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Climate change and El Niño drove global disasters in 2015

The hottest year on record, 2015, has confirmed that weather and climate-related disasters now dominate disaster trends linked to natural hazards, according to a new analysis.


Northern rural Homs cut off from supply routes and humanitarian aid

An estimated 120,000 people are trapped in northern rural Homs after supply roads were cut in mid-January. Humanitarians have been unable to deliver aid since October 2015.


Aid stepped up amidst heavy fighting in Aleppo province

It is estimated that around 50,000 people have been displaced, mainly in northern areas of Aleppo province, due to the recent upsurge in fighting.

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UN presses donors to keep up vital support for Malian refugees in Mauritania

Agencies warn that funding will only last until April and seek immediate support to ensure 50,000 Malian refugees in Mauritania’s Mberra camp continue to receive life-saving assistance.

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