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New report highlights major surge in humanitarian crises around the world in 2014

102 million people are estimated to be in need of humanitarian assistance compared to 81 million in December 2013. Global financial requirements to cover humanitarian needs rose from $12.9 billion to $17.3 billion now.

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Approximately 1.45 million people displaced within Iraq - latest OCHA situation report

There are increasing reports of abduction of women, particularly those belonging to minority groups, by armed groups and of human trafficking within and outside the country. Currently there is no response mechanism to address human trafficking.


Robberies targeting humanitarian aid continue in Central Africa Republic

Trucks and warehouses with food and seeds have been looted. Insecurity and bad road access (particularly since the rainy season began) represent serious constraints for humanitarian operations.


UNRWA schools shelter 292,489 displaced people in Gaza

The current number of IDPs represents 6.28 times the maximum number of 50,000 displaced foreseen in UNRWA’s contingency plan and is unprecedented in the Agency’s 64 years in Gaza.

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