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Disaster simulation exercises: A how-to guide for the Pacific

Increasing the capacity of national and local authorities to manage and reduce the impact of disasters, as well as improve the preparedness and resilience of communities, is a priority for governments and aid agencies.


Heavy fighting sparks fears of growing humanitarian crisis

The fighting marks an end to a brief lull in hostilities in South Sudan's 10-month-old civil war after the end of the rainy season, which made many roads impassable.

Lebanon + 5 others

Escalating conflict in northern Syria results in renewed waves of refugees in Turkey and Iraq

Insecurity and violence continue to cause displacement within Syria and across the region. More than 90,000 Syrians have being registered on average each month in neighboring countries.

Syria + 4 others
UN News

Massive scale-up of assistance needed for countries impacted by ongoing Syria crisis - UN relief official

Rising numbers of displaced persons, increasing pressure on refugee hosting countries and dwindling international support left the UN “racing against the clock” to meet the needs on the ground.

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