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Lack of fuel subsidies puts aid to IDPs in jeopardy

The prospect of a fuel bill five times higher than last year has left already overstretched aid agencies worried they will be unable to help many of the hundreds of thousands of IDPs living in tents and shelters, just as winter approaches.

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UNHCR racing to help most vulnerable IDPs cope with expected harsh winter

Estimates as of Thursday 23 October are that Ukraine’s internally displaced population has risen to 430,000 people, some 170,000 more than at the start of September.

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Reuters - AlertNet

Cash aid for refugees succeeds despite donors' doubts

Both academic research and practical experience shows that simply handing out traditional relief goods may not be the most effective way of helping the dispossessed.

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Protecting refugee children in the Middle East and North Africa

Refugee children in the region suffer immensely as a result of conflict and displacement. The number of refugees has doubled in the last four years and more than half are children.

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