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24 Feb 2014
blog By Andrew Kobylinski, Product Marketing / Communications Officer Tags: data

In October 2013, ReliefWeb and OCHA ran a survey to understand the data needs and perceptions of the humanitarian community. Almost 3,500 people responded, with the majority based in Africa and working for an NGO.

The survey found that ReliefWeb users regularly do analysis with humanitarian data, but the data is hard to find, difficult to compare and not always trustworthy or timely.

To address these challenges, ReliefWeb Labs is launching Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX). The HDX project aims to make humanitarian data easy to find and use for analysis, making it easier for information actors to carry out their work.

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19 Feb 2014
blog By Andrew Kobylinski, Product Marketing / Communications Officer Tags: Statistics, 2013
2013 was a busy year for ReliefWeb’s team and servers.
  • We experienced a 25% growth in site usage,
  • Published over 43,000 humanitarian updates including:
    1. Over 39,000 situation reports, analyses, assessments, press releases, manuals, evaluations and appeals
    2. Over 4,000 maps and infographics
  • In March, we reached the amazing milestone of having published over 500,000 humanitarian reports since 1996
  • Covered 115 natural disasters, including Typhoon Haiyan and Wutip.
  • Over 27,000 jobs posted by 2,700 employers
  • Over 2,500 training events posted by 400 organisations

We continued to implement our ‘Strategy and Vision’ with the aim of becoming the humanitarian community’s ‘one stop shop’ for humanitarian information.

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26 Dec 2013
blog By Andrew Kobylinski, Product Marketing / Communications Officer Tags: search, API, maps, organizations

2013 has been a big year for ReliefWeb! We collected and published over 42,000 humanitarian updates and launched many new initiatives such as Topics pages, the ReliefWeb mobile site and APIs. There were over 11.8 million visits during the year and we reached the amazing milestone of publishing 500,000 reports and maps since our launch in 1996. But that’s now in the past! So looking forward in this blog update, we want to give you a little snippet of what’s to come in 2014.

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09 Dec 2013
blog By Viola Voss, Editor

By the end of November ReliefWeb had reached 11,000,000 visits for 2013. This is a new record and it looks like we are well on our way to making 12,000,000 for the year. That is approximately 1 million per month. We’re really pleased that the humanitarian community is visiting ReliefWeb and utilising the features and services on offer. At the end of December we’ll publish a full rundown of site statistics and what 2014 holds for ReliefWeb.

Our homepage is one of the most visited pages on ReliefWeb. At least 25% of all site visitors stop by as it is a fantastic location to find the latest headlines, major humanitarian announcements and links to ReliefWeb’s features and content.

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23 Oct 2013
blog By Andrew Kobylinski, Product Marketing / Communications Officer Tags: Topics, search, theme, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, human rights, Mine Action, Disaster Management

Our Topics categories just keep growing! Since the launch of Topics pages in August over 16,000 visitors have searched for humanitarian information by various topics. This week we’ve added Protection & Human Rights, Disaster Management, Mine Action, Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding to the list of topic categories available, bringing the total number to fourteen. Like our other Topics pages these categories will also include a list of must read documents chosen by our editorial staff, the latest tweets from specialized organisations, and important videos that we believe will keep you informed in your area of humanitarian expertise.

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