CAR + 4 others

UNHCR and partners seeking $274 million to meet acute needs of CAR refugees

Nearly 200,000 Central Africans, third country nationals and returnees who escaped violence in CAR over the past four months are struggling to restart their lives in Cameroon, Chad, DRC and Congo.

Zimbabwe + 1 other

Helping communities to cope with mines along Mozambique border

Since 2012, ICRC has been working with ZIMAC to enhance the capacity and skills of its deminers to search for, clear and destroy anti-personnel mines in south-eastern Zimbabwe.


Number of displaced people in Darfur increases by 20% in one week

As of 14 April, the total number of people who remain displaced stands at 262,328. Humanitarian access has improved, but 122,260 people remain without assistance.

World + 5 others

The challenges facing humanitarians after urban disasters

Dense populations in cities mean a disaster would incur more fatalities and more damage to the infrastructure per square kilometer. Reaching affected people is also more difficult as access is blocked.

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