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UN urges Europe to admit 200,000 refugees from Syria, Iraq and other war zones

UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres laid out six guidelines ahead of key emergency EU meetings on the crisis, saying that the situation required “massive common effort” rather than the current fragmented approach.


Life still hard in northern Mali, despite peace deal

The ongoing fighting in the north of the country is increasingly threatening the livelihoods of millions, affecting everything from access to food, water, education and grazing.


République centrafricaine : plus de 40 000 personnes déplacées par la violence à Bambari

L'insécurité touche également les organisations humanitaires, dont un grand nombre a dû suspendre ses activités, avec de lourdes conséquences pour les populations, indique le CICR.


More than 2.1 million displaced in Nigeria: IOM

The increase from 1.3 million recorded in June can be attributed to intensified attacks by the insurgents, as well as to improved access to previously inaccessible areas of Borno State.

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