Security situation remains volatile in North Kivu

Communities in Beni territory, along the Mbau-Oicha-Eringeti axis, have been terrorized with violence and direct attacks allegedly perpetrated by ADF/NALU rebels. In November, more than 100 new victims were reported in nearby villages to Beni city.

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School Dropout Rate Soars for Afghan Refugees

Lack of higher education funding for refugee youth in Pakistan has forced students to quit their studies, with parents unable to afford fees on meagre salaries.


Somalia Common Humanitarian Fund allocates US$30 million to jump start aid operations in 2015

The allocation of US$30 million from the CHF will target some of the most critical needs of over 3 million Somalis in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.


Displaced children’s nutritional status ‘serious’ in three Syrian governorates

An assessment of the nutritional status of displaced children under 5 living in collective shelters has found a “serious” level of global acute malnutrition rate in 3 governorates.

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