OCHA launches Myanmar Flood Response plan for US$75.5 million

According to the Government, over 1.4 million acres of farmlands have been inundated, with more than 800,000 acres destroyed, posing a risk to long-term food security.

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High food prices, conflict in South Sudan and Yemen leading to continued emergency

Staple food prices in July were more than double pre-conflict levels. The conflicts have disrupted trade and market supply in the most affected areas.

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Centroamérica: Dengue y chikungunya amenazan con desatar epidemia

Nicaragua, Guatemala y El Salvador están bajo alerta sanitaria, mientras Honduras y Costa Rica vigilan un brote de dengue y chikungunya que ha dejado 9 muertos y casi 200.000 contagiados.


WHO announces new global strategy to accelerate elimination of neglected tropical diseases

Targeted water and sanitation interventions are expected to bolster efforts in tackling 16 out of the 17 NTDs, which affect more than 1 billion of the world’s poorest populations.

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