No safe place for children in Gaza

As the hostilities enter their twenty-first day, the number of children dying is growing. More than 1,000 Palestinians have been reported killed so far, of whom around 230 were children.

Tajikistan + 7 others

South Caucasus and Central Asia Region still vulnerable to seasonal disasters and man-made crises

In the first half of 2014, cross-border tensions continued in the Fergana valley, while multiple disasters hit Tajikistan. Authorities are warning that drought is looming over Kyrgyzstan.


UNFPA responds to needs of 36,000 pregnant women displaced in Pakistan

UNFPA, together with the Network for Human and Social Development, is supporting the Government to ensure that pregnant women are able to safely deliver and providing women with essential hygiene supplies.

World + 44 others

Latest Global Emergency Overview highlights crisis in Gaza, Syria and Nigeria

The weekly Global Overview collates information from a range of sources and displays it in a manner that allows for quick comparison of different humanitarian crises.

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