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Humanitarian Coordinator warns of secondary emergency in Vanuatu

The cyclone destroyed more than 90 per cent of crops, leaving a population that heavily relies on subsistence agriculture without a source of income and the possibility of long-term food insecurity.

Malawi + 1 other

How development partners are making Malawi flood response possible

Thanks to contributions from development partners including UKaid, WFP has been able to rapidly deliver life-saving food assistance to victims of the 2015 floods in Malawi.

Guinea + 1 other

45-day Ebola 'health emergency' declared in five Guinea regions

President Alpha Conde has declared a reinforced health emergency, calling for a continued unwavering commitment to the fight against Ebola.


New ACAPS briefing highlights humanitarian impacts of Yemen's escalating conflict

ACAPS stresses that assistance strategies have to take into account not only the consequences of armed conflict but also Yemen’s chronic state of humanitarian emergency and structural vulnerabilities.

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