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Early action by aid partners to step up El Niño preparedness

More than 600,000 people in southern and central Somalia and in Puntland are likely to be affected by flooding, which may result in disease and deterioration in food security and nutritional situations.

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Zimbabwe: $86m urgently required to tackle food insecurity

According to the 2015 Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee, some 1.5 million people are facing food insecurity mainly due to prolonged dry spells in the southern regions.


New information gateway on global seed pool to help develop shock-resistant varieties

As climate change accelerates, it is vital for farmers, scientists, plant breeders, private sector companies to be able to develop new plant varieties resistant to pests, floods and drought.


The three Ps: Defining the humanitarian use of ICTs

Paper proposes that three criteria must be present for communication activities, including the use of ICTs, to be considered truly humanitarian: populations, principles, and purposes.

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