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South Sudan refugee crisis in Uganda reaches 'breaking point'

Government and UNHCR appeal to the international community for urgent and massive support for the thousands of South Sudan refugees who continue to arrive in Uganda every day.


UN and partners appeal for US$20 million to help 250,000 people hit by Cyclone Enawo

The US$20 million will fund food aid for 170,000 people, provide water, sanitation and hygiene assistance for 168,000 people and support more than 230,000 farmers in replanting crops.

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UN Human Rights Council

Human rights violations in DRC up 30 percent in one year

The increase could be explained by two factors: violations related to restricting democratic space and the resurgence of activities of several armed groups, the Human Rights Council heard.

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Save the Children

More than 1,100 Afghan children set to drop out of school every day in 2017

Almost a third of all children across the country – 3.7 million – are unable to go to school, leaving them at increased risk of child labour, recruitment by armed groups, trafficking, early marriage and other forms of exploitation.

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