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Niger lifts refugee camp ban as record numbers flee Boko Haram

A Niger government official said communities in the Diffa region had been overwhelmed by new arrivals, prompting the government to reverse the two-year-old policy, a move welcomed by the United Nations.


Thousands of children to be gradually released from armed group in South Sudan

UNICEF and partners have secured the release of approximately 3,000 children from an armed group in South Sudan - one of the largest ever demobilizations of children.

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Oxfam calls for massive post-Ebola Marshall Plan

The agency is calling for an international pledging conference to agree on recovery plans backed by generous support from to help efforts to rebuild lives.

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Reuters - AlertNet

Turkey opens biggest camp for 35,000 Kobani refugees

Located in the southeastern border town of Suruc, the tent city has two hospitals, seven medical clinics and enough classrooms for 10,000 children.

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