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New report assesses safety of humanitarian and UN personnel

Of the 1,216 UN personnel involved in significant security incidents in 2013, 22 per cent (271) were affected by critical incidents, that is, incidents resulting in death, injury or abduction.

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Why humanitarian response cannot ignore role of local markets

As part of the response to floods in Pakistan in 2010, aid efforts to help people build shelters using bamboo inadvertently inflated the price. Now aid agencies must ensure that they don’t make the same mistakes again.

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Cities as an area of risk

For the first time, the World Risk Index analyzed 140 countries for the risk their urban populations face, based on 21 indicators such as urban population living in slums and urban literacy.

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Syria crisis response marred by lack of information on scope and nature of IDP needs - IDMC

A new report highlights that information remains, at best, sketchy and unreliable. Coordination of assistance remains is limited, with both potential duplication and unfilled gaps.

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