How Bangladesh managed to avoid the worst of Cyclone Roanu

Although the loss of 30 lives should be considered too many, successful disaster risk reduction measures have avoided the extent of loss and damage experienced with previous cyclones.

Angola + 4 others

WHO reports 301 deaths in yellow fever outbreak

Despite vaccination campaigns in Luanda, Huambo and Benguela provinces of Angola, circulation of the virus persists in some districts, according to the health body.


Situation across Aleppo governorate remains alarming for civilians

Access for cross-border aid to assist 300,000 people in eastern Aleppo city along Castello Road, the last remaining route into the area, has been repeatedly cut due to air strikes and heavy fighting.


UN refugee agency begins delivering supplies to families escaping besieged Fallujah

Some 50,000 civilians still remain trapped inside Fallujah, prevented from escaping by extremist forces as the city continues to come under heavy bombardment by Iraqi forces.

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