Save the Children

Children face increased violence and exploitation as famine looms in drought-stricken Somalia

A study of more than 600 people found the impact of the drought has gone far beyond life threatening shortages of essentials and identified high levels of psychological distress faced by children.


New plant to provide clean drinking water to conflict-hit Iraqis south of Mosul

New plant on the banks of the Tigris River will provide clean drinking water for more than 50,000 Iraqis at the Qayyarah Airstrip Emergency Site, DRC said on Thursday.


Some 400,000 Syrian civilians trapped in besieged eastern Ghouta

The UN has been unable to access the area outside Damascus since October last year. The last informal access routes have reportedly been closed, amid reports of relentless shelling, airstrikes, and ground fighting.

Italy + 4 others

Oxfam assists Syrians reach Europe safely via ‘Humanitarian Corridors’

Many families will arrive in Italy today to seek asylum. The humanitarian visa scheme aims to support 500 people in 2017 located in three transit countries – Lebanon, Morocco and Ethiopia.

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