Zamboanga displaced continue to search for durable solutions

Twenty months after the conflict, some 28,200 people are still displaced. Humanitarian organizations continue to support the authorities in alleviating the day-to-day suffering, while advocating prompt implementation of durable solutions.

Tanzania + 2 others

UN emergency fund releases $15 million to support thousands fleeing Burundi

Some 46,000 Burundians found refuge in Tanzania and 26,000 in Rwanda, where nearly 60 per cent of newly arrived refugees are children.


Guinea unrest hampering Ebola response: UN

A statement noted that unrest in the country had led to public buildings being damaged, an ambulance being burned and added that "Ebola response partners were attacked."


Persistent and grave human rights violations in spite of relative calm in eastern Ukraine - UN

While there has been a notable decrease in indiscriminate shelling, the shelling has not stopped,and civilians continue to live in fear. Casualties from landmines and unexploded ordnance are still considerable.

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