colombia

Spokesperson: Jean-Philippe Chauzy
AFGHANISTAN - Out of Country Registration and Voting - IOM field staff in Iran will this week begin setting up offices across the country in preparation for the upcoming presidential elections in Afghanistan, scheduled for 9 October.

The out of country voting for Afghans is being conducted by IOM's Out of Country Registration and Voting Programme (OCRV). The OCRV is targeting all Afghans over the age of 18 living in Iran and Pakistan. There are 650,000 Afghans in Iran who are eligible to vote, more than 200,000 live in Tehran.

International Organization for Migration:

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Afghanistan, India to discuss $400M aid package

Voice of America
Afghanistan's Foreign Minister Abdullah is traveling to India Tuesday to discuss a $400 million Indian aid package for his country.

During the visit, Mr. Abdullah is scheduled to meet with his counterpart Natwar Singh, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other senior officials.

India has pledged money to improve Afghanistan's infrastructure, health facilities, transportation networks, power transmission and educational institutions.

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FEWS Afghanistan Monthly Food Security Bulletin Aug 2004 - Severe shortage of drinking, irrigation water


- The Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan and the UN have launched a joint appeal for assistance to tackle the problems arising from drought and water shortages.

- Climatic changes and very low precipitation have caused a severe shortage of drinking and irrigation water in many parts of the country.

- Field assessments indicate further declines in water sources compared to last year and recent drought years.

- Around 8,000 families are reported displaced due to shortage of water.

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BAAG Afghanistan Monthly Review Aug 2004

Developments in Herat

On 14th August, a Pushtun commander, by the name of Amanullah Khan, seized Shindand airbase, 75 miles to the south of Herat, from the forces of Ismail Khan, the Governor of Herat. This was the latest in a long-standing pattern of clashes between the forces of the two men. Simultaneous offensives were launched against Ismail Khan's forces by two other commanders in Karukh, to the north of Herat, and Chesht-e-Sharif to the east.

On the following morning, 440 soldiers from the Afghan National Army, accompanied by 29 US advisers, were transported

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USAID Field Report Afghanistan Aug 2004

Program Description

USAID/OTI is increasing citizen awareness of and confidence in the process of recovery, rehabilitation and democratic political development in post-conflict Afghanistan. This is being accomplished by:

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Afghanistan: Direct Relief's programme activities update August 2004

Direct Relief
Recipient: Bamyan Province Referral Hospital
Shipment Number: 3830
Shipment Date: 8/25/2004
Value: $62,835

The Bamyan Province Referral Hospital is a non-profit referral hospital serving the entire province of Bamyan-a region with an estimated population of over 400,000. There is a saying that "Afghanistan is called the heart of Asia, while Bamyan is the heart of Afghanistan." For centuries, the Bamyan Province was a major center of Buddhist worship and pilgrimage, and the site of a massive stone Buddha that was destroyed by the Taliban.
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Afghanistan + 16 others
Nutrition information in crisis situations - Report number 3


Kenya - Drought emergency declared in 26 districts -The president of Kenya declared the current drought a "national disaster" and appealed for relief food assistance. Early cessation of rains in May has led to the wilting of crops and insufficient replenishment of pastures. Twenty-six of the 71 districts of Kenya are affected and 1.8 million people are considered in need of food aid. The most vulnerable households are found in Eastern province, Coastal province and in pastoral areas.

Somalia - Poor performance of the

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Afghanistan + 24 others
Health Action in Crises Monthly Report Aug 2004

DISCLAIMER: The following is a non-exhaustive selection of health-related events and WHO actions undertaken during the stated period in specific countries in which populations are experiencing crisis conditions. This has been compiled by WHO/Health Action in Crises (HAC/HQ), in consultation with relevant Country and Regional Offices. If you are a WHO staff member and wish to contribute to this update, please write
For a list of acronyms, please see the last page of this update.

AFRO West Africa Sub-Region

Regional Office Focal Point: K.E

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UN SG, deeply concerned by violent attacks in Afghanistan, calls for necessary safety, security for electoral workers

SG/SM/9458, AFG/261

The following statement was issued today by the Spokesman for Secretary-General Kofi Annan:

The Secretary-General is deeply concerned by the violent attacks that were carried out on Sunday in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, and in Paktia province. He is particularly troubled by the high toll of dead and wounded, including children.

The Secretary-General calls on the Government of Afghanistan, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-led International Security Assistance Force for Afghanistan (ISAF), and the coalition forces

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ADRA Afghanistan office damaged, staff injured in Kabul explosion

Silver Spring, Maryland - An explosion that destroyed a building in downtown Kabul yesterday damaged the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) office in Afghanistan and injured an ADRA staff member.

"The windows and doors of two ADRA buildings have been damaged by the blast," stated Dr. Peter Jaggi, country director for ADRA Afghanistan. "Debris from the car bomb is in our yard and our office and apartment are full of glass splinters," Jaggi concluded. Fortunately only one staff member sustained minor injuries.

ADRA's recent projects in Afghanistan

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World's biggest drive against intestinal worms reaches 4.5 million Afghan kids

UN News Service
For a cost of less than half a million dollars, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has completed its largest-ever campaign to fight intestinal worms, treating more than 4.5 million children in Afghanistan against the biggest cause of disease in young children in the developing world.

WFP Deputy Country Director for Afghanistan Michael Jones described the programme - which was conducted with the help of the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF), the World Health Organization (WHO) and Afghan government ministries - as an "incredible achievement."

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Afghanistan: Taliban warns of more attacks as Kabul toll rises

By Simon Cameron-Moore

KABUL, Aug 30 (Reuters) - The Taliban warned on Monday of further deadly attacks in the run-up to Afghanistan's first presidential election after a car bomb in the heart of the capital killed up to a dozen people.

Three Americans were among those killed in the blast, aimed at the offices of international security company DynCorp, which provides bodyguards for Afghan president Hamid Karzai and also helps train the national police force.

The explosion in Kabul came less than 24 hours after another blast killed 10 people, including nine children,

Reuters - AlertNet:

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