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UNHCR raises alarm over conditions for minors at French refugee camps

UNHCR is specifically concerned about the living conditions of children, in particular unaccompanied and separated children, and would welcome additional emergency reception places.

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Migration and multilateralism will be hallmarks of 2016 - UN

Peter Sutherland, the United Nations' top migration official, called today for decisive multilateral action to tackle “the global issues lurking behind today’s vast movement of people."


Zimbabwe declares 'state of disaster' over drought

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe on Friday declared a "state of disaster" in many rural areas hit by a severe drought, with more than a quarter of the population facing food shortages.

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Mediterranean migrant deaths reach 374; Arrivals in Greece top 68,000 in 2016

Since the beginning of 2016, IOM estimates that 68,778 migrants and refugees have reached the Greek islands. Of these roughly 44 % were men, 22 % women and 34 % children.

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