Countries adopt declaration to protect schools and universities during conflict

The Declaration also requires countries to record casualties from attacks on education, assist victims, and support humanitarian programming that promotes the continuation of education during armed conflict.

Ukraine + 1 other

The struggle for survival across Ukraine's frontline

Fighting in the Ukraine has not stopped despite the February ceasefire. A humanitarian disaster has unfolded on Europe's doorstep and aid isnt gettting through.

ACT Alliance

Flooding in Arauca, Colombia estimated to affect 30,000 people

The authorities have requested support from all humanitarian actors in the department, as water levels continue to rise. In addition, the security situation could worsen as FARC withdrew their unilateral cease fire.

UN News

Despite growing threats, UN peacekeepers worldwide remain dedicated to serve

More than one million military, police and civilian personnel have served as UN peacekeepers, helping countries gain independence, supporting historic elections and promoting human rights.

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