Migration as an adaptation strategy to climate change

IOM outlines that the linkages between human mobility and climate impacts are highly complex and that we should refrain from making direct causal links between climatic change and the decision to migrate.


Human cost of Iraq crisis 'devastating', UN official warns

All indicators point to a dramatically worsening situation in the months ahead. The international community has to do more, said the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs.


Serious shortage of essential supplies threatens millions of Nepalese children this winter

Vital imports of essential commodities have been severely restricted at Nepal’s southern border due to unrest over the country's new constitution. Children still recovering from major earthquakes could be the worst hit.

Myanmar + 15 others

Weekly humanitarian snapshot highlights the impacts of El Niño across the Pacific

The weather phenomenon is expected to continue for as long as two years, particularly affecting food security in the region. As many as 13 Pacific countries are at risk.

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