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06 Jul 2015 description

Sanaa, Yemen | AFP | Monday 7/6/2015 - 13:01 GMT

Saudi-led warplanes have bombed the Sanaa headquarters of the Yemeni party headed by former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is allied to Shiite Huthi insurgents, the party said on Monday.

A provincial source in Lahj, meanwhile, said coalition air strikes on a market claimed 23 lives, although there was no separate confirmation of the toll.

06 Jul 2015 description

Bukavu, 3 juillet 2015 - Trente jours d'activisme pour les enfants affectés par les conflits armés a été lancés vendredi 3 juillet 2015 par Mme Gisèle Balegamire, ministre de la Justice dans le cadre de la Journée Internationale de l'Enfant Africain, célébrée le 16 juin de chaque année.

06 Jul 2015 description

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania | AFP | Monday 7/6/2015 - 12:40 GMT


Burundi's embattled president skipped key regional talks Monday, staying at home to campaign for a controversial third term as a rebel general threatened to step up attacks.

The crisis in the central African nation surrounds President Pierre Nkurunziza's bid to stand for a third consecutive five-year term in office. The move is branded by opponents as unconstitutional and a violation of a peace deal that brought an end to a dozen years of civil war in 2006.

06 Jul 2015 description

Livestock play a vital role in the livelihoods of communities in the bordering countries of South Sudan and Uganda. However, when these animals are crossing from country to country, many can suffer from serious animal health issues, such as the spread of Foot and Mouth disease. There are also a range of negative socio-economic impacts caused by transboundary Animal Diseases or outbreaks during cross-border movement.

06 Jul 2015 description

KATHMANDU – WFP’s humanitarian response to the people of Nepal is carried out in close partnership with the Nepali government. Working with authorities at the central, district and Village Development Committee levels and with local partners, WFP has to date reached over two million people with food.

06 Jul 2015 description
report Gisha

A year after Operation Protective Edge was launched, data collected by Gisha shows an alarming gap between the rhetoric about mobilizing for Gaza’s reconstruction and the harsh reality on the ground

06 Jul 2015 description

At the current rate that materials are entering Gaza, it will take over half a century to meet housing needs

One year since the beginning of the last war on Gaza, which killed over 2,000 Palestinians, tens of thousands of people are still homeless, waiting for reconstruction to begin in the blockaded enclave.

06 Jul 2015 description
report Save the Children

Majority of children in Gaza’s hardest-hit areas showing signs of severe emotional distress a year on from deadly war

Children living in areas of Gaza hardest-hit during last year’s conflict are still showing signs of severe emotional distress, including high levels of bed wetting and nightmares.

A new assessment1 by Save the Children found that:

  • An average of 75% of children surveyed experience unusual bedwetting regularly.

  • In one area, al-Shoka, nearly half the children interviewed wet the bed every night.

06 Jul 2015 description
report Alhasan Systems


CM puts the province on Flood Alert

A helping hand: Red Crescent establishes heatstroke treatment centres in Karachi

More Monsoon rains predicted from coming week

Less need for UN on ground as disaster response in Pakistan improves

ADB $220 million aid to help Pakistan Build Hazard-Resilient Infrastructure

About 60,420 miscreants arrested under NAP

Military operation in Khyber ends successfully

Pakistan to alert UN on Indian involvement

Cut use of electricity, Govt advises consumers

06 Jul 2015 description

6 July, 2015 ¦ GENEVA: From Tanzania to South Sudan, and Nepal to Yemen, cholera – and the threat of a cholera outbreak – is a major public health concern for governments and the international health community. Use of Oral Cholera Vaccines (OCV) is proving to be an efficient tool to effectively control cholera outbreaks. New outbreaks are ongoing in South Sudan and Tanzania fanned by insecurity and displacement. Intensive control efforts are ongoing, and vaccination programmes have been rolled out to target communities at risk.

06 Jul 2015 description

Christoph Strässer, Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid at the Federal Foreign Office, issued the following statement on 3 July concerning humanitarian assistance in Yemen:

06 Jul 2015 description

QUEZON CITY, July 6 -- The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Regions I, II, and III and the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) have 100,125 family food packs available at the Field Offices ready for distribution to local government units along the path of Tropical Storm Egay.

06 Jul 2015 description

With a cost of more than 65 million and 963 thousand Afs the foundation stone of 29 development projects were recently laid in Ghor province by the Regional Programmes of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (RP/MRRD).

These projects include: construction of 12 water-intakes, 13 agricultural water reservoir and four irrigation canals 3150-m in length.

The projects will be implemented in various villages of Dolina, Dawlatyar, Lal wa Sarjangal districts and Ferozkoh, the provincial capital.

06 Jul 2015 description
report IRIN

OXFORD, 6 July 2015 (IRIN) - Imagine that you have to flee your country and, for whatever reason, you cannot take your family with you. After a long and perilous journey, you finally reach a safe country and successfully apply for asylum there. What will be your next and most urgent priority? For the vast majority of us, it will be to ensure the safety of the family we left behind and to be reunited with them as soon as possible.

06 Jul 2015 description

Situation acridienne toujours calme dans tous les pays

De bonnes pluies et au moins deux générations seront nécessaires pour que les effectifs augmentent cet été dans les aires de reproduction estivale traditionnelles du Sahel septentrional d’Afrique de l’ouest et du Soudan ainsi que de part et d’autre de la frontière indo-pakistanaise. Jusqu’à présent, les pluies tardent à tomber sur le Sahel, sauf dans le centre du Niger et l’est du Mali, alors que les pluies de mousson ont débuté de une à trois semaines plus tôt que la normale en Inde et au Pakistan.

06 Jul 2015 description

Nairobi, Kenya | AFP | lundi 06/07/2015 - 07:48 GMT

Un des généraux à l'origine du coup d'Etat avorté mi-mai au Burundi a affirmé sur une télévision kényane que les putschistes étaient derrière les récentes attaques dans le pays et qu'ils entendaient chasser "par la force" le président Pierre Nkurunziza.

06 Jul 2015 description

Key Facts

  • 12,620 housing units were totally destroyed over the course of the 2014 summer hostilities and 6,455 were severely damaged, displacing 17,670 families or about 100,000 persons.

  • Almost one year after start of hostilities, not a single totally destroyed home has been rebuilt in Gaza; initial steps on the ground are expected to start over the second half of 2015.

06 Jul 2015 description

Key Facts

  • An Israeli airstrike in June 2006 targeting the Gaza Power Plant (GPP) marked the start of an electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip, which is still ongoing.

  • Electricity demand in the Gaza Strip is estimated at 470 megawatts (MW), of which less than 45% is currently met.

  • Rolling blackouts of 12-16 hours per day are seen across Gaza with heavily populated areas being most impacted.

06 Jul 2015 description

During the war that began on 8 July 2014, the people of Gaza endured airstrikes, naval bombardment, artillery fire and a ground invasion. Israeli communities, meanwhile, came under rocket and mortar fire from Palestinian factions. More than 2,100 Palestinians were killed, while 71 people in Israel died, including four civilians and one foreign national.