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Minorities in Iraq targeted in deliberate attempt to eradicate religious diversity - new report

The report contains practical recommendations to alleviate the immediate humanitarian crisis and bring about comprehensive legal and social reform to end longstanding marginalization of minorities.

Malawi + 1 other

Cholera outbreak in Malawi raises concerns of a large-scale spread

UNICEF Malawi is on high alert following a cholera outbreak in the southern border areas, where highly-populated camps for people displaced by the floods are located.


Au moins 14 morts dans des inondations à Antananarivo

Le Bureau national de gestion des risques et des catastrophes fait état de 14 morts et de plus de 24.000 sans-abris. Une évacuation de plusieurs quartiers de la ville basse était en cours.

Sierra Leone + 2 others

Ebola: No lasting recovery without a special focus on women - new study

The epidemic has affected women disproportionately because of the essential role they play as caretakers, health personnel, farmers and small traders.

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