UN agencies call for unconditional humanitarian access to all people in need

One year after issuing an urgent appeal on behalf of millions of people caught in the chaos and violence of Syria’s civil war, leaders of UN agencies renew their call for action.


Security Council should request UN fact-finding mission, boost civilian protection - HRW

Human Rights Watch also called on the Security Council to impose sanctions on individuals in both government and opposition forces who are responsible for grave abuses.

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Promoting inclusion of refugees and displaced persons with disabilities

A new report highlights the challenges facing about 6.7 million people with disabilities who are forcibly displaced around the world due to persecution, conflict and human rights violations.

Conflict Dynamics

New Humanitarian Negotiations Information Portal

In addition to a wide collection of articles, case studies, and reports, the portal features the first of its kind compilation of relevant excerpts from normative provisions and policy statements on the mandate for conducting humanitarian negotiations.

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