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UNHCR and partners appeal for $207 million to respond to Burundi refugee emergency

Since early April, nearly 100,000 Burundians have fled. As the situation remains tense and violence continues, aid agencies fear that the number of refugees may double over the next six months.


Thousands flee Palmyra, UNHCR steps up aid

Palmyra had been sheltering thousands of people forcibly displaced from other parts of Syria for the past three years. UNHCR is sending more relief supplies to meet the rising needs.


Yemen conflict fans food insecurity

The conflict in Yemen is worsening the country's food insecurity, according to FEWS NET, which predicts that parts of the Arab state may enter an emergency phase by the end of the year.


UNDP expedites installation of early warning system in at-risk glacial lakes in Nepal

The system provides an advance warning for downstream communities in the event of glacial lake outburst floods. One of the biggest glacial lakes was considered at high risk even before the earthquake.

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