Ethiopia + 1 other

Ethiopia needs support in hosting South Sudanese refugees - OCHA operations chief

John Ging said Ethiopa was "an example of international standard for the treatment of refugees in practice" and asked the international community to share the burden. The refugee appeal is just 25 per cent funded.


UN experts call for a stronger response to internal displacement in Nigeria

“International support to protect and assist those displaced has remained woefully insufficient and has not kept par with the speedy increase of IDPs in Nigeria”, warned Chaloka Beyani.


Haiti to launch cholera vaccination

Haiti is set to vaccinate 200,000 people against cholera in three high-risk departments starting in August. Although the epidemic has slowed considerably, some 6,730 cases and 51 deaths were reported since January.

Honduras + 4 others

New humanitarian snapshot illustrates unprecedented flow of unaccompanied children to US

The humanitarian community fears that rapid deportation could threaten the well-being of returnee children, given that adequate humanitarian attention and protection are not guaranteed.

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