UN humanitarian chief urges lasting ceasefire in Gaza

More families are being displaced every day and there are currently over 250,000 confirmed displaced people, 200,000 people in UNRWA shelters alone, in need of aid, says Valerie Amos.


Global team of researchers publishes special issue on contested evolution of “responsibility to protect”

The papers demonstrate that the global debate on a responsibility to protect is more complex than the commonly perceived struggle between the global North and global South or the “West” and “Rest.”

Cameroon + 1 other

Cholera kills over 200 in Northern Cameroon

A cholera epidemic has hit northern Cameroon, killing more than 200 people in less than a month. Some are refugees fleeing the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram.


New study shows ‘what works’ in terms of operational leadership in humanitarian agencies

A new ALNAP report recommends that in any emergency response agencies should explicitly clarify the respective role and level of accountability of the organisation, the country director/representative and the country leadership team.

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