Food and nutrition situation in Somalia 'alarming' - UN

Compared with six months ago, the number of people who face food crisis or emergency increased by 17 per cent, from 731,000 to 855,000. The number in food-stressed situations remained at 2.3 million.


Sierra Leone: Guinea Ring Vaccination trial extended after new Ebola case

A team of experts in ring vaccination has travelled from Conakry, Guinea to join a large WHO and Ministry of Health team already in the northern district where the new case has been reported.


In Darfur, things have changed, but not for the better

Since the fighting began in Darfur in 2003, more than 300 000 people have been killed and an estimated 2.5 million, from a population of around 6.2 million, have been displaced.

Save the Children

Key Yemen hospital on brink of closure as airstrikes intensify

Critical fuel shortages and a lack of medical supplies could force the Al Sabeen Hospital to shut its doors within 48 hours, even as airstrikes on Sana’a by the Saudi-led coalition intensify.

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